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HILARIOUS recruitment video from Warden Hall! 

Where do we begin? The 1980’s porn music? The fact that Warden Hall claims it is a ‘career in law enforcement?’ Warden you run jails, you do not allow your deputies to do anything in the way of ‘enforcing laws!’ A very good deputy was stabbed in the face with a pen yesterday, was the inmate charged with ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER? NO! Warden stop lying to these poor people who are looking for a good career. 
Warden, this video has been up for 3 weeks, and only has 203 views 😂! This blog averages 1200 views A DAY!  Maybe you should treat your employees right and you wouldn’t have to make these corny  outdated videos. 

Never mess with an employees PAYCHECK! 

We have received emails for weeks about pay structure changes within the DCSO. After sifting through the garbage spewed by Byron Grizzle.. It appears that officers USED to work 84 hours a week and were only paid for 80 hours (see the LARGE lawsuit vs. DCSO.) Warden Hall’s pet nerd Byron Grizzle now appears to claim that officers will in fact finally be paid for working 84 hours.. The catch? The officers hourly rate will go down, therefore your gross pay will stay the same. Warden Hall screws his officers every chance he gets! After years of not receiving a raise, now the officers will be making less per hour? Meanwhile, Rick Gentry is still making 100k to ride around on his 20k $ 4 wheeler and play golf all week! We have received literally 17 emails about this pay structure from disgruntled current employees. It is absolutely disgusting that Warden Hall is so out of touch with his front line employees! What should we expect from a case manager, riding his dad’s politician coat tails who doesn’t wear a uniform? 

To Byron Grizzle, 

You can talk smart and send out a 8 paragraph explanation.. The officers know that this is a ploy to screw them out of money. If you are amitting they were only paid 80 hours for working 84.. Pay them 84 AT THE SAME HOURLY RATE! You claim to be a history buff.. You are aware that every dictatorship eventually comes to an END! The Roman Empire, The Ottoman Empire, Stalin, Hitler.. It always comes to an end. DARON HALL’s time is coming. Maybe you can find a job at Liberty Tax, or at least have more time to paint on your yellow spandex and ride your 10 speed around downtown. 


Racist marches in MLK parade? 

Monday, Warden Hall rounded up a few of his black employees and strutted his silver helmet in the MLK parade. At first glance one might think that was a very good thing. However, those who KNOW Warden Hall realize it was a weak attempt to save face in front of the black community. A few years ago, Warden Hall so proudly spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens ..

The CCC states that ‘blacks are inferior’ and they oppose black/ white marriage and non white immigration. The Warden spoke so proudly to this group about his ICE immigration program, which deported hundreds/thousands of illegals from Nashville. The CCC states that their meeting with Hall was the largest attendance in 12 years, and he was a hit! 

Around the same time period, Warden Hall changed the dress policy, banning ‘dreadlocks, braids, and hair not of natural color.’ This policy change ONLY effected BLACK officers, many women were faced with cutting their hair off, or quit the agency. Several black women were told they could not ‘dye’ their hair anymore.. Yet we would speculate darn near every white woman also dyes their hair. Only BLACKS were affected! 
 Warden Hall sent out thousands of fake ‘get out of jail free’ cards…  

The Warden claims that they were for his campaign.. However, they were only sent to black low income communities. Several people thought they were ‘real’ and actually attempted to get loved ones out of jail. 

Warden Hall has attempted to hide is alleged racism, by promoting a few blacks to high ranking positions. After the White supremecist group speech fallout, Warden Hall CREATED a position (Chief of Corrections) for Tony ‘Uncle Tom’ Wilkes, whose salary is around 100,000 tax payer dollars. The irony of that job creation, is that the agency was in a budget crisis, officers did not receive raises for years, many were demoted, the # officers running floors were lowered.. Officers were placed in unsafe conditions to save money.. Yet Daron created a 100,000$ position to save face? 

Warden Hall, we do not want you marching in our MLK parade.. We know the REAL YOU! 

Deputy Frank Sykes with a message to ‘white men.’
We still can’t help but wonder.. Does Frank Syles realize that Warden Daron Hall spoke to a white supremecist group, banned black hairstyles, and sent ‘get out of jail free’ cards to thousands of black families? Frank you need to address the ‘massa’ Warden Hall, or his ‘Uncle Tom’ Tony Wilkes.

*MESSAGE* to Warden Hall

 We recently received an email from a former deputy who wanted us to post a message to Warden Hall on their behalf. We are aware that Warden Hall and his lackies constantly read this blog, so we agree that this would be a great format for the message… 

I would like to personally thank Daron Hall, John Ford, Chris Hampton, Mark McClure and Corley Pearson for being the lying scandalous pieces of sh** that they are and running me out of the agency. I was there 7 years, moved to Corporal, Sergeant, SORT team, I have a bachelor’s degree and like Jack Byrd after me, I was a model deputy with no disciplinary history. All of those accolades went out the window, once I joined the Mike Murphy lawsuit and I was railroaded. I’m sure Daron was so happy to get rid of me, however you done me a huge favor! I work 40 hours a week, 7-3 driving a truck around town with no stress. I made 38,000 a year when I left and now I make 68,000. To all the low level deputies, management does not care about you! You can make a lot of money and relieve yourself of the stress by leaving the ‘agency!’  Daron Hall and John Ford are cowards, the DCSO is not a law enforcement agency , you will never be compensated for all the work you do. GET OUT NOW! 


Corporal electrocuted at CJC!? 

  Allegedly, Corporal Ralph Celentano was electrocuted at CJC due to faulty wiring and standing water on the floor! Rumor is that Celentano  was operating the doors on the second floor and was electrocuted, causing heart stoppage and severe burns on his body. Allegedly, Austin Bodie and Jamie Johnson were aware that water was also leaking into the panel and the wiring was dangerous. Maybe JJ should have skipped hooters or Bodie should take time away from buying a mailbox on eBay to fix this issue? 

We have advised you since day one, in our opinion, Warden Hall DOES NOT CARE ABOUT OFFICERS! The Warden does not have faulty wiring or standing water in the administrative building! The Warden does not wear a unifor, nor would he work in the conditions that he forces his officers to work in. Daron has a full maintenance staff, CJC has maintenance staff.. Maybe if ‘captain’ Dailey would get off his ass and actually work, this poor guy wouldn’t have been shocked! 

We will pray for Corporal Celentano’s health and we hope he is smart enough to contact an attorney ASAP! He should be compensated for his pain and suffering!

DCSO Lt. Cassie Thomas harassing officers? 


 Allegedly Lt. Cassie Thomas from CJC is the center of harassment allegations on the officers she supervises. Thomas is said to have told a group of fresh cadets, that she ‘will not remember their names, but she will remember their fuck ups!’ Thomas is a direct result of DCSO administration, who have harassed and retaliated against officers for years. 


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