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A message to WARDEN HALL! 

 Warden Hall claimed in a news interview, that JACK BYRD’s ‘integrity has been in question for some time.’ Daron was so worried about Jack’s ‘integrity’ that he trusted him with key tasks in his last ‘campaign.’ In our humble opinion, Warden Daron Hall is a liar, a racist, underpaid his employees, overpaid his ‘crony’s’, placed crony’s in positions in which they could harass and terrorize good employees. Warden Daron Hall, we will not stop until you are OUT OF OFFICE! What you see on this blog, is the tip of of a monstrous iceberg and you are blind captain of a rickety old ship headed straight towards the iceberg. Your weak threats of ‘slander lawsuits’ do not scare us.. Everything we post is opinion and/or satire which is clearly protected by the freedom of speech. Please know that WE WILL NOT STOP until you are out of office. 



Unknown Female deputy making out with construction worker? 

This Image was allegedly taken this week, on Jefferson Street close to the criminal justice center. It appears a female deputy, wearing a training uniform is speaking ‘French’ to an unknown construction worker. Keep it classy DCSO! 

Daron Hall loses jury trial in class action lawsuit from DEPUTIES!!
Wow! Could it get any worse for Warden Daron Hall? A jury has sided with officers, who claim they were underpaid by the Warden. The damages could reach as high as $7,000,000! This will be the end of Warden Hall.. It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, it might be the next election.. But Daron Hall will no longer be our Warden after this lawsuit! 

Another victory for the GOOD GUYS!! 


DCSO sandwich delivery service!? 

Upon watching footage of the recent Antioch movie theater shooting, we noticed DCSO sheriff deputies loitering around the scene, ironically right behind Don Aaron as he did a news interview. We asked ourselves a few pertinent questions; A. WTF are they doing there B. don’t they know they are not REAL COPS? We did some digging, and our source inside the admin building claims that allegedly DCSO SORT was sent to the scene to A. Deliver food to metro police and B. Prance around and pretend to be cops LOL! We have some close friends of the blog, are current/ former SORT members and begged us to never report on SORT. Apparently SORT captain Rusty Owens is well respected and a genuinely good guy.. However, this blog is a conglomerate of individuals and the majority said that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! These guys are making overtime to hang out at crime scenes and pretend to be POST certified officers! 

Warden Hall, you run the JAILS! You do not run a law enforcement agency! If you want to send your ‘goon squad’ around to deliver sandwiches, they should NOT be getting paid overtime! 

Much more to come on this matter!! 


Daron Hall and state rep. Bill Beck tied together in DUI arrest!?

Tennessee State Represenstive Bill Beck was arrested months ago for suspicion of DUI in Davidson County. The Tennessean released the video from Beck’s arrest. In the video, Beck can be heard asking his wife to ‘call John Taylor, tell him I’m inside his jail!’ John Taylor is Warden Hall’s chief warrant officer and alleged adulterer (allegedly cheated on Jamey with a subordinate DCSO employee.) How was Beck treated inside Warden Hall’s jail? Did he get the same pat search, wait hours for medical and booking, then wait hours in the middle of 50+ inmates as everyone else? Rumor from a CJC Lieutenant states that Beck was allegedly treated to a swift run through booking, a nice cup of coffee and was out the front door within no time! Allegedly, Chief of Security Jamie Johnson made a phone call to the Lieutenant advising him to ‘take care of Beck, he’s a close friend of the Sheriff!?’ We are in the process of checking the intake/ release times of Beck and comparing them to everyone else booked in that evening. 

Did Ruby Joyner ask her church to pray for Warden HALL??

We heard a hilarious rumor yesterday, that Ruby Joyner got up in front of King’s Lane Church of Christ and asked  for the church to pray for Daron Hall. We totally understand why Warden Hall and his agency need prayers, as we have often prayed for his soul as well. The DCSO is a sess pool of cheating, lies, deception, and egotistical maniacs. One wouldn’t be hard pressed to compare The Warden’s agency to Soddom and Gomoroah! Daron himself allegedly CHEATED on his ex wife with his best friend Brian Gardner’s fiancé and then married the woman. john Ford, John Taylor have both allegedly cheated on their wives. Karla Weikal West Gentry Davis has allegedly slept with more DCSO coworkers than we can count, not to mention Donna Kline former director of training. How many other sexual escapades have taken place between administrators and coworkers!? Tony Wilkes has allegedly had many affairs, even having a child out of wedlock with a subordinate. Daron’s nephew Brandon Byrd was allegedly sleeping with inmates. Several other officers and supervisor’s have slept with inmates. Mrs. Joyner no one is RAILROADING your agency. Your Agency is filled with disgusting, despicable, soulless, demon filled humans who do not care about anyone but themselves. We are sure your heart is in the right place Ruby… But you are BLINDED. The bible says that the DEVIL and his DEMONS are beautiful and can appear to be good. Just because you have a good job and make a good paycheck, it doesn’t not mean these people are good. Take your blind fold off and look at all the evil around you! 

Be careful who you trust and look up too.. The devil was once an angel! 

Alan Shonting arrested FINALLY! 

Alan Shonting has finally been arrested! Rumor is that he allegedly hand delivered his resignation and then turned himself in. I guess we are supposed to believe that this was not coordinated? We are sure that he has not had any contact with the WARDEN or his administrators while Shonting was on the lam. This story is evolving as we will continue to investigate the Warden’s Office’s contact with Shonting during this time period. 


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