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Did Ruby Joyner ask her church to pray for Warden HALL??

We heard a hilarious rumor yesterday, that Ruby Joyner got up in front of King’s Lane Church of Christ and asked  for the church to pray for Daron Hall. We totally understand why Warden Hall and his agency need prayers, as we have often prayed for his soul as well. The DCSO is a sess pool of cheating, lies, deception, and egotistical maniacs. One wouldn’t be hard pressed to compare The Warden’s agency to Soddom and Gomoroah! Daron himself allegedly CHEATED on his ex wife with his best friend Brian Gardner’s fiancé and then married the woman. john Ford, John Taylor have both allegedly cheated on their wives. Karla Weikal West Gentry Davis has allegedly slept with more DCSO coworkers than we can count, not to mention Donna Kline former director of training. How many other sexual escapades have taken place between administrators and coworkers!? Tony Wilkes has allegedly had many affairs, even having a child out of wedlock with a subordinate. Daron’s nephew Brandon Byrd was allegedly sleeping with inmates. Several other officers and supervisor’s have slept with inmates. Mrs. Joyner no one is RAILROADING your agency. Your Agency is filled with disgusting, despicable, soulless, demon filled humans who do not care about anyone but themselves. We are sure your heart is in the right place Ruby… But you are BLINDED. The bible says that the DEVIL and his DEMONS are beautiful and can appear to be good. Just because you have a good job and make a good paycheck, it doesn’t not mean these people are good. Take your blind fold off and look at all the evil around you! 

Be careful who you trust and look up too.. The devil was once an angel! 

Alan Shonting arrested FINALLY! 

Alan Shonting has finally been arrested! Rumor is that he allegedly hand delivered his resignation and then turned himself in. I guess we are supposed to believe that this was not coordinated? We are sure that he has not had any contact with the WARDEN or his administrators while Shonting was on the lam. This story is evolving as we will continue to investigate the Warden’s Office’s contact with Shonting during this time period. 

Why has Warden Hall not sent anyone to pick up his crony!?!?

Warden Hall, this guy is dangerous. Here is a copy of the ACTIVE WARRANT! As you can see, there have been ZERO SERVICE ATTEMPTS! Get off your sorry, lazy, cheap suit wearing ass and send SORT to pick him up. 


Is Warden Hall helping Alan Shonting avoid prosecution?? 

DCSO Captian turned Warrant Officer has an active warrant for assaulting a young man. As of Thursday, the warrant was active.. It is now SUNDAY, and Alan has failed to be booked in. We know Alan is friends with The Warden as he allegedly got a second mortgage to ‘donate/purchase’ a Captain position. Alan and the Warden were allegedly regulars together at the Belle Meade cafeteria (yes, the place where rich white people eat, and ALL the help is black people wearing bow ties, resembling an old plantation house). If the Warden can manage to send SORT to Jack Byrd’s house twice.. Why can he not send SORT to Alan’s Old Hickory address? THE SORT team is run by a great group of guys and we have no doubt they could handle the job. We are actively in the process of getting the Warden and his administrator’s phone records to see if they have been in contact with Alan since the warrant has been issued. We are also getting campaign donation information from all of The Wardens campaign’s. We have also spoke with several witnesses at Town and Country Ford, where the victim works and the assault allegedly took place. This story will eventually be on the news, but REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! 

Warden: this man appears to be dangerous. How would you look if he hurt someone else in the midst of having this active warrant, and you failed to bring him in? We clicked on google for 5 seconds, made a few phone calls to other warrant officers to confirm his Old Hickory address.. GO PICK THIS MAN UP! 

*BREAKING* Text from Allan Shonting to his victim bragging about an assault!?!?!

Ohhhhhhhh Warden HALL! You are responsible for keeping this man around all these years! Allan Shonting allegedly DONATED to your campaign and you have protected him and protected him and now the egg is all over your face! Allan was allegedly issued an ex parte order of protection, then allegedly violated the order of protection, even allegedly SHOWED UP IN COURT IN UNIFORM AND WITH A FIRE ARM (Clarissa cross was fired for wearing a DCSO jacket to pay a ticket!) and NOW he has a warrant for assaulting his victim’s daughter’s boyfriend. And this text in itself should be another violation of the order or protection. 

Several things we are wondering.. ‘Tristan’ must he super young or a little guy.. Because Shonting couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.. Also is that a wart on his hand? Did a frog piss on you Allan LOL? 

Warden Hall; activate SORT, send the guys to pick up Allan before something worse happens. We are serious, this guy is unstable. Imagine how you will look if he kills this poor girl and he is allegedly responsible for two women’s lives under your protection. 

Remember, we are always watching and our roots are deeply entrenched Into your agency. 


*BREAKING NEWS* Warden Hall CRONY Allan Shonting has a warrant!

A rumor has come across our desk, that Allan Shonting, CO who allegedly donated to Daron’s campaign, turned into a Captain overnight, turned Order of protection violater over night has a WARRANT for his arrest. The rumor is that Shonting visited the son, of the woman he has the order of protection from at his work and assaulted him. We are currently checking active warrants through our sources and we will keep you updated!! 

*UPDATE* it is OFFICIAL.. Allan Shonting has an assault warrant.. We are working to get a copy of the warrant so please stand by!! 

Warden Hall speaks on Hall Monitor about Jack Byrd situation???

All we can say is wow.. Corley, you might want to get your resume ready! We hear the mcDonalds in Cottontown  is hiring? REMEMBER, if any employee sees their name on this blog, or in the comments, you must fill out a SAIR report. 

Thank you for all you do! 



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