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*RUMORS* From DCSO admin building and a new article in the Nashville SCENE! 

July 8, 2015


 Obviously, we have many sources inside the Warden’s office. For the past year and a half we have been receiving rumors from someone who works in the admin building. Again these are rumors, however they could very well be 100% true.. 

-Mark Preville is the assistant director of communications.. However he is referred to at the BLOG WATCHER! Allegedly his job is to watch this blog and report to Warden Hall what is posted and commented. Are you doing this on metro time Mark? Is that what the taxpayers dollars are going to? 
-Warden Hall is alleged to have stated that if the Jack Byrd situation gets ugly, he will push Corley Pearson under the bus. Warden could then claim he trusted Pearson, however Pearson embellished the reports of his meeting with Byrd and that is what the Warden believed upon his termination of Byrd.. Nice to know you Pearson LOL! 
-John Ford had Byrd place all recording devices into a basket and then pat searched him thoroughly to ensure Byrd had no recording devices in the meeting. The most hilarious rumor of them all is that someone employed in the admin office hid a recorder in the bathroom and Byrd retrieved it at some point to record the meeting! LOL! Possibly Mark Preville has turned on the Sheriff after reading how fu^*ed up he is on the blog? Email us Mark. Possibly, Rick Gentry is upset that he didn’t get the 2015 Polaris 4 wheeler to ride around on in parades?

WOW! This story is spiraling out of control as the Warden and his lackey’s continue to embarrass themselves! Pearson allegedly claimed in Byrd’s disciplinary hearing that he did not feel Byrd was blackmailing him.. Pearson the writing is on the wall, YOU ARE NEXT! Also, the scene is stating that allegedly one of the Warden’s administrator’s threatened a coworker with a firearm during the flood??? We will pop a bag of popcorn, sit back and enjoy 🙂  
To Warden Hall: Your hairline has decreased several centimeters and your color is now silver since the blog was started.. Maybe you should resign before you look like Benjamin Button during the next election.. You are the biggest fish in a small dirty puddle, and your puddle is DRYING UP! 



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  1. Clark permalink

    Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy: but I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you; that ye may be sons of your Father who is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.

  2. Tennessee Sheriff Association permalink

    Your days are numbered as the Sheriff, I believe Byrd said it best when he told you “your near the end of your career.”

    • Clark permalink

      Run hide in your dark little corners of deception and lies. All I see is the house of glass about to collapse

    • Clark permalink

      I once told you there is only one way to stop a child of the Lord. If the cries in the wilderness are bothering you just know repentance is your answer. It starts with changing the mind and healing.

      The fight going forward will continue to grow. The stages are 115. We are at 7. You have already lost several, how many more? I went easy because I still loved the thought of being with my old team. Now the Lord has filled me with another amazing team. When you targeted my new employment you failed to understand one critical point. The Lord is my strength and in Him alone I trust.

  3. Organized Protest permalink

    We have received a donation of 50 packs of copy paper. We are going to organize protest against Daron Hall. We plan to start by using this paper to make 25,000 fliers reporting Daron receiving donations and giving a speech to a white supremacists group, forbidding African American hairdos,The shackling of a pregnant Hispanic woman during birth, A Hispanic male nearly being beaten to death because DCSO was negligent, His clear hatred of Hispanic Immigrants as proven by the legal case of his now defunct ICE enforcement. Mailing get out of jail free cards to predominately African American communities. Claiming the above lawsuits were merely headaches.The flier will simply quote Media stories of the a fore mentioned stories and DCSO policy. I don’t think minorities in Nashville have ever seen all the evidence of this clearly racist Sheriff at one time. We also have 4 volunteers to actively search the internet for any story of racism, police brutality or corruption. They will then put links to this blog and the Media stories from above all over the Country. We have already received positive support in the Nolensville Rd. and Murfreesboro Rd. areas and are targeting three more. When we see the response of the fliers we will set a date and attempt an ongoing protest until the State files criminal charges or The DOJ investigates. At the very least the scene will be set for the next election. Good luck to Daron or anyone in his administration that has taken part in this. The move to fire Daron Hall has escalated. FIRE DARON HALL

  4. Dumb Question permalink

    Why are we talking about the media receiving these recordings when in reality the TBI or State Attorney Generals Office should be receiving them? We know that Government employees performing political activity on duty is a crime. So these recordings clearly prove Daron attempting to tamper/harass/retaliate against a witness to a criminal act and the whistle blower of the original criminal act. That is a more serious crime.

    • Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

      Oh they have received them and are investigating dear sir!!! We want the authorities to know AND the public!

  5. Ooops Forde Did It Again permalink

    Forde is worse that britney spears cany get anything right. i like that he tries to hide and keep everything from the warden and nows it all caught up with them all. strong hand shake weak pat search

    • MARC PREVILLE permalink

      I want to apologize to Ford and Daron but Elvis bayless hid the recorder in the bathroom under the toilet paper.

      • Fall out boy permalink

        Nah Evan bayless is a smart mouthed little punk! You make 35k a year you sombitch fuck you!

  6. Clueless Warden permalink

    warden why dont you and your cronies get in the jails more often and find out whats going on in the workplace. wait all you have to do is read it hear and we know you do lol. or is it that you dont have the time because you have to deal with so many lawsuits

  7. Cjc permalink

    From the entire CJC 3rd shift can you please blast that stupid butch bitch cunt Cassie Thomas? She is rude as hell to everyone, has zero people skills, zero managerial skills, has morale lower than whale shit, I guess she is mad her dick is hidden inside her labia.

  8. Stormin Norman permalink

    Simpson we all know its you. Why dont you do some work and quit making everyone else pick up your slack. Mine as well not even be at work beacuse your out every other week playing GI Joe.

  9. Name the douchebag permalink

    Justin Norris, arrested at starlight for pretending to be a police officer and theft. DUI in sumner county. Stealing furniture from a non profit org. Fired from CCA, fired from juvenile. Still has a job WTF

  10. Name the administrator permalink

    Is everyone gonna pretend like J Johnson didn’t do weekends in Montgomery county for domestic assault?

    • Smooth Operator permalink

      Because he’s a wimp. A two faced coward. I’ve gotten back at his ass for some things he did to me in more ways than he knows. If he only knew. Dirty S.O.B.

      • K Williams permalink

        Jamie you tall skinny weak hearted rick fox looking sombitch! I would wreck you. All you care about is these white girls at hooters

    • Blue permalink

      Really. Montgomery county huh. Let me check into that. I know deputies in Clarksville.

  11. Leo Waters permalink

    You guys should have voted for me

  12. Concerned citizen permalink

    So Daron, you don’t care about lawsuits? They are just a headache? You realize the citizens elected you and those lawsuits come out of our pocket!

    Mexican lady shackled to bed
    Guys gold teeth ripped out
    Fetus flushed down toilet in booking
    Lady left in court holding over the weekend
    Class action lawsuit by officers
    Multiple officers sue for wrongful termination

    That is our money Daron you piece of shit!

    • Don’t forget Jeanette porter who told the truth during the class action suit and was terminated. She received a quick settlement from the Warden.

    • Chancery Court permalink

      14-1614-IV Jerry Clark vs. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
      – Part IV
      Perkins, Russell T

      • Federal Court permalink

        3:14-cv-00959 Parker v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
        Kevin H. Sharp, presiding
        Joe Brown, referral
        Date filed: 04/09/2014
        Date of last filing: 06/23/2015

        Case Summary

        Office: Nashville Filed: 04/09/2014
        Jury Demand: Both Demand:
        Nature of Suit: 440 Cause: 28:1343 Violation of Civil Rights
        Jurisdiction: Diversity Disposition:
        County: Davidson Terminated:
        Origin: 1 Reopened:
        Lead Case: None
        Related Case: None

      • Good luck Clark and Parker! Remember the Warden views lawsuits as a mere ‘headache’

      • Clark permalink

        Only one answer I see! PRISON

        And lawsuits have teeth when you are breaking the law

  13. Dick Tracy permalink I have to say you guys have done a great job. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to do these stories and that can be hard when you have other responsibilities. I know this is a satire blog but I mean this with all sincerity. Thanks for what you do.

  14. Blue permalink

    Nice job Mark hiding that recorder in the bathroom.

  15. I have pictures and video! permalink

    Tom Schwarz not only fixes tickets, but also dresses up as a marathon runner and power walks for 3 hours daily downtown. I almost threw my big gulp at him one day on veterans memorial bridge. GET YOUR SORRY ASS TO WORK

  16. Skeletons in Ruby's closet permalink

    Her son is a drug dealer/gang member and she had favors done for him in the jail.

  17. Skeletons in Pearson's closet permalink

    Pearson got his ass whooped at Wilhagins and at a Sounds game

  18. Skeletons in Austin's closet permalink

    Bodie had TWO DUI’s in the 90’s ..

  19. I have pictures and video! permalink

    Jamie Johnson’s daily routine:

    8:00 Show up to work
    8:05 go to courthouse cafeteria for breakfast
    9:45 come back to work, read emails, look for an officer to fuck over
    10:50 go to JNC gym
    12:00 go to hooters Harding place, hermitage, downtown or river gate
    2:30 back to work, read emails, look for officer to fuck over
    3:30 go home

  20. Brick by Brick permalink

    Hall is looking damn old, dang! Is he even 50 yet? That man has a lot of worry on his face. Rightfully so. Karma is all up on him. All the people he’s duped over the years, all the back slapping and deal making is finally catching up with him. Two faced Jamie Johnson, Deputy pimp Harold Taylor and that jive ass Uncle TomTom Tony Wilkes. You fools better update your resume’s cause we’re coming. I thought I saw Dan the man working the window at Wendy’s a few nights ago. We have a mission and we are committed to it.

    • Clark permalink

      Sin leads to death and destruction. You add too or take away days of your life based upon how you live. They all belong in prison see you soon 🙂 Irony is thick and justice sucks for the evil ones

  21. Casey White permalink

    I had been witness to many,many things. How about the time I was voluntold to put up the sheriff’s personal tent at a certian female council members house for a democratic party? That’s just the tip of the iceberg at that place. The corruption and cover-ups are ridiculous and every employee there deserves better. You guys can contact me anytime.

  22. Bray Wyatt permalink

    Daron would you please resign already? You suck

  23. MASTER permalink


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