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Lucas Frawley walks into the courthouse and QUITS!? 

We at FiredaronHall told you a while ago that DCSO deputy Lucas Frawley was allegedly in a relationship with Drug Court inmate Desiree Moss. We were advised that allegedly Sgt. Chris Hampton was aware of it, and was attempting to cover it up. It appears that no one can cover for Frawley any longer. We have received tons of alleged evidence to the relationship, including Moss allegedly stating on record that she has been to Frawley’s Smyrna apartment several times (building J). Frawley walked into the Courthouse today and allegedly QUIT and left the building. We wish you and Desiree luck in all your future endeavors! 

Enough shenanigans have transpired in the courthouse! Sexual relationships with inmates, inmates left over night in holding cells, officers attacked and beaten by inmates, officers in pictures sleeping on the job, officers left to take 28 inmates into court alone.. it is time to move CHRIS HAMPTON and send his lazy ass back to the JAILS! 


Willie Swafford claims he was HACKED! 😂


Daron Hall crony William Swafford claims to have been HACKED.. little does he know, we have over a year of racist posts, shares and rants by him.. many of which he followed up in the comments with further remarks. This has got to be the most hilarious excuse we have ever heard! We thought you were REQUIRED to live with high moral character? Just because your hair is a lie.. doesn’t mean you have to be. 

Jail Guards protecting the streets of Nashville on NYE! 

Citizens and tourists of Nashville.. if you are visiting Nashville’s New Years Eve celebration, you are SAFE!! Warden Hall’s jail guards are dressed up as police and securing the streets tonight! They can’t make any arrests or anything, because they are not POST certified.. but they look so BAD ASS AND TACTICAL!  😂😂😂

Racist post by WARDEN Hall crony William Swafford! 

Longtime DCSO veteran and Daron Hall crony William Swafford posts a racist picture to his Facebook wall. Swafford is wearing his DCSO uniform (even though nobody knows what exactly he does) in his profile picture and also has his employment listed at Davidson County Sheriff’s office on his profile. Really William? FRIED CHICKEN!? This may be funny when you and Daron around sitting around the lunch table.. however this is unacceptable to post on social media while you clearly are represented at a DCSO employee! Let’s sit back and watch how the WARDEN handles this… a black Lieutenant was fired, and w white Sgt was given a 1 day suspension for racist postings.. 

Warden Hall’s deputy makes the news..

You heard it here first… 

Deputy Kreiger Resigns!?

The Dcso deputy that allegedly shot up a pimps car has supposedly resigned today. If you have any doubt of the blogs influence, we were contacted by news agencies and we would expect to see this story coming later today! This is the second arrest this week at DCSO LT. Jeremy Jones was arrested for DUI this past weekend.. and allegedly another SGT was arrested for DUI in another county, we are checking on that 😉 

These incidents have made us look at employment at the DCSO. Why are there so many incidents like this involving deputies? Why are there so many 2-3 year veterans who are Sergeants and a Lieutenants? Why is there constant terminations for inmate/staff relations? Why is there constant turnover within the lower ranking deputies? It is because WARDEN HALL AND HIS LACKIES TREAT DEPUTIES LIKE SHIT!!! How many good loyal deputies have been run off by this agency? 100-200-300? Who would want to work for a WARDEN who underpays his staff, mistreats and harasses deputies, promotes based on cronyism, and has absolute narcissistic egotistical insecure administrators.. like Jamie Johnson, Harold Taylor, and others? WARDEN Hall runs off good deputies and has to keep hiring bottom of the barrel people to fill those slots! 

If you are a good, loyal, educated deputy.. get OUT NOW.. or wait it out, because HELP is on the way in 2018!!! 


DCSO deputy arrested for shooting at Pimp and Prostitute?!

Brent Kreider, DCSO deputy who works at the ‘new’ CJC was arrested yesterday. Kreider admitted to police that he contacted a prostitute on backpage, and agreed to have sex with her for 150$. Kreider then fell for the oldest trick in the book, and gave the prostitute the $ first.. of course she ran off, hopped in the car with her Pimp and drive off! Kreider did what any reasonable OFF duty Sheriff deputy would do.. he chased them down and emptied a clip into their car! Keep is classy DCSO!