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Court house deputy wearing short sleeves? 

This post might be a little petty.. however, just like Warden Hall, we can be petty at times 🙂 DCSO Courts officer Matthew Fox is wearing short sleeves on a live news stream for the church shooter Emanuel Samson’s hearing. DCSO court officers have wore long sleeves, which is court room etiquette since day 1. With a lazy worthless Sergeant like Chris Hampton, I guess the guys do what they want now *shrugs shoulders* ? 


Warden Hall Lieutenant arrested!

Officers assaulted in Warden Hall’s SOFT jail!

4 officers attacked by inmate at Nashville jail

DCSO officers past and present know that Warden Hall has created a SOFT environment for inmates. Officers are scrutinized, harassed, terminated, brought up on criminal charges for any action involving an inmate. The inmates RUN the jail! Inmates know that they are ‘untouchable!’ Recently, 4 officers were ‘assaulted’ by 1 inmate. 10 years ago this would not have happened! 

How does Warden Hall react to this inmate assault? He uses it as an excuse to push his ‘mental health’ agenda. He throws his officers under the bus and embarrasses them for his personal gain. Sickening! There will always be ‘mentally ill’ people in every jail and prison as long as there are jails and prisons! 

Fire Daron Hall! 

Chief Barry Kidd sexually harassed a female officer?!

In April, female officer Bawan Babanzadeh resigned from the Warden’s office. Allegedly, on her way out, she claimed that she had been sexually harassed by Chief Barry Kidd. This allegation is very shocking, because we would have expected a male officer to have made this allegation on Kidd 😂. Anyone who has been around Kidd for a period of time, knows he LOVES the gay talk, play and jokes… it’s rather creepy. We recently spoke with Bananzadeh, and allegedly there is some texts/pics that Kidd sent to her .. we will post them ASAP .. we want to give her a small period of time to get her lawsuit filed 🙂 

Allegedly, Lt. Grady Odom was also recently accused of sexual harassment. 

Remember, WARDEN Hall himself met his current wife Ginger on duty, while he was still married to his ex wife. Ginger was also with his friend Brian Gardner at the time.. this is the Daron Hall way! 

Fire Daron Hall 

DCSO SORT/IA officers provided with cheat sheets and ADVISED to cheat on FEDERAL FEMA training by admin! 

WOW! Very professional WARDEN HALL! Advising your SORT officers to CHEAT on a federal training course!? How could Commander Rusty Owens allow this to happen!? 



Warden Hall you sneaky bastard! 

Warden Hall has made a conscious effort to post A LOT of pictures with African-Americans of late. Hall has handpicked a few ‘token’ blacks to use as pawns in his propaganda game. Pictured above is a ‘meeting’ in which a handful of African-Americans appear to have been taken to the ‘SUNKEN PLACE’ from Jordan Peele’s thriller GET OUT! 

Please remember everyone.. warden Hall spoke to a KNOWN white supremacist group! Warden Hall banned dreadlocks, and the coloring of hair by black women! Warden Hall sent ‘get out of jail free’ cards to mock the black community! Warden Hall TERMINATED a black Lieutenant for alleged ‘racial’ posts to a private forum, yet did not terminate Byron Grizzle and Travis Bertram for racial antics! Sgt. Philip Shipley chained a black inmate to a wall and admittedly punched him 5 times.. Shipley was not demoted or terminated.. he was PROMOTED to Lieutenant! 

Tony Wilkes, Jamie Johnson Ruby Joyner and Harold ‘T-Dawg’ Taylor are the head ‘Uncle Tom’s’ for Warden Hall! Taylor (pictured above) was close friends with the black Lieutenant who was recently terminated.. Taylor STABBED his friend in the back and supported his termination! Do not trust any of these individuals! They are loyal to their easy pay checks, and that is it! 


Warden Hall gives inmates Tablets 😂😂

Inmates destroying their tablets when angry, stealing others tablets, strong arming others into using their tablets, using tablets to harass victims, using tablets to surf the internet, inmates posting selfies on Facebook from their cell, inmates searching officers personal information, masturbating feverishly to pornhub, inmates running their criminal enterprises from their iPad, etc etc etc 

Daron Hall is such a weak leader! He sends officers into a jail cell, with cameras and administrators watching their every move, expecting them to manage inmates with iPads, cell phones living lavishly in the Warden’s ‘jail.’ What a joke!!!