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Just a poor 30k a year C/O who lives in Dickson County trying to make it to warrants :(

Hey, we can’t blame the poor guy. History has proven that if you DONATE time and money you will get ahead. Shonting, Yarlett, Robert Harris, Justin Norris etc paved the way. How many employers actually ask in a promotional interview ‘how much have you volunteered since you’ve been employed?’ Warden Hall and his crony’s continue to extort the lowly officers smh


Warden Hall overlooking inmate CRIMES against officers in his quest for ‘mental health’ money!?

We have received several reports from both officers and a Lieutenant from MCC. In the last few months inmates have allegedly learned how to pop their doors, assault other inmates, several officers and busted several sprinkler heads. Last week a female officer had an inmate pop his door and cover her in two cups of decal matter .. which got into her hair and mouth. Recently a separate female officer was assaulted resulting in a torn rotator cuff. Allegedly, these inmates are not being charged with crimes.. because Warden Hall wants to use them as ‘MENTAL HEALTH’ cases to help in his campaign! MCC is allegedly down to 11 total officers to run the building.. when questioned, Admin allegedly claims the Sheriff wants this stuff to happen in order to get more money on the budget for ‘mental health’


We are all for the ethical treatment of the mentally ill… where is the ethical treatment of your officers!? Officers should not be martyrs in your games!


Diary of a Jail Guard

Frizzy the jail guard claims that his verdict came back.. also he is dropping his new mix tape.

Warden Hall shows his true colors to Frank Sykes!?


We told you last year.. in our humble opinion..Warden Hall and his crony’s do not like minorities or anyone who speaks their mind. The few minorities who reach power are mere puppets, and are used to give the appearance of harmony. Unless you show up like a good worker and obey orders.. it is just a matter of time until you are clipped. Oh.. Tony Wilkes, Harold Taylor, etc will play like they got your back.. but they are right beside the Warden sticking the knife in. IA, Ford, Chief of Security, Chief of Corrections, nobody can pull the proverbial trigger unless the Warden gives the thumbs up. If they don’t get you all the way this time.. then it was a warning shot, it will come eventually. You are worthless to them.. they can hire any jabroni off of the streets, sell them a dream, and stick them in your spot, without the headaches of a ‘woken’ officer! We would advise that you FIGHT! If they terminate you.. SUE THEM! Good luck!

2 more officers assaulted by an inmate!!?

Breaking news from within the walls! This week, two new officers Hughes and Adamsburger were violently assaulted by an Inmate. Allegedly, the officers decided to wake an inmate up in the middle of the night, perform a cell search, throw away personal items .. while the inmate STOOD THERE AND WATCHED! The inmate eventually became upset and unleashed a barrage of punches, knocking one officer out cold and giving the other several lumps and bruises! Both are out on IOD. Allegedly, cadets are being trained to perform the cell searches in front of the inmates LOL GREAT IDEA! What a weak environment Warden Hall has created!! Imagine if the inmate threw punches, and the officers punched back? They would be FIRED! Maybe they can get the Co- Hal Van Metre award for 2017? 

Court house deputy wearing short sleeves? 

This post might be a little petty.. however, just like Warden Hall, we can be petty at times 🙂 DCSO Courts officer Matthew Fox is wearing short sleeves on a live news stream for the church shooter Emanuel Samson’s hearing. DCSO court officers have wore long sleeves, which is court room etiquette since day 1. With a lazy worthless Sergeant like Chris Hampton, I guess the guys do what they want now *shrugs shoulders* ? 

Warden Hall Lieutenant arrested!