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Capt. Gilbert’s security division is a MESS?

We have received allegations from a source inside the security division, that Sgt. Holley and Sgt. Cooks use their patrol cars to go home and to females houses while on duty?! Allegedly they are hard to reach on their phones and Capt. Wakenhut had to implement a rounds sheet at every post for the Sergeants to sign daily. Sgt. Holley has NUMEROUS pictures on his various dating/ social media sites in uniform.. Is that not a violation of the new ‘’ policy… I mean the ‘social media’ policy? 

Jack Byrd named ‘brown noser of the Year’ 

Congratulations to Jack Byrd.. Cronyism at it’s FINEST! 

Does Warden Hall look as if he has aged a lot in the past two years? Your welcome :)


Daron Hall crony Jack Byrd robbed of grenades, and other military items?

According to an affidavit, the home of a Davidson County Sheriff’s Office deputy was burglarized Monday. Included among the items stolen was a shotgun, two pistols, a tactical vest with ballistic plates, three fully-loaded assault rifle magazines, multiple fogger grenades and an Army ruck sack.

A ranked supervisor from the DCSO has alleged that Daron Hall crony Jack Byrd was the deputy robbed of guns, grenades, and other items at his home.

We featured Jack Byrd in the past

It is alleged that Byrd, possibly a nephew of Warden DARON Hall was in possession of these military items at his south Nashville home.  Byrd is a member if the DCSO transportation division. The obvious question is WTF is Byrd doing with grenades? Were these items issued by Warden Hall? Is Byrd preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Or are these items purchased for his alleged private security company that he allegedly runs and checks on WHILE ON DUTY. Also, why is the name of the deputy stricken from the affidavits, and the news report? Warden Hall has no problem throwing any other loyal employee under the bus when the news comes calling… But not his ‘nephew?’ We have a feeling Byrd will continue to embarrass Hall, as most of his cronies do! 


Racist email by Sgt. Travis Bertram to be featured on WSMV I team TONIGHT! *UPDATED*


We would like to personally thank the brave fellow deputy who sent us the email by Travis Bertram! The email will now be featured on WSMV I-Team by Jeremy Finley. Over the past few years we have received over 100 alleged reports from inside the Sheriff’s office, many that we have not featured. We will do our best to ensure every one is investigated by local, national media, the NAACP, attorneys or whoever else.



WSMV I-Team part 2

Sgt. Travis Bertram was suspended one day for the racist emails.. That is correct people.. No demotion, no 5 day suspension.. Bertram was suspended ONE DAY!

Also, we can not help from wonder WHO Karla Whateverhernameisnow is dating currently?


Ruby Joyner takes to social media to support arrested deputy!?

Sgt. Donald Dixon of the armed services division was arrested this past weekend for allegedly going in uniform, on duty, armed, to his estranged wife’s house and burglarizing it. It is alleged that once inside he clutched his weapon, assaulted her new boyfriend, strangled his soon to be ex wife, then threw a chair breaking the drywall. All of this allegedly happened ON DUTY! We know that things happen, and we will let the court system handle Mr. Dixon.. However, why in the world would a DCSO ADMINISTRATOR take to news channel 5’s Facebook to take up for Dixon!? Is this not a violation of the DCSO’s new ‘social media policy?’ Or will Mrs. ‘Jean Jeanie’ Joyner get a pass because Daron is already using her to protect his ‘racist’ image?



Captain Gilbert fails 5 weapon qualifications?


Emails are coming in from armed services members, claiming that Captain Gilbert has failed as many as 5 qualifications and has had his weapon taken by administrators? If this rumor is true, what is Warden Hall going to do? Several armed deputies have been removed from their positions due to failure to qualify. This could be a fitting end to Gilbert, as he went from Wakenhut security officer to DCSO CAPTAIN. Remember, we told you several months ago that Gilbert was a FAILURE :)

Racist email from Sgt. Travis Betram!?






We received this troubling email that was sent out by DCSO Sgt. Travis Bertram in October 2013. The email contained about 10-12 more racially charged photos and was sent to a large portion of DCSO staff.


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