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Firedaronhall was created by those who are ready for a change in the DCSO. The blog contains some opinions, facts, links, pictures, comedy, satire and rumor. If you do not like the content on the site please feel free to comment your stance or do not read the blog. We are not responsible for comments made on the blog, please be respectful.

  1. Barry Kidd's Small Hands permalink

    Former DCSO Deputy fired my MNPD because he was a gang member. How did he get into DCSO to begin with?

  2. Hatedcso permalink

    Unfortunately we work for hypocrites and dicks!! If your not a yes man dick sucking whore get out!!! If not they will find a way to fuck u over!!!

    • Terrie permalink

      There wasn’t one thing in your comment that would actually help your cause. I understand working as a sheriff’s deputy or correctional officer allows you to hear the language in which you used, but in order to get the proper attention, or for someone to actually listen to, or care about what you are saying you really need to at least sound educated. Not trying to be rude, but it’s just plain sad. At least you would have a better chance of someone who matters listening, or possibly doing something about the problem. If you do work for the DCSO a piece of good advice is to find another job.

  3. H hardt permalink

    SGT Jones fucking Cpl Aluoch and got busted. Gets a DUI and a use of force against him in booking. What a joke. The I-Team news team already been contacted and will be talking to everyone.

  4. Hall's inmate advocates permalink

    DCSO is now sending uses of force to Metro for criminal prosecution on good officers that have never been in trouble and allowing inmates to file charges on extraction teams.

    • Terrie permalink

      An inmate doesn’t have to be allowed to file charges?? Anybody can file charges. It’s up to the judge to say whether the charge holds merit. Inmates have been doing this forever. There is nothing new about it.

  5. amazinamazinamazin permalink


  6. amazinamazinamazin permalink

    hey…thanks for not reading anything I sent…just posted it out there…
    I was skeptical about the mentality of those running the site…I guess that just cleared those thoughts. WTF? AND DELETE THIS POST AND GO BACK AND MONITOR THE ONE YOU JUST POSTED!

    • Next time, if you clearly state that the message is NOT to be posted.. We will not post it. We are a conglomerate of individuals who moderate this blog, not just one person. We still work at the DCSO, and we can assure you that we understand the fear of DCSO admin discovering our identity or the Idenity of those who comment. We have over 2 million views and 5000 comments.. It’s a little difficult to read someone’s mind and know for a 100% fact that the comments are intended directly for us, or intended to be posted publicly.

  7. Johnson permalink

    The lawsuit Murphy/VONDA NOEL VS Metro has finally been settled now and the appeal thrown out. The case is dismissed but can be reopen in the next 60 days if for any reason the settlement is not made in whole.

    I have been trying to get what exactly does the settlement consist of but I can imagine its a big settlement. Can we get anymore info on the settlement by calling? You should post the good news! This is a major win!

    March 23rd

    ) ORDER
    The Court having been advised by counsel for the parties that this action has been settled, it is hereby ORDERED that the action is dismissed without prejudice to the right, upon good cause shown within sixty (60) days, to reopen the action if the settlement is not consummated. Within this sixty-day period, the parties may submit a proposed agreed order of compromise and dismissal
    It is so ORDERED.

  8. Jordan permalink

    How can I contact someone with information, don’t want to post myself; need the admin to.

  9. HisWife permalink

    Need someone beside someone who wants to protect my HUSBAND AND HIS WHORE AT CJC to contact me ASAP

  10. Lynn permalink

    I have questions about Stg. Solomon Holley. He is being employeed by a church in Nashville who have falsely accused someone of being a potential threat. If anyone has information on his character/past history or who he is associated with, please get in touch with me. He says he is armed. He is waiting for an unarmed man to come onto the church property so that he can take care of the security threat, but he’s been lied to by the church about the man. It’s really important that someone get back to me. Please. An innocent unarmed man’s life is at serious risk. Thank you so much.

  11. Baba permalink

    I worked there long enough. I knew things were bad by the number of people who slept on duty, and by the Lt.s who didn’t care. Few people did their rounds on time and some people would fill out their round sheets and then disappear for hours.

    The Administration had contempt for the CO’s and I’m surprised the Sheriff even knew where the jails were. His only priority is to get reelected. I worked way too many double shifts because the Lt’s on the following shift didn’t care if their people showed up for work or not, and the Sheriff would delay training classes to hire new employees so we were dangerously short handed.

    I honestly think the Administration has no idea how to run a jail. They stay in their nice offices and away from anything that might be dirty or smelly. They’re clueless because they want to be.

    The media seriously need to do a indepth investigation.

  12. AllTheStuff permalink

    What’s the email for this site??

  13. John permalink

    If u this blog has contact email pliz email it to my email.

  14. John permalink

    Do this blog has contact email?

  15. Barry Kidd's Huge Head permalink

    Please comment about the 2 escapes from DCSO custody in the last 30 days.

