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Warden Hall changes tune on alleged invite to meet with President Trump?!

News broke earlier in the week that Warden Daron Hall had declined a personal invite to meet with President Donald Trump. In a Tennessee article Warden Hall stated: 

I became concerned the meeting was going to be supportive of issues such as (the) immigration order and others and made the decision not to’ 

This statement paints the picture of Daron Hall, the liberal super hero standing up to the big bully Donald Trump. The Warden has received tons of backlash since the Tennessean article, from conservatives and liberals alike. This morning, Daron went on Ralph Bristol’s conservative radio show on 99.7 to discuss the alleged White House snub.

Warden Hall did his best Michael Jackson moonwalk impersonation, claiming that he is neither for or against Donald Trumps policies and that he will abide by any federal or state laws. Hall also stated that the meeting was for 10 Sheriffs who actively campaigned for Trump, and he didn’t DECLINE the invite.. he merely wanted to give others the opportunity. 

Warden Hall is a USED CAR SALESMAN! He will say whatever he thinks his crowd wants to hear! 



Ginger Hall the Internet THUG!?

Warden Hall’s wife Ginger appears to have taken to Facebook to lash out at THE NEXT Sheriff of Nashville, Jack Byrd III. Ginger appears to have some tough words for Byrd.. calling him a LIAR, and saying that he should worry about the ‘bad things’ he has done to people?! Ironic, because her own husband wrongfully terminated Jack and many more loyal deputies. 

Ginger, sweetie, were you not with Daron’s friend and was Daron not MARRIED when you two began your affair? Your entire relationship was based on ‘bad things!’ Maybe this is you and Daron’s karma? When this is all over, you and Daron can move on peacefully without any backlash from the public. Until then, suck it up buttercup! Your husband is an elected official! Your comments are sheer desperation.. you know the ‘swamp is being drained’ 

This blog is ran by a conglomerate of Individuals who have been wronged by your hubby or his cronies! Some of us have won lawsuits and backpay, and some of us still are employed by your of us sees your hubby several times a week 🙂 SUCK IT UP

Warden Hall declines meeting with Donald Trump?!

Warden Daron Hall claims that he declined a meeting with Donald Trump, while he was in DC for a Sheriff’s association meeting. Did Daron REALLY decline this meeting? Or was Daron not invited because he is not actually ‘law enforcement?’ Allegedly Daron declined the meeting, because he ‘didn’t like Trumps immigration policies.’ That is ironic because WARDEN Hall himself deported hundreds to thousands of illegal immigrants under his 287G program?! Also, WARDEN Hall himself cost the Nashville taxpayers 490,000$ in a lawsuit for shackling a Mexican immigrant while she gave birth..
Warden Hall spoke to a white supremacist group, banned black hairstyles, sent GET out of jail free cards to black communities, fired a black Lieutenant for ‘racist’ comments, yet did not fire two white employees for similar comments.. including former HR Director Byron Grizzle who received a reprimand for referring to a Black employee as a ‘GREASE MONKEY’ and specifically referenced the ‘grease in her hair.’ (Yes, Byron we saw your disciplinary history and your time is coming) 

What is the truth Warden Hall? Were you really invited to meet with the president? Possibly your racist background was too much for even Donald Trump!? 

Channel 4 I-Team’s coverage of Lucas Frawley..

Lucas Frawley was a Sheriff Deputy, assigned to manage inmates at the court house. Frawley began a sexual relationship with an inmate.. we told you about this in OCTOBER. We told you that Judge Moreland knew about the relationship.. which he confirmed. We told you about the sexual photos, which Moreland conformed! We also told you that allegedly Sgt Chris Hampton also KNEW about the relationship! Moss herself, admitted that Frawley took her into custody 4 times! Chris Hampton needs to be MOVED FROM the court house ASAP! This is one of many many atrocities that have occurred under his management. Yesterday, another ASD deputy was allegedly sent back to the jail for falling asleep on duty.. Chris Hampton has been asleep for YEARS! Send Chris Hampton back to the jail! 


Lucas Frawley/Judge Moreland on Channel 4 at 6! 

Tune in to WSMV channel 4 at 6 and 10 this evening. Jeremy Finley and the I-Team will be reporting on a story that we have been posting on since October. The I-Team is not afraid to expose CORRUPTION and we LOVE IT! 

On a strange note.. Judge Casey Moreland allegedly no call/no SHOWED at work today.. HMM maybe he has the flu? 




Lucas Frawley appears to have became engaged to Desiree Moss. Frawley was a Sheriff Deputy and met Moss while she was an inmate. We told you of this MONTHS AGO.. allegedly Sgt. Chris Hampton knew of the affair and covered it up. The Prison Rape Elimination Act states that sex can not BE consensual between an inmate or anyone else. 

Chris Hampton should be moved from the court house  ASAP!!!! Lucas Frawley should be charged with rape by an authority figure!