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Dcso craigslist ad 🤣

You know turnover is high when you post job ads on craigslist 😫. Maybe try treating your employees good, stop harassing and nitpicking their every move and people will want to stay 🤷‍♂️. What type of quality Officer are you going to find on Craigslist?


Royce Rush Jr. found dead in DCSO jail!?

Another inmate has allegedly lost his life while in DCSO custody. Maybe Chief of Security Jamie Johnson should refrain from Hooters and make sure his jail is adequately staffed!?

Another lawsuit lost by Warden Hall!?!?

What in the actual FU** happened here!? Man was paralyzed by a C/O for changing the channel!? Daron Hall sure used the Waffle House shooting to hold a worthless press conference.. where is the press conference here!? Why is everyone scared to talk about what happened to Edgar Mair? Karla Weikal West Davis Crocker WE DEMAND ANSWERS?

Man dies in DCSO booking?!

Allegedly Scott O. Haines died recently while on DCSO custody. A source from within the agency alleges that Haines was being restrained by Officers Popovich and Johnson .. when he was later found deceased. Allegedly, Metro Police are investigating the incident and are awaiting the coroners report. Hopefully, everything was done correctly by the officers. We know the front line officers are over worked, under staffed and under paid! We also know DCSO administrators will not hesitate to push an officer ‘under the bus’ if they do not ‘like them.’

Officers like LT Philip Shipley, who chained a black inmate to a wall and ADMITTEDLY punched him repeatedly in the face, was promoted months later.. officers like Cpl Justin Norris are caught STEALING on duty from a non profit agency, and arrested for theft and impersonating an officer at the Starlite club only to keep his job in ‘trucks’ .. while others are terminated or demoted for much lesser ‘offenses.’


Harold Turks using ‘cruiser’ for personal business?


Or was SORT paying him overtime at the moment? He just wanted to get his ‘boot camp’ on. At least he wasn’t allegedly threatening his rental tenants while on duty again lmao.


Just a poor 30k a year C/O who lives in Dickson County trying to make it to warrants :(

Hey, we can’t blame the poor guy. History has proven that if you DONATE time and money you will get ahead. Shonting, Yarlett, Robert Harris, Justin Norris etc paved the way. How many employers actually ask in a promotional interview ‘how much have you volunteered since you’ve been employed?’ Warden Hall and his crony’s continue to extort the lowly officers smh

Warden Hall overlooking inmate CRIMES against officers in his quest for ‘mental health’ money!?

We have received several reports from both officers and a Lieutenant from MCC. In the last few months inmates have allegedly learned how to pop their doors, assault other inmates, several officers and busted several sprinkler heads. Last week a female officer had an inmate pop his door and cover her in two cups of decal matter .. which got into her hair and mouth. Recently a separate female officer was assaulted resulting in a torn rotator cuff. Allegedly, these inmates are not being charged with crimes.. because Warden Hall wants to use them as ‘MENTAL HEALTH’ cases to help in his campaign! MCC is allegedly down to 11 total officers to run the building.. when questioned, Admin allegedly claims the Sheriff wants this stuff to happen in order to get more money on the budget for ‘mental health’


We are all for the ethical treatment of the mentally ill… where is the ethical treatment of your officers!? Officers should not be martyrs in your games!