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Jack Byrd officially terminated. Will this be Warden Hall’s last big mistake?

Warden Hall has OFFICIALLY terminated Jack Byrd for allegedly blackmailing Corley Pearson, along with a few other trumped up charges. Like many before him, Jack was LOYAL to Daron Hall, and Daron took him out in the back yard and put a proverbial bullet in his back. Robert Greene’s 15th of Power: An enemy that is left around is like a half-dead viper that you nurse back to health. When is Warden Hall going to learn that everyone he stabs in the back, is now outside his reach just waiting for the opportunity to pay him back. Jack Byrd is a very intelligent individual, and we would speculate the information flood gates are going to be opened! Last Thursday, prior to the official termination, Daron called Jack in for a one on one meeting. Despite John Ford’s alleged half ass pat search, somehow we have listened to an hour and a half audio of the alleged meeting. All we can say is..


How stupid can Warden Hall be!? We would speculate that we will only be privy’d to certain information, as some will be used in potential lawsuits or criminal proceedings vs. The Warden. A few excerpts that we feel comfortable sharing, is that Daron appeared to desperately attempt to make a deal to keep Jack from sharing any information that could ‘DAMAGE HIM (Daron) OR HIS AGENCY’ The Warden then referenced future allegations he could make against Jack if he refuses to sign the deal.. Is this not BLACKMAIL!? We also heard Warden Hall discuss this very blog numerous times in the meeting.. LOL HI DARON, TELL GINGER HI! This will only get better, so please stay tuned .. 

To Warden Hall, no, we do not want to discredit you or your agency.. We want the public to see the REAL YOU.. The slimey, coward, piece of trash that you and most of your administrators are! 

Can someone please explain this check to Jack, from the Daron Hall Conmittee?? We will fill you in later ;) 

Meet Brandon Byrd, Warden Hall’s nephew.. 


Warden Hall LOVES to hire relatives, friends and relatives of friends in his agency. Brandon Byrd is allegedly the nephew of Warden Hall. A few years back Brandon was a deputy with his Uncle Daron’ agency. Brandon went through training and was assigned to the Female Jail at Harding Place. The future looked so bright for Brandon! Allegedly, Brandon had a slight problem… It is rumored that Brandon began a relationship with a certain female inmate! That’s right, the nephew of Daron Hall allegedly, had relations with a female inmate. The female is said to have had a stack of envelopes, pre stamped with Brandon’s address on them. Brandon allegedly resigned.. Oh so quietly. We understand that we are all human and mistakes happen.. Especially when a sexy crackhead female inmate is involved.. The prison rape elimination act, PREA, which Marcus Bodie headed for Warden Hall, states that there is no consensual sex in prison. Two separate Corporals were actually charged with ‘rape by an authority figure’ due to the PREA law. Ironically, Brandon was never charged?? We know that Daron Hall is an alleged RACIST.. He spoke to a white supremecist group, banned black hairstyles and sent fake get out of jail free cards to black communities.. It is ironic that of the two corporals charged with sex crimes, one Is black and the other is white, but has biracial children. Did Daron Hall keep his nephew from being charged with a sex crime?? We have a former member of HR who sent us Brandon Byrd’s FULL packet. We have also reached out to the female inmate and spoke to her.. STAY TUNED!! 

Warden Hall’s ‘legal team’ attempting to stop freedom of speech? 

The Fire Daron Hall blog posts comedy, satire, rumor and speculation.. Many of our posts very well may be 100% factual, however we are not posting them as fact.. It’s up to the viewer to investigate and form their own opinion. This is no different than a Saturday Night live episode, making fun of a president. This type of literature is CLEARLY covered by freedom of speech. This has been in our ‘About’ section since day one. We also do not moderate our comments, therefore Warden Hall or anyone else is free to come and post their side of the story. Warden Hall’s skin is as thin as a piece of wet paper, and he will do anything to stop the blog. Warden Hall instituted a ‘social media’ policy and even suspended officers who admitted to commenting on the blog. We recently ran across this hilarious email, which appears to be from Metro  Legal to a former officer’s attorneys, attempting to keep him from commenting on the blog.. 