  16. Kingleo permalink

    Daron needs to go !! I hope all his Admin staff are worried ! Its time to end this corrupt administration.

  17. Darrell permalink

    Hello DCSO,

    I have been reading this site since December 2013. I did my own research and found some validity to the issued being expressed. In order to change things we must be professionals in our responses. When a new sheriff is elected things will and can change.
    There is strength in numbers get everyone out to vote in the early primaries in April who ever gets the most votes wins by default as there are only two candidates listed. Caron and some guy named Kenny Hardy. If anyone knows Kenny post something. I’m still researching. All the money paid out in lawsuits and back pay could have been some great raises for all officers the worker bees.

    • Joe McCarthy permalink

      After reading this blog there are some very valid points in what you are trying to accomplish. One of the most important things is to put principles before personalities and stick to the facts about the DCSO. What makes Dan Weikal a leader? Does he have the experience and education to lead the CJC? How much money was paid out in lawsuits? Why didn’t Metro win those lawsuits? How many promotions were based on merit vs Hall cronyism? Why do you need so many chiefs? How much money did they contribute to the elections of Daron Hall? What are the qualifications of all the administrators? Until you start asking some hard questions and bringing your facts to the media nothing will really change. Find a strong candidate and support him. If Daron Hall is considering a mayoral race who is he going to pass the torch off to? Keep up the good work.

  18. Clarissa Cross permalink

    I just found out about this website!! But I wanted to say thank you to any and everyone who supported me. It was a hard and long process but I want to say to anybody out there dealing with the DCSO…when you are right, get your proof and take them to court. Even if you have to do it by yourself. When I had my fight against the DCSO, it was by myself, the Union WOULD NOT DEFEND ME, I REPEAT WOULD NOT!! I did my own research, filed my own paper work, wrote my own briefs, its going to be worth it in the end though. Dont let anybody pressure you into resigning or quitting. Fight till the End. The best thing I learned about working at DCSO is DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. The civil service is tired of the Sheriff’s Department, if you dont believe me go back and look at my video on They are sick of this and even more tired of loosing money behind them. I won my case and I could have came back…but I wanted to leave on my terms and stick with my committment to CCA. I worked with some great officers at DCSO who deserve to be treated and I am greatful that this website is bringing awareness to some of the awful things that happen behind the scenes at the DCSO.

  19. Cansee2 permalink

    Wow, I worked at DCSO for 7 years until (yes I was fired). Lisa Ashford .. You did me a Favor. I have a much better job and make a lot better salary. I was a C. O. at CJC and was overlooked for Promotion to Lt. ( I was one of two qualified Non Sgt. interviewed. ) When I inquired as to why I didn’t get the position. I was told “we wanted to promote our Sgt’s 1st. I later took the Sgt’s interview and was Promoted. I later left the floors to work in the IT Dept. I was sent out in Lisa’s van every day first thing to get everyone Lunch. Toco Bell Lisa… No wonder your ass was so fat. It wasn’t until I quit being your Lunch Boy and didn’t play the Office political game that you got a case of the ass and looked for an avenue to get rid of me. You tested me and I passed over your college Boy. Yeah that didn’t work did it. Then, when my wife had a very bad spiral ankle break you harassed me and wanted to bar rate me for calling you and saying I wouldn’t being today. You asked why? After Joane Sheffield was there when the incident happened and told me to leave. I said, My wife broke her leg and I need to be with her because she can’t walk. You then ( In a very nasty tone) said, You don’t tell me you won’t be in .. You Ask me to have the day off! Hmm, Sorry I didn’t care to look at you bending down in-front of me showing your sorrowful saggy tits to me. (Things that make you say BLLLUUUHH). Nor did I attend your ( As I was told later) your Boring ass Halloween party. As a software Helper you were good at that. You really sucked as a supervisor and Hardware tech. Have a Nice Life. I am doing well TYVM!!!

    • So many sad stories like this… It seems when you are intelligent, educated and a good worker.. The management feels threatened and runs you outta town! It seems they prefer a brainless, robot type who will do anything they say and feeds there ego.. It helps if your willing to play online video games with them as well… For example: Paul Roberts

  20. I hear things are about to change for the betterment of all. Get out and vote in the primary and August elections. If you do not vote do not complain. When a person sits in office so long unopposed they feel what they are doing is right. You can not fire the Sheriff he is an elected official. Look at what happened in Colorado over gun lass. This the route one should take.

    • Frank Underwood permalink

      You’re a dumbass. It’s the government. They don’t feel threatened by ignorant people who claim to be better than the system. If you were better off, you wouldn’t be posting on this piece of shit website. You were fired, and for good reason. It’s depressing really to see people on here think they have some sob story, when really if they had a problem they could get off their ass and walk into the office and say it themselves, or maybe try to find another job.. since they very clearly were fired from DCSO.

