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Dan Weikel resigns from the DCSO?

  Rumors are swirling that everyone favorite ‘ticket fixer’ Dan ‘better than a cop’ Weikel has allegedly RESIGNED from the Sheriff’s Office. We have literally received 10 messages about this rumor in the past 24hours, a few were from high ranking supervisors. We can only speculate as to why Weikel resigned. One rumor is that Weikel verbally assaulted members of the Tennessee Correctional Institute and a member recorded his tirade. Another rumor is that Weikel is continuing to follow Karla around like a sick lost puppy, as she continues to allegedly sleep with different men. Another plausible rumor is that the rat known as Jamie Johnson has been campaigning behind Weikel’s back to get his job. These are merely speculation and rumor. 

Weikel has had a tumultuous career, from alleged financial problems, drinking problems, being catfished and claiming to be ‘better than a cop’ and he would use his authority to ‘get out of a DUI,’ to ticket fixing, to obsessing over female coworkers, to violating policy by entering a cell to assault an image and spilling coffee all over the poor guy, to leading the charge in harassing and retaliating against officers, to challenging subordinate Nathan Hibbs to a fight (Pick on someone your own size Dan.) 
One thing that is not a rumor, many current and former deputies find the thought of Weikel resigning HILARIOUS! 

Daron, please do not promote Jamie Johnson to Weikel’s position. Why replace one trainwreck with another? Heath Kane deserves this position, As he is one of the only true GOOD PEOPLE in your upper management! 

*UPDATE* Man escapes from warrant officers

DCSO Warrant officers arrive to serve an eviction.. The ‘suspect’ answers at the door (he is not on the eviction notice.) DCSO warrant officers claim he was ‘fidgety’ so he was searched, and a small bag of marijuana was found. Deputies then cuffed the ‘suspect’ and he fled the scene. 

Does the warrant officers realize that they are NOT POST CERTIFIED POLICE OFFICERS? If the ‘suspect’ was not in the eviction notice, why were they searching him? They could not even succeed in arresting a man with 10$ of weed LOL! We would speculate these were a few ‘friends’ of administration and they will be praised for their failed ‘citizens arrest’ which led to hundreds to thousands of scared citizens, police involvement, helicopters, K9 dogs and thousands of tax payer dollars. 

Remember this is the same DCSO in which Sgt Farley of CJC hid a pretty inmates heroin to avoid her getting in trouble, yet warrant officers play police in the streets with white lights and no POST arrest powers. 


Man in custody escapes from warrants officers? 

A man has allegedly escaped from DCSO warrants officers at 700 Brentwood Place in south nashville. Rumors from within the agency are alleging that the individual was in handcuffs and simply pushed and ran from the warrants officers. As we have mentioned before the warrants division is ran by alleged womanizer John Taylor and is known as a haven for Daron Hall’s friends, relatives and donors. A simple look of the Warrants staff will show a few fit and good deputies, however the majority are elderly, or severely overweight. Stay tuned.. 

John Ford ‘stressed’ out over Firedaronhall blog? 

Friends in upper management have alleged that John Ford is upset, stressed and ‘obsessed’ with the firedaronhall blog. Ford has noticeably lost a lot of weight and looks much older over the past few years. Ford’s actions also show a man in turmoil.. In the past year Ford has allegedly ordered several investigations of the blog and current officers who send Information to the blog. Ford has suspended officers, stripped them from SORT/ armed services just for rumors of their affiliation with the blog. Ford is alleged to bring up the blog constantly in supervisor meetings, even allegedly referring to  the blog as ‘people fired by daron hall.’ Little does Chief Ford know that current employees started the blog as they were tired of the unprofessional actions by administrators. 

We have a message for Chief Ford.. 
Please google ‘John Ford DCSO Nashville’ 75% of the first page is links to Google ‘Daron Hall Sheriff’ and you will find the same results. The EMPLOYEES have spoken! You are known as a COWARD, a ‘REMF’ and you are laughed at, not respected. You allow your administrators to harass, and retaliate against your front line officers. You do not hold your administrator to the same standard as your officers. 

The employees of the DCSO have spoken! 

Karla West Crocker Weikel resigns? 

Everyone’s favorite waste of a paycheck, Karla West Weikel Davis Crocker Gentry has allegedly resigned from the DCSO. Karla is best known for allegedly sending Daron Hall to speak at a white supremecist luncheon, as well as marrying and dating multiple fellow DCSO employees. By our calculations, Karla is only one of many ‘waste of a paycheck’s in Warden Hall’s office.. But one gone is a good start! We would speculate that DARON has a mistress, or relative ready to take her place. 
Please stay tuned, as MAY should he a big month for Warden Hall and the DCSO ;)

Capt. Gilbert’s security division is a MESS?

We have received allegations from a source inside the security division, that Sgt. Holley and Sgt. Cooks use their patrol cars to go home and to females houses while on duty?! Allegedly they are hard to reach on their phones and Capt. Wakenhut had to implement a rounds sheet at every post for the Sergeants to sign daily. Sgt. Holley has NUMEROUS pictures on his various dating/ social media sites in uniform.. Is that not a violation of the new ‘’ policy… I mean the ‘social media’ policy? 

Jack Byrd named ‘brown noser of the Year’ 

Congratulations to Jack Byrd.. Cronyism at it’s FINEST! 

Does Warden Hall look as if he has aged a lot in the past two years? Your welcome :)



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