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Warden Hall proves that he is RACIST once again!?

In 2015, white DCSO Sgt Travis Bertram sent several racist emails through DCSO emails to coworkers. We here at FIREDARONHALL broke the story, and (we have no idea how lol) WSMV followed up with a story of their own. Travis Bertram was investigated and given a one day suspension by the Warden.. 

2016, black Lieutenant Ron Williams posted a racist comment under a friends picture. We here at FIREDARONHALL break the story.  Warden Hall’s ‘blog watcher’ gets a copy of the post.. And Allegedly, Ron Williams was TERMINATED! 

We do not support ANY racism.. Whether it’s by a black officer, white officer OR WARDEN HALL! there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Ron Williams being terminated, when Travis Bertram only received a one day suspension! Where was Tony Wilkes!? Where was Ruby Joyner!? Where was Harold ‘T Dawg’ Taylor!? Why did none of the Warden’s ‘token’ black administrators speak up on this atrocity!? I guess they didn’t want to upset the ‘Massa’ Daron Hall! We have told you since day 1 that The Warden was racist, and he continues to prove it! 


DCSO courthouse deputy sleeping with female in drug court!?!?

Judge Casey Moreland runs a program called drug court.. It consists of males and females who have been arrested and in need of drug treatment. These individuals live in halfway houses and are under direct supervision of drug court staff, the Judge and Sheriff Deputies in court. In the past few weeks we have heard rumor that a DCSO deputy Lucas Frawley, has been carrying a sexual relationship with a female names Desiree Moss. Judge Moreland has allegedly ASKED Frawley if the rumors are true!? Allegedly, Sgt. Chris Hampton is aware of the rumored relationship, and is assisting Frawley in covering it up! If true, this female is in no position to consent to a relationship with someone in a position of authority over her! We have received message that there is audio/ video evidence that confirms the relationship… STAY TUNED!!! 

This would not be the first case of misconduct in Drug Court.. In 2012 program director William Scott Ross was arrested for official misconduct, for providing information to leaders of a marijuana distribution group. 


*BREAKING* Damage control by Warden Hall! 

Once again we have done Warden Hall’s job for him.. We viewed the disturbing racist rant by LT Williams, post it on the blog, and days later, Williams’ is placed on admin leave. YOU ARE WELCOME WARDEN HALL. We are the voice of the people, we are the eyes and ears of the front line deputies and we will continue to post the corruption of Warden Hall and his supervisor staff!

Allegedly, Ruby Joyner and Jamie Johnson are calling deputies in one at a time to talk to them about the racist post. We would speculate there is a few reasons behind these talks.. They want to know WHO reads the blog.. DO NOT TELL THEM YOU VIEWED THE BLOG.. They will use it against you and more than likely run you out of the agency at a later date. Ruby is said to have told deputies that ‘Williams is disturbed by what is happening’ in an attempt to make you feel sorry for him..We would speculate they are setting you up for Williams’ return to supervise you or they are gauging the tempature of the deputies to figure out how to handle Williams’ case.

As we have said before, we are a conglomerate of individuals.. Both white and black! We will fight against racism from Warden Hall and in this case a black Lieutenant. There is no place for racism PERIOD!

We will keep you updated.


Inmate workers DRUNK!? 

Hilarious story from the ‘buffet destroyer’ Mike Raine’s correctional services division. Allegedly McAdams, Bracey and Crouch took a group of inmates to the Shriner’s to work.. Somehow the inmates were allowed to steal alcohol and get DRUNK while on duty!?  What were McAdams, Bracey and Crouch doing during this time? We know Crouch has been seen weed eating around the veterans bridge, while his inmates sat in the truck.. Maybe the CO’s were doing the work while the inmates drank?? Come on Mike, leave the local buffet’s alone and manage you crews! We also heard Raine’s likes to watch girls with binoculars at the park? Get it together guys.. 


Disturbing RACIST Facebook rant by LT. Ron Williams!?

image.jpegWe are totally disturbed by LT. Ron Williams RACIST Facebook rant! We are a conglomerate of individuals, two of us are African American. We are all in consensus that LT. Ron Williams has absolutely no business managing a diverse group of deputies or inmates of he feels this way. The post speaks for itself! This is the type of racial hate that a neo-nazi spews! Imagine for one second if a ‘European’ Deputy posted the exact same rhetoric about African Americans, Hispanics, Jewish or anyone else. The irony of Williams’ feelings, is that he proudly works for a known RACIST Daron Hall.

Lt. Williams.. How do you feel about Daron Hall banning black women from wearing dreadlocks or from dying their hair? How do you feel about Daron Hall sending ‘get out of jail free’ cards to black neighborhoods? How do you feel about Daron Hall speaking to a known white supremacist group!?  Maybe you should make a stand against that evil, albino, animal who you call Sheriff!? No, instead you proudly put his badge on and help him in screwing over black deputies!?





Has the silver spoon, yuppie, purge reject, jail warden prince Dylan Hall been gracing us with his presence?! We recently received a string of hilarious pro-Warden Hall comments from Auburn University. Dylan Hall allegedly attends Auburn University.

Dylan, we know you love your father.. Even though allegedly he threw your mom away like a piece of trash and upgraded with his friend Brian Gardners wife, Ginger. Daddy threw money at you, stuffed you in school at MBA and Auburn. You have lived a privelaged life Dylan. You will never know what it’s like to WORK for a living. You will never work 5A SMU by yourself with 20 murderers while making a meesley 35,000 a year. Stay off the internet and enjoy eating from your silver spoon. Your dad is a low life selfish piece of trash. He has screwed over hundreds of employees and there families, screwed the tax payers out of millions of dollars, and is nothing more than a coward in a cheap suit. This blog will continue to keep posting and continue to grow until the Warden is gone.

Daddy will be unemployed soon, maybe he can finally give you the time and energy that you have always craved, instead of throwing money and school at you 😘


You are now single handily responsible for the largest settlement on Metro History 😂😂😂😂! How many lawsuits have you lost? How much money have you cost the taxpayers of Nashville? It’s ok, you’ll be gone soon…