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Warden Hall’s lack of communication leads to conflict with the Mayor!?
Warden Hall is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! In the past few years Hall has cost the taxpayers millions in lawsuits from wrongfully terminated officers, mistreated inmates, and underpaid officers. Warden Hall has now started drama with newly elected Mayor Megan Berry. Warden Hall seems to think that he can take 113,000,000 tax payer dollars from the city, and do whatever the hell he pleases with the money! It is tax payer dollars! OF COURSE, the taxpayers and Mayor’s office has input as to what you do with the money!? Lack of communication is the crux of Warden Hall’s problems, since day 1. Hall does NOT wear a uniform, Hall does NOT visit the jails or interact with deputies, other than his crony’s, Hall skips community meetings and does not interact with the taxpayers.. WHAT THE HELL DOES WARDEN HALL DO!? The very few positive things the Warden has done for Nashville, are covered up in the big pile of negative crap that he continues to bring DCSO employees and taxpayers. For example, Warden Hall wants to shut down Ezell Park soccer fields.. Where tens of thousands of kids play.. Of course he doesn’t care, his kids are living the high life at MBA! 

WARDEN, get over yourself.. You are a jail warden, not a Sheriff. You are a failure and an embarrassment to the city and real Sheriff’s across the country! We need a Sheriff who will wear a uniform and make a difference in the community! 

Fire Daron Hall 


Hall’s high paid crony’s golfing while you work? 

Dcso photographer named new Warrant Officer

Warden Daron Hall has once again SPIT in the face of his loyal front line deputies. He has moved his crony DCSO photographer Steve Taylor straight to the warrants division, allegedly jumping a long list of front line deputies. As if the warrants division needed to get any older? Taylor will join the rest of the out of shape senior citizens, boot lickers and former case managers, in the most recognized division in the agency! There are a small number of guys who actually deserve to be in Warrants, but that number is getting smaller by the day! The warrant division used to be the most coveted position.. Officers would make Cpl, Sgt, armed services, SORT with dreams of one day driving that pretty patrol car, pretending to be a actual police officer with those gorgeous white lights. Warden Hall has made a MOCKERY of the division, moving case workers, troubled cronies and now the photographer to the spot. Maybe Taylor has some rental properties that he and Turks can bully while on duty? Maybe it was a move by John Taylor to assist him in cheating on Jaime? Maybe he is going to be McDowell’s spotter as he bench presses 135 all day in the gym?
Congratulations Warden! You have once again disgusted and pissed off your officers! Not like you care!? 




Warden Hall ‘too good’ for the people of Southeast Nashville!? 

A large community meeting was held last night at the artist formerly known as Hickory Hollow Mall. Members of the city council, citizens of south Nashville held this meeting to discuss the Jail Warden’s plans for expansion of the Harding Place complex (even though it was voted against.) the Warden was supposed to be there answering questions.. Instead.. Warden sent Larry, Curly and Mo! 

‘Uncle Tom’ Tony Wilkes… 



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