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Warden Hall allegedly ORDERS DCSO IT to ‘hack’ firedaronhall blog! 

July 13, 2015

Warden Hall’s skin is as thin as a wet piece of paper. The Warden has became obsessed with this blog, even suspending multiple officers for alleged involvement. We have received a HILARIOUS allegation from our source inside the admin building! Allegedly The Warden ordered Terry Corn to HACK the firedaronhall blog. Allegedly Terry, knowing that it would be illegal, declined his orders.. And was subsequently written up! Eventually someone inside the Warden’s inner circle convinced him to rescind the disciplinary on Corn. 

WARDEN HALL: you and every DCSO employee are public officials! You are subject to the citizens opinions of you, and ridicule of your decisions. This blog posts allegations, rumor and satire.. It is protected under the freedom of speech act! You will eventually lose your job, not because of us, but because of your disgusting practices. We only share these practices with the public. You are not a dictator of a small 3rd world country, you are a jail warden of a small agency. No one respects you or likes you. You do not wear a uniform, you do not visit the jails. You are a joke, a fraud, a phony. 



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  1. I know something is fishy because Holley’s ex girlfriend contacted me and said Bolden accused her of being ME! I wondered how in the Hell did she come up with that sh*t?!?! Either or neither nor….that lady has moved on from his fat, steroid taking, narcissitic a$$ and has since gotten married and had twin girls. I am NOT her…but I do talk to her very frequently! So yeah, Bolden get yo face off Holley’s D*ck and STFU!!! Ignorant a$$ lil girl!!!

  2. Clark permalink

    Punishment for Solicitation

    Since one can solicit the commission of a variety of crimes, punishment for solicitation can vary widely, and vary by state as well. Solicitation charges escalate depending on the degree of felony which was allegedly solicited. For example, solicitation of murder is punished as a much higher degree of felony than solicitation of prostitution.

    Punishment for solicitation of prostitution can also vary. If the person has prior convictions, they are more likely to be sentenced to jail time. First time offenders may often avoid jail time, and receive fines, community service, or other alternative sentences. Some states now require HIV testing and HIV classes for those convicted of soliciting prostitution.

  3. Clark permalink

    In the United States, solicitation is the name of a crime, an inchoate offense that consists of a person offering money or inducing another to commit a crime with the specific intent that the person solicited commit the crime.

  4. Clark permalink


  5. Grave Digger permalink

    Well that is another nail in the coffin. He has clearly established his willingness to commit Federal crimes. Oh by the way Warden trying to file a disciplinary on Terry Corn for not committing a Federal crime is A FEDERAL CRIME idiot. You are harassing/intimidating/retaliating against a witness to an attempt to commit a Federal crime. So the second part is more serious than the first. Doesn’t this feel like the end of “Shawshank Redemption” coming? If not you better “check in” when you get to Federal Prison or you will definitely get that booty snatched

  6. Dumb Question permalink

    I wonder if all this info you have posted and witnesses names can be used in the lawsuits against the Sheriff I read about. If so I bet Metro Legal is about sick of Daron making things worse. Oh yeah I forgot he doesn’t care about lawsuits because the money doesn’t come from his budget and it doesn’t affect him, my bad

  7. Dick Tracy permalink

    I seriously think you have already been hacked. I don’t know about others but I have ran into some weird things trying to access your sight. Also way back when you started this sight i was talking to someone in Admin. and they were talking about a comment made without a real name and the person stated that DCSO knew for a fact that Porter made the comment. So at the time the only way they could have found out is by hacking the site

    • Randy Porter permalink

      i have used my real name with every statement I have ever made on this blog, so search all you want all you have to do is look for my name, that should make it easy for you idiots.

      • Randy, you were a great Deputy and leader! You voluntarily stepped down in rank, when the Warden had a budget crisis. The way you and your wife were treated is disgusting and we will due everything in our power to collapse the Warden’s flimsy house of cards.

  8. Tennessee Sheriff Association permalink

    Now this shit is going from tragedy to comedy.

  9. Austin bode permalink

    Does anyone remember when I was nude drunk and wrecked my vehicle at HDC? GOING STREAKING THROUGH THE QUAD WOOOO HOOOOO

  10. Joan Frangos permalink

    I ordered Terry to hack the blog. I’m sorry but my love for john ford is too strong. I can’t stand to see him this stressed and sick over a blog. John is down to 154 pounds and he is a big strong man.

  11. MASTER permalink


  12. Changing of the mind permalink

    Wow why not just say how you feel.

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