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Chief Barry Kidd sexually harassed a female officer?!

May 15, 2017

In April, female officer Bawan Babanzadeh resigned from the Warden’s office. Allegedly, on her way out, she claimed that she had been sexually harassed by Chief Barry Kidd. This allegation is very shocking, because we would have expected a male officer to have made this allegation on Kidd πŸ˜‚. Anyone who has been around Kidd for a period of time, knows he LOVES the gay talk, play and jokes… it’s rather creepy. We recently spoke with Bananzadeh, and allegedly there is some texts/pics that Kidd sent to her .. we will post them ASAP .. we want to give her a small period of time to get her lawsuit filed πŸ™‚ 

Allegedly, Lt. Grady Odom was also recently accused of sexual harassment. 

Remember, WARDEN Hall himself met his current wife Ginger on duty, while he was still married to his ex wife. Ginger was also with his friend Brian Gardner at the time.. this is the Daron Hall way! 

Fire Daron Hall 


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  1. Yarlettchickenscratchtattoos permalink

    What’s the deal with yarlett?

  2. therealkennycrossland permalink

    How about ol john taylor screwing everything up in warrants again forcing all officers to work weekends now while him and Kenny go golfing or looking for each others “balls”. When will they learn taylor is a snake and a curse for that division. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Can u give us a little more Info??

      • therealkennycrossland permalink

        same ol crap chief taylor screwing warrants over. There was a bid for a countywide officer months ago and no one put there name on it. So now to punish everyone for not bidding on it he is now making regular zone officers works weekends. He wonders why morale is so low here is just another example. Im sure it was his suckass bogles idea. Countywide was once the wanted position in warrants that is until Taylor showed up and screwed everyone.

      • Yes he has literally SCREWED almost everyone

  3. KIDDS AN IDIOT permalink

    Those are some great points you have there how about how we have maximum security inmates housed at CDM and we have to deal with these guys being that cdm’s actually a medium to minimum facility there is absolutely no control over those inmates we’re absolutely drowning and Barry kid is such a jerk and an arrogant assholes that he doesn’t even care it’s okay for 7 inmates to beat up one officer and then the officer still gets cancelled on how he should have handled the situation better it’s also been rumored that long time sort members in good standing are leaving the team because the agency is running the place like pussies

  4. Uh oh permalink

    Question how many dcso employees have been arrested in the last couple weeks? If you have the answer please let us know

  5. Not cool at all permalink

    Why don’t we talk about how understaffed the so-called maximum-security facilities with the dcso really are. Why don’t we talk about how almost an entire shift of officers has either left or his found other reasons are other ways to not have to come to work because of the conditions that everyone’s put under the understaffing part is horrible somebody’s going to get hurt and yet we have people there that insist on us doing things a certain way just because and it’s b******* if the taxpayers or the media realized exactly how short-handed the maximum security facilities are at Harding Place they would have a fit it’s bad enough that it’s there and they didn’t want it and the sheriff said f*** you anyway and put it there but if they really knew how unsecured that place was those folks would really really be extremely upset

  6. lOnEStAr permalink

    I retract. Comment finally allowed.

  7. lOnEStAr permalink

    I mean, Ill say it again, typically your quick on allowing posts. But any reference now about your ‘hero’ Byrd, and the link i provided. You all are quite mum. So what is the matter? No objectivity?

    • Just the ebb and flow of life.. people get busy with other ventures occasionally.. it’s ok we have a lot of news that we have been sitting on πŸ™‚ As far as this story .. we will wait and see how it plays out. REMEMBER Warden Hall fired Jack for the same allegation.. and it was overturned πŸ˜‰

      • lOnEStAr permalink

        Yet, you’re quick to post other stories without letting it played out. Contradictory much?

  8. lOnEStAr permalink

    Don’t be scared, let’s have some dialogue.

  9. LoNeStAr permalink

    Truth hurts.

    Come on now, where is the BREAKING NEWS!


  10. Lonestar permalink

    So, what you’re really trying to say that with this current ‘POS sheriff’ you want to replace him with a ‘POS person’ who would make another ‘POS sheriff’? Hey if your M.O. is wanting another corrupted individual that goes around and records people then attempts to extort or blackmails. Then more power to you. One unethical person to be replaced by another unethical person. Let me know how that works out for ya…

  11. Eatadicklonestar permalink

    That’s funny as he’ll. Byrd the hero.lmao you know with the P.O.S sheriff we have now Byrd is a hero. He can get us away from all the BULLSHIT that this poor fucking excuse of a sheriff is giving us and the tax payers of Davidson county. The sheriff is in bed with cca/core civic. The people didn’t want a max facility in South Nashville but he said fuck you to all the tax payers. If they knew what was really going on out there they would be pissed and concerned. Those facilities at Harding are not designed to keep or hold the type of inmates that are housed there. They tear everything up. The taxpayers would shit if they knew how much money has to be spent to fix all the vandalism. They would cringe if they knew how easy all the doors come open. It’s only a matter of time before an escape happens. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt due to the MAJOR shortage of staff . There are never enough officers to cover the posts that are supposed to be covered. The mayor should audit the shortages and all the other things that are putting her constituents in serious harms way. So with that being said Byrd would do a Much better job so fuck you dicksucker. Thanks for supporting the site bitch.

  12. Lonestar permalink

    You are sure awfully quiet about your hero, Byrd. You know the same guy who try to extort at dcso and now federally indicted in Giles county….

  13. Eppic failure permalink

    Barry kid is a piece of shit. He’s more worried about a stupid fucