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Man dies in DCSO booking?!

May 9, 2018

Allegedly Scott O. Haines died recently while on DCSO custody. A source from within the agency alleges that Haines was being restrained by Officers Popovich and Johnson .. when he was later found deceased. Allegedly, Metro Police are investigating the incident and are awaiting the coroners report. Hopefully, everything was done correctly by the officers. We know the front line officers are over worked, under staffed and under paid! We also know DCSO administrators will not hesitate to push an officer ‘under the bus’ if they do not ‘like them.’

Officers like LT Philip Shipley, who chained a black inmate to a wall and ADMITTEDLY punched him repeatedly in the face, was promoted months later.. officers like Cpl Justin Norris are caught STEALING on duty from a non profit agency, and arrested for theft and impersonating an officer at the Starlite club only to keep his job in ‘trucks’ .. while others are terminated or demoted for much lesser ‘offenses.’



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  1. Trolly McAwesome permalink

    How’s that “scoop” coming along. You’re doing great keeping the Sheriff in his place. Lol.

    Bunch of hacks.

  2. why ? permalink

    Does anyone know what t happened here ?

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