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Warden Hall HIRES Muslim advocate?

Warden Hall has decided to spend more of the taxpayers money to HIRE a ‘Muslim advocate?’ While CJC went from two Sgt’s per floor, per shift to one SGT per two floors per shift, officers were put on 12 hour shifts to save money, officers won a HUGE lawsuit for unpaid wages.. Warden Hall has decided to pay for a Muslim advocate!? Anyone who has worked in the jail before, unlike Hall and Ford, knows of the multiple VOLUNTEERS for various religions who come in for groups and guidance. What is the need to PAY for a religious advocate? Is the Warden now going to pay for Hindu, morman, Jewish, atheist, pagan, Wiccan, LGBT, satanic advocates?  It’s only fair? The Warden already pays a Chaplin, who is supposed to cover all religions. We remember a time when over 40 inmates from CJC claimed to be Jewish and in need of a ‘kosher diet.’ The Warden was sending people to the grocery and serving these guys HUGE portions of fresh foods, while everyone else ate the slop. Officers please be ready for more of these shenanigans with the ‘Muslim advocate’ now on the payroll, only making your job more difficult. Imagine the scenarios.. You call for a shakedown and 4 guys drop to there knees to pray. You search an inmate and the ‘Muslim advocate’ tell him that he doesn’t have to remove his kufi, which could be full of contraband.. This is ridiculous!

If you had any question on how Warden Hall views his officers.. He refers to us as GUARDS in this interview. 

Did Dylan Hall get arrested in 2014!?

HILARIOUS rumor from a former DCSO administrator, which was backed up by a Metro Police officer, claims that around Summer 2014 Warden Hall’s son was arrested in Nashville?? Allegedly, Dylan was underage drinking and buying alcohol for underage friends with a fake ID at CMA fest. Allegedly, he was arrested and booked at CJC for felony impersonation? We must admit, that is not too serious of a charge for a young guy, even though he looks like one of those rich socialite pricks on the Purge. The issue that we have, is that allegedly, the cavalry (Ford/Wilkes) came running and made everything disappear for Dylan, and took really good care of him while at CJC. Obviously, no evidence of the arrest can be found on Nashville CCC web site.. Which is not surprising as Justin Norris’ arrests can’t be found either. Has anyone heard this rumor lol? 

Maybe we will send an official records request to Howard Gentry and to the news stations to find out if this story is true or not? Yeah, I think we will do that. 


Inmates escape from Armed Services at Harding place!


Sorry we are a little late with the updates.. 2 inmates ESCAPED from Corley Pearson’s armed services division! The inmates were OBVIOUSLY not restrained properly, slipped their restraints and allegedly ran from Armed Services Deputies Phillips and Cates. Maybe if Corley Pearson and Captain Mark Mcclure would get up off their LAZY ASSES and ensure their division is running smoothly this would not have happened! There is MANY good officers and Sergeants in this division, however their leadership are wastes of a paycheck! The Harding Place facility is surrounded by a greenway, animal control facilities, a huge soccer field, a gym and residential areas. Luckily these escaped inmates did not hurt any civilians!

Meanwhile… Warden Hall wants to move all inmates to Harding place!? Federal inmates, Mass murderers, violent inmates, mentally ill.. Currently these maximum security offenders simply walk across an enclosed bridge to court and federal inmates are a few miles from the courthouse. Warden Hall wants to flood Harding Place and I-24, home of the worst traffic from 6-830 am with DCSO vehicles carrying federal and maximum security inmates 5 mornings a week.





Warden Hall refuses to cooperate with the Mayor??

Awwww, the Jail Warden doesn’t get his way, now he’s gonna pout about it like a little child!?  Daron continues to blunder his way through his career.. Not only has he cost taxpayers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to MILLIONS in law suits, but now he appears to be refusing to cooperate with the Mayor’s office in regards to his jail relocation. 

Warden Hall, the difference between you and virtually every other elected official in the city is they ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE CITIZENS! You wanted to sneak all the jails to Harding place, the people spoke out and the councilmen shot you down. You now want to sneak all the inmates out to Harding place again, the people are speaking out.. And it appears the Mayor is listening to her citizens. All she wants to do is work with you to do what’s best for the people, NOT WHATEVER YOU WANT! We’re not sure the Mayor is a person you should be causing drama with? Berry got 85,000 votes for Mayor and you only got 20,000 running virtually unopposed. Warden, your image is in the toilet and the Mayor is highly liked. This is only going to further hurt your political career. The people want a strong leader, who will get out, talk to them and explain his opinions.. Not a mean old cry baby rich kid who hides in Green Hills without a uniform on. 


Kianthony Hockett dies in DCSO custody!?

Word from a DCSO Lieutenant is that an inmate name Kianthony Hockett passed away while in the gym at CJC. Allegedly, Hockett advised DCSO staff of medical issues, however he was placed in the gym without treatment and subsequently died. The jail was allegedly running SHORT of staff at the time of his death. This story is current and we will bring more as we hear it. 

Warden Hall’s lack of communication leads to conflict with the Mayor!?
Warden Hall is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! In the past few years Hall has cost the taxpayers millions in lawsuits from wrongfully terminated officers, mistreated inmates, and underpaid officers. Warden Hall has now started drama with newly elected Mayor Megan Berry. Warden Hall seems to think that he can take 113,000,000 tax payer dollars from the city, and do whatever the hell he pleases with the money! It is tax payer dollars! OF COURSE, the taxpayers and Mayor’s office has input as to what you do with the money!? Lack of communication is the crux of Warden Hall’s problems, since day 1. Hall does NOT wear a uniform, Hall does NOT visit the jails or interact with deputies, other than his crony’s, Hall skips community meetings and does not interact with the taxpayers.. WHAT THE HELL DOES WARDEN HALL DO!? The very few positive things the Warden has done for Nashville, are covered up in the big pile of negative crap that he continues to bring DCSO employees and taxpayers. For example, Warden Hall wants to shut down Ezell Park soccer fields.. Where tens of thousands of kids play.. Of course he doesn’t care, his kids are living the high life at MBA! 

WARDEN, get over yourself.. You are a jail warden, not a Sheriff. You are a failure and an embarrassment to the city and real Sheriff’s across the country! We need a Sheriff who will wear a uniform and make a difference in the community! 

Fire Daron Hall 



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