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Jamie Johnson living it up, while you work?? 

  How many hours does CJC security Chief Jamie Johnson actually work in a week? This is an alleged look at Jamie’s workday: 

7-830 am AA Birch cafeteria breakfast

10-11 am Jerry Newsome weight room

12-130 Hooters at Harding Place, Downtown, Rivergate or Hermitage. 

*barber shop weekly 

Allegedly, Jamie loves to harass, nitpick, and write up coworkers.. We would assume he must do this from 2-4 after his belly is full of chicken wings? Jamie also has a reputation for allegedly turning on partner (kevin Williams) or his supervisor (Dan Weikel).. Be careful Austin Bodie.. We heard you like to shop on eBay while your at work, JAMIE IS WATCHING! 

Warden Hall’s new look.. 

Top 5 reasons women change their hairstyle or look. (Source: maxim magazine) 

1. An act of desperation 

2. Low self esteem 

3. Need to reinvent oneself 

4. Don’t like who they see in the mirror 

5. To feel better about cheating on spouse. 

Personally, we would guess Warden Hall got tired of the porn stache jokes. Daron looks very old, tired and disgruntled.. After years of abusing everyone around him, without reprisal.. The PEOPLE are finally holding Daron’s feet to the fire! If things keep going south for the Warden.. Expect more changes.. We would LOL if he came out in an actual Sheriff Uniform! 


Warden Hall moving jail to Harding Place anyway… !?
According to a blog post by Councilwoman Karen Johnson.. Warden Hall appears to be giving a BIG MIDDLE FINGER to the citizens of Davidson County!! Please read the above link!!! Apparently Warden Hall is doing everything he can to tank his next election.. The citizens spoke.. They rallied to their respective council people and begged them to vote down the jail relocation! Warden Hall does not care about anyone but himself and his crony’s!!! 


Thin skinned Warden whines about the blog during staff meeting!?

Hilarious rumor from a Harding place Lieutenant.. Allegedly, Beth Gentry was over heard discussing a staff meeting which took place last week. The Warden took the opportunity to claim that he is ‘under attack’ from the blog, and others! The Warden also allegedly made threats to current employees to ‘terminate on site’ any employee caught giving information to ‘the attackers!’ 

Warden Hall, you are not under attack! Your skeletons are being pulled out of the closet one by one, piece by piece.. You signed up for this job. Be a big boy and take the heat like a man. 

A message to WARDEN HALL! 

 Warden Hall claimed in a news interview, that JACK BYRD’s ‘integrity has been in question for some time.’ Daron was so worried about Jack’s ‘integrity’ that he trusted him with key tasks in his last ‘campaign.’ In our humble opinion, Warden Daron Hall is a liar, a racist, underpaid his employees, overpaid his ‘crony’s’, placed crony’s in positions in which they could harass and terrorize good employees. Warden Daron Hall, we will not stop until you are OUT OF OFFICE! What you see on this blog, is the tip of of a monstrous iceberg and you are blind captain of a rickety old ship headed straight towards the iceberg. Your weak threats of ‘slander lawsuits’ do not scare us.. Everything we post is opinion and/or satire which is clearly protected by the freedom of speech. Please know that WE WILL NOT STOP until you are out of office. 



Unknown Female deputy making out with construction worker? 

This Image was allegedly taken this week, on Jefferson Street close to the criminal justice center. It appears a female deputy, wearing a training uniform is speaking ‘French’ to an unknown construction worker. Keep it classy DCSO! 

Daron Hall loses jury trial in class action lawsuit from DEPUTIES!!
Wow! Could it get any worse for Warden Daron Hall? A jury has sided with officers, who claim they were underpaid by the Warden. The damages could reach as high as $7,000,000! This will be the end of Warden Hall.. It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, it might be the next election.. But Daron Hall will no longer be our Warden after this lawsuit! 

Another victory for the GOOD GUYS!! 



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