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The Jack Byrd assassination saga continues. WARDEN HALL attempting to ‘strike a deal..’ *new audio*

July 13, 2015

The Warden is pulling out all stops in his weak and feeble attempt to manipulate Jack Byrd. We would speculate that The Warden knows that what he has done is WRONG, and he will try anything to keep Byrd’s mouth shut. As disgusting as this audio is, what we find most troubling is that THIS IS HOW THE WARDEN OPERATES. Jack is not the first to be railroaded for whatever reason, and he won’t be the last! Many readers have been VICTIMS themselves. This audio is a rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall and hear the REAL WARDEN HALL.. The manipulative, selfish, maniacal, tyrant that he is! This man only cares about himself.. In our humble opinion he does not care about the citizens.. He claims lawsuits are ‘mere headaches.’ He does not care about his employees.. Underpaid, understaffed and subjected to this type of treatment.. He does not care about anyone except KEEPING HIS FREE 150,000 annual salary! What is hilarious, is that the Warden and his cronies are not intelligent enough to keep up this charade forever, which this blog is a testament to.. The walls around Warden Hall are being taken down brick by brick and what is behind those walls, is being exposed. We fully expect the Warden to get more desperate in the next few months/years that he is in office.. WE WELCOME THAT WARDEN HALL! When you get desperate, as you did with this jail relocation, you will make mistakes, as you did with Jack Byrd.. And we will still be there to show the world 😉

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  1. Catching up permalink

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, was j. Byrd fired?

  2. Catching up permalink

    It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in. Was j. Byrd fired?

  3. Is it illegal to have a deputy to pick up and branish his/her service weapon while in an argument with their significant other? Isn’t it against policy to keep said deputy on duty when it was clearly written in the warrant against them? But, good ole Warden & one of his cronies covered it up and it “disappeared”
    The plot thickens!! Lol

  4. Brick by Brick permalink

    This guy is so narcissistic that it’s pathetic. Who voted for this fool? He’s fooled a lot of people. Brick by Brick it’s coming down.

  5. Tell The Truth permalink

    Wait for the audio of Byron “YODA “Grizzle failing to report work place harassment along side Evan All talk Ballis!

  6. ADIP mission statement what a joke!!!

    • Clark permalink

      They are about to get a heavy dose of accountability and see how professionalism and integrity works when they are all walked out in handcuffs

  7. Tell The Truth permalink

    Even got audio of old Captain Hook cursing in public!

  8. I need the moderator to call me I have several records and days of stories with proof!

  9. Isn’t it a crime to brandish a fire arm and intimidate civilians and inmates? Isn’t it a crime to be given written and verbal orders to overlook it! Isn’t it retaliation to punish some one for reporting a crime!

    • Clark permalink

      Its also a crime to lie and manipulate evidence during an official investigation and cover up criminal activity when having a duty to report.

  10. Why is it ok for civilians to pay deputies time and a half for private security at the Sheriffs house. Shall I go on and on??

  11. Tell The Truth permalink

    Why is it ok to cover up loaded weapons being pointed around in the Emergency room at Metro Nashville General hospital after several officer reports of a potentially deadly situation for patients / civilians / employees!

  12. Tell The Truth permalink

    Why doesn’t the sheriff prosecute Officers and civilians who smuggle dope and contraband into his jails ? Even with video evidence and officers admitting it ! He never even reports it to Metro!!!

    • Clark permalink

      Because maybe their real business might be exposed

    • Justice is coming permalink

      Its getting close and I think within 10 days the picture will be clear. I wonder if Daron, Ford and friends really understand. It was never about money!
      When a person decides to commit their life to serving rhe public, it has nothing to do with a selfish agenda. Prides a brutal path. You can have it. I find my joy in the Lord. The solution regarding me is simple but you are too blind to see and requires ear that can hear…

      Thanks for everything!

  13. Mr Rogers Neighborhood permalink

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood……would you be mine…won’t you be mine… won’t you be my neighbor. Kids can you say “Obstruction of Justice” ? That means you can’t interfere with the process of justice in a criminal matter. Kids can you say “Witness tampering” ? That means you cannot coerce or blackmail anyone who has witnessed and reported a crime. Kids can you say “Bitch” ? That’s what happens to a weak man that goes to jail and decides to change his gender. Until next time boys and girls be good to each other……Goodbye

  14. Changing of the mind permalink

    Daron I will be sending final updated complaint soon with several new charges. You and all your mason buddies are about to hit the wall. Wonder how many rats jump off your sinking boat. If all goes correct you wont be alone. Oh by the way ….

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