From: Fox, Brook (Legal)

Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:10 PM

To: ‘’

Cc: Dundon, Catherine (Legal)

Subject: Clark, Jerry


It has come to our attention that your client has posted a dropbox link in a comment he made in a Nashville Scene on-line article. The dropbox link apparently includes personal information (address, tele. number etc.) of some of our DCSO officers, which is not a matter of public record. Please ask him to remove that dropbox link from his comment immediately. Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

J. Brooks Fox

Metropolitan Attorney

108 Metropolitan Courthouse

P.O. Box 196300

Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

(615) 862-6375

Note talking to Nashville Scene and FIREDARONHALL blog is not permitted nor protected under first amendment rights anymore. Byrd DO NOT GO SOFT they will only use it in their favor to burn you. THEY ALL BELONG IN PRISON! See you soon :)

Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 10:14 AM

From: “Fox, Brook (Legal)” 

To: “‘'” 

Cc: “Dundon, Catherine (Legal)” 

Subject: RE: Clark, Jerry

Apparently, he has also included the dropbox link in the comments on the “Fire Daron Hall” blog. If he does not remove the dropbox link immediately, we will have no other choice but to file suit against him seeking an injunction and attorneys’ fees for his role in publicizing confidential information in violation of state law. Again, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

J. Brooks Fox

Metropolitan Attorney

108 Metropolitan Courthouse

P.O. Box 196300

Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

(615) 862-6375

We would like to point out that NO ONE has ever messaged us, asking us to remove anything. How does Mrs. Fox know that Jerry Clark even posts here? Why did Warden Hall’s pet nerd Byron Grizzle not redact the information prior to handing it out to someone? It appears that whoever posted the Dropbox, simply posted it as it was given to them? If the Dropbox is not removed immediately you will file suit?? LOL! Why don’t you file suit against yourselves, and DCSO HR for not redacting the confidential information? 

We would speculate that Warden Hall’s ‘legal team’ should have better things to do than read this blog.. Like figure out what they want to offer to settle with Jack Byrd, or what they want to settle with officers in the class action law suit? 

The Nashville Scene continues it’s campaign to show THE REAL WARDEN HALL!

We have been telling you since 2012, that Warden Hall is an idiot, he promoted his friends/ crony’s/ donors to positions of power, and they are also idiots. For years, Daron Hall slid under the radar to the news media and citizens of Nashville. To current and former employees, this was common knowledge.. We had over 500,000 views and 1,000 comments in 2 years. FINALLY, the news media is catching on to what a greaseball Warden Hall is, and they are sharing their findings with the citizens of Nashville! We want to thank the Nashville Scene for their diligent work in the Jack Byrd assassination/ smear campaign! Today’s story by the Nashville scene speaks for itself.. What an embarrassment to Warden Hall, his cronies, his family, and his former mistress/current wife Ginger. We would also like to salute Jack Byrd for standing up and speaking out! So many times in the past, good people were victims and they just put their head down and moved on. This is a lesson to EVERY CURRENT EMPLOYEE of the DCSO.. Keep a tape recorder, document/ record meetings with supervisors and know that one day this could be YOU. Stand up and fight when you have to! 

We also would like to note that Melinda McDowell seems to be doing a wonderful job as communications director. following in the footsteps of Karla Weikel Crocker West Gentry Ford. We are sure you were qualified for this position. Finally, Warden Hall has promoted someone who is not a relative of one of his crony’s. 

*Breaking News* we apologize, Melinda McDowell is married to Major James McDowell of the warrants division. So it appears she is in fact a relative of a Warden Hall crony. We hope Jim treats Melinda better than his boss John Taylor treats Jamey. 

Warrant Officer Alan Shonting arrested. 


Alan Shonting has had an interesting career with the DCSO. He started as an officer, allegedly got a second mortgage to donate to Daron Hall’s campaign, and became a captain literally OVERNIGHT! Shonting is the epitome of what hard working officers despise about Warden Hall. Donations of time and money get you rewarded, not hard work. Shonting was the captain of Mike Raines ‘community services’ division for a few years. Shonting got into all sorts of incidents, including the alleged suicide of his mistress. Allegedly the dead woman’s father was a wealthy businessman and personally emailed Daron Hall with his disgust concerning Shonting. Warden Hall punished Shonting by sending him to warrants and allegedly allowing him to keep his captain pay. Well, Shonting has women problems again, as he was issued an order of protection and now violated his order of protection. How will warden Hall punish Shonting? Maybe he will put him on the back dock with another former warrant officer, alleged woman beater Bobby Lillard? We would speculate that Warden Hall and Chief Warrant officer John Taylor do not care about Shonting’s women problems.. As they both are alleged cheaters! We have been telling you since 2012 that the Warden’s agency is a sess pool! 


Sexy Deputy Solomon Holley beat up, trying to be a police officer.

Sgt. Solomon Holley just does it get it. Warden Hall’s deputies ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS! As bad as you may want to be, you are not POST certified, cannot arrest anyone and you should be happy in that role. Holley is known to ride around south Nashville in his personal souped up Impala, looking like a police officer. Last night Holley came to the rescue and attempted to stop a kid stealing beer.. Holley was punched twice and had to call the REAL police. Notice the guy was not charged with assault on an officer, merely assault. Holley you are going to get someone hurt. The Warden’s vehicles have white lights, not blue, even though your personal vehicle may have blue lights. We feel that the Warden’s changing of the mission statement to read ‘as a law enforcement agency..’ may have given deputies the false impression that they are police. You must understand that the Warden was probably trying to get Government Grant money to help pay his Chief’s a little more money or to get Rick Gentry a new 4 wheeler. 

STUNNING revelations in the Jack Byrd case.. 

  WOW! Warden Hall has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel! The nashville scene is doing major work uncovering the lies, deception, and the conspiracy to assassinate Jack Byrd by Warden Hall! The entire story is below.. We would like to point out that Warden Hall CLAIMS that two deputies wrote statements this week, claiming Byrd claimed he was going to get fired in order to sue the agency.. First off these two deputies claim to have heard this, NOT FROM BYRD, but from a third party, second the deputies James and Shelly Spurlock.. Are none other than the SISTER AND BROTHER IN LAW OF CORLEY PEARSON, the supervisor who claims Byrd ‘blackmailed’ him! This is turning into a carnival for all of us who want to see Warden Hall out of office! Enjoy :)

The dispute between Jack Byrd and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office stems almost entirely from one conversation between Byrd and a superior on Thursday, May 28.

Byrd says that, on that day, Corley Pearson, director of the DCSO’s armed services division, pressured him to sign a letter supporting a proposal to relocate DCSO operations and a jail from downtown to southeast Nashville (a proposal that has since been rejected by the Metro Council). When he objected, Byrd says Pearson strongly suggested that his career would be in jeopardy. The sheriff’s office denies this. Byrd also says that later in that same conversation, he disclosed allegations of misconduct within the office that had been brought to him a co-worker; he says he sought Pearson’s advice about how to handle the allegations (which he has since brought to the District Attorney’s office). The sheriff’s office — Sheriff Daron Hall himself, in fact — says that Byrd actually used that information to blackmail Pearson. Byrd denies that. And on and on. (We get deeper into those claims and counter-claims in this week’s print issue.)

That dispute is largely Byrd’s word versus the sheriff’s. As of yet, no other DCSO employees have come forward to corroborate Byrd’s version of events — a fact that could be used to support either side’s case. But in the course of responding to Byrd’s claims, Hall has made various claims of his own about Byrd’s personal history at the agency and outside of it. In an effort to vet those claims, the Scene requested and obtained Byrd’s personnel file from the DCSO, as well as other documents. They don’t answer every question in this story, but they do appear to reveal several of the sheriff’s statements about Byrd to be misleading, at best.

In repeated interactions with the Scene regarding Byrd’s claims, Hall and the sheriff’s office have conceded that the agency has never taken disciplinary action against Byrd. But they have repeatedly referenced “numerous” investigations into Byrd during his time at the office. When the Scene first spoke to Hall a week ago, the sheriff said that Byrd has had “multiple run-ins with the system.” In the only other cases in which he shared specifics, Hall’s assertions don’t appear to check out fully (more on that later).

“I’m not sitting here telling you that he has a history that is a progressive discipline problem, but I will tell you comfortably that he has been investigated multiple times and in this situation he is well aware that he is going to be terminated,” Hall said then.

Earlier this week, in response to a list of questions from the Scene regarding Byrd’s time at the agency, the investigations came up again. One of those instances was in response to a question about whether Byrd had been under investigation prior to the notice he received on June 4. Hall, through a spokeswoman, said that Byrd “been under investigation numerous times during his short tenure with our agency.” In another question, the Scene asked the sheriff to respond to Byrd’s claim that although he had indeed been under investigation in the past, he had been cleared of wrongdoing in each case.

Their response: “Although he has not received any disciplinary action at our agency, he has been under investigation multiple times. One of these investigations resulted in his termination from another law enforcement agency (Wilson County Sheriff).”

Those responses all came on Tuesday, before the Scene had received the copy of Byrd’s personnel file which we had requested from the DCSO. On Wednesday, we received his file, which includes several performance evaluations and documentation of the aforementioned investigations.

His performance evaluations are all positive and only get increasingly better as time goes on. An evaluation covering the first half of 2013 gave him perfect scores (a 3 out of 3) for Compliance With Instruction, Initiative, and Peer Relations. On the same evaluation, he received a 2.9 for Leadership:

“Cpl. Byrd has demonstrated on a consistent basis that he is very capable of taking charge of situations and making decisions based on policy and procedures,” a comment on the evaluation reads. “Cpl. Byrd has exceeded all expectations in this area.”

A more recent evaluation contains similar praise, with high scores in categories from Decision Making to Public Relations to the cleanliness of his work area. Byrd has also been awarded by the sheriff’s office for his service in the community. Last year he was trusted with organizing and raising money for a staff appreciation dinner. Byrd shared with the Scene a letter written directly to him from Hall in May 2014, in which the sheriff praises his efforts and notes that he had recently been recognized as the Officer of the Month and goes on to present him with the DCSO Outstanding Service Ribbon. Byrd was trusted with the dinner again earlier this year.

The file includes three memos detailing investigation into Byrd’s conduct. Two of those investigation stemmed from allegations made by inmates in 2013. In both cases, the allegations were determined to be unfounded by an investigator citing, among other things, video evidence. A third involves a situation where Byrd was in uniform in another county while off duty, but there too, no disciplinary action was taken. You can read those memos here in there entirety.

When the Scene spoke to Hall last Friday, he said that Byrd had been investigated while working for the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. That came up again earlier this week, when the sheriff’s office responded to one of the Scene’s questions with a statement noting that one of the multiple investigates into Byrd had “resulted in his termination from another law enforcement agency (Wilson County Sheriff).”

Byrd describes that situation differently and the documentation would seem to back him up. He says he had been an unpaid volunteer reserve deputy in Wilson County and that he resigned that position after an inquiry — which is less serious than an official investigation — regarding whether he was working in Wilson County when he should have been on duty in Davidson County had harmed his reputation in that office.

Byrd’s personnel file includes a letter from Byron Grizzle, director of human resources at the DCSO, to Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan. Grizzle, who says he is writing at Byrd’s request, informs Bryan in the letter that he had completed his review of the matter and that Byrd was “not subject to disciplinary action, nor is disciplinary action predicted.”

In their interactions with the Scene, the sheriff’s office has seemingly made a point to reference instances that might cast Byrd in a negative light, even if they appear to include no wrongdoing on Byrd’s part. In his first response to Byrd’s allegations, for instance, Hall made reference to a recent break in at Byrd’s home.

“Just a couple months ago his house was broken into, grenades were stolen, guns were stolen out of his house,” Hall said. “It was, on our account, it was a little uncomfortable for what all we heard and understood he had stolen from his house because he has a responsibility to us. We checked on that. Never was completely resolved. We can’t prove he did anything wrong, it was a very unusual situation.”

The story is true, although it’s not exactly clear how it’s relevant to the current dispute.

Along with their statements to the Scene earlier this week, the sheriff’s office noted that they had “signed statements from two employees who were told on May 20, eight days prior to the meeting with Mr. Pearson, that Jack Byrd wanted to be terminated in order to be able to sue the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.” When the Scene asked to see those letters, DCSO spokeswoman Melinda McDowell said she couldn’t release them because they were “part of the ongoing investigation.”

The Scene has since obtained copies of those letters from Byrd. They are written by James Spurlock and Shelley Spurlock, each claiming that CJC Administrator Dan Weikal, who has since resigned from that position, had told them that Byrd was hoping to get fired so that he could sue the DCSO. (Interestingly, James Spurlock’s statement notes vaguely that Weikal “had just resigned and was not happy about having to do so.”)

What the sheriff’s office didn’t mention was a third statement, this one by Chief Deputy John Ford. In that statement dated June 9 — the same day that the sheriff’s office informed the Scene of the other statements — Ford says that he spoke to Weikal, and asked him if he had made such a statement regarding Byrd’s intent to get fired. Ford writes that Weikal denied it entirely.

“He stated that he had not made that statement and never heard Jack say that,” Ford writes. “He stated that he was staying as far away from Jack as he could so he was not drug into it. I told him that was probably a good idea.”


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