  21. Mike permalink

    Hey owner of this site. you need to move this blog and domain name offshores so they cant take it down. Its plenty of offshore providers

    you need to copy this blog and move it to its own wordpress and then get a new domain name and move it offshore. They wont be able to touch it

  22. your so right the high warden has rules for them self”s and rules for others it must be a real honor to be a norris, waters, hall,wilkes, ford, bodie, and lets not forget i work only 2 hours a week harald taylor WOW i have got to go have a V-8

  23. tony permalink

    why is tony wilkes allowed to date meshawn cook?

    • tony permalink

      the love affair between tony wilkes and meshawn cook is still ongoing and the high sheriff oops warden hall knows about it and has known about it!

      • Please remember sir.. That WARDEN HALL himself was allegedly married and cheated on his wife with his current wife Ginger, a fellow DCSO employee. Ginger was then moved to work in metro Hr. So, we seriously doubt Daron Hall has any qualms with Infidelity, or supervisors having affairs with subordinates.

  24. Integrity Kept permalink

    Sad that DCSO has lost a large amount of GREAT Officers! Only because they were not willing to sell their souls!

  25. @TheRealBigNate permalink

    I keep running into people, saying that ‘this person’ or ‘that person’ was bitching about this blog..Even insinuating that I have something to do with it. To set the record straight I 100% support this blog and will help any way I can! Also I have had ZERO missed calls, texts or voicemails from anyone with a problem.. Only one person had the guts to send a drunken text about it. I know who my friends are and everyone else is fair game. I will be glad to meet up with anyone at the park, for lunch or a drink and we can discuss WHATEVER YOU WANT. I honestly feel sorry for everyone there making pennies, walking on eggshells, having some idiot pull your strings like a puppet.

    ‘Strike the Sheppard and the sheep will scatter’

  26. Had Enough permalink

    Well, you should have been at the management meeting yesterday. You have never seen a more disgusting display of arrogance in your life. Daron, with all the lieutenants and above present, mentioned this blog by name, except his little snide comment was “They should change the name of the blog to ‘People Fired by Daron Hall’. He also made a point of notifying the management group that “there is no morale problem”, just a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, and that he basically wanted to hear nothing about a morale problem. They then basically removed everyone’s first amendment rights by informing us that there is a new social media policy coming that will basically make any statements made in social media by an employee of the DCSO punishable if you have DCSO listed on your profile anywhere. Also, they are now taking the CompStat approach to management. Instead of dealing with delinquent and inept supervisors in private, they are now going to have a monthly meeting where they show a plethora of stats (OT, sick leave use, facility grievance stats, etc.) and then humiliate you in front of the group when you are perceived as lacking in some area. Motivating, huh?

    • This blog consists of a conglomerate of Individuals from different backgrounds who have a common goal.. Some are still SO employees, some were, but moved on and some were never employees.

      What we find sad is that the DCSO would laugh about ‘firing’ people.. People with wives, children, families who depend on that income and benefits to survive. People who were proud of the department, we’re loyal and were good people. Even more sad is that most of the individual’s who were ‘fired’ have already won a ‘wrongful termination’ appeal or settlement or are on track to easily do so. Therefore are they really fired?

      There is ZERO recourse for ‘wrongfully terminating’ an employee.. Costing tax payers tens of thousands to fight the case, and eventually pay off the employee. This money comes from metro, the taxpayers, not the DCSO. To put this Into perspective.. If a deputy treated an inmate as recklessly as the DCSO has been proven to treat officers, the deputy would be disciplined time and time again. It is now our job to air this information to the public and let the people hold Daron accountable!

      • Dominic Gunther permalink

        Nashville is a slow moving city that is behind the times and until citizens realize their rights have or are being violated,Political people like Mr.Hall will continue to do dirty work behind closed doors while smiling at the public as if everything is alright.If enough Employees stood up for what they believe in then there could be some change, but the employees at the
        Sheriff Department are too scared to breathe hard. So until someone takes a stand there will always be unfair treatment at The Sheriff Department.

  27. The Walking Goosetrees permalink

    I like turtles!

  28. rick permalink

    I make 70,000 dollars a year and have a brand new vehicle with blue lights in it. Thank you Daron. And I love my golf cart with blue lights. I rode it around while you were playing golf laughing at chief Hudson.

  29. Josh Pegher permalink

    Looks like things got worse after I left. Somebody might have to bring me up to speed on a few things.

  30. @TheRealBigNate permalink

    I love the site! I agree that Daron needs to go. Sad, I worked there for 6 years and was promoted several times, SORT member, volunteered at events and only met the man TWICE. I will continue to support the site, the movement anyway that I can! Like I always say.. PREPARE FOR WAR IN TIMES OF PEACE! John, keep my locker intact I’ll be back soon and I’ll be taking the LUMP SUM PAYMENT.. Not the installments 😉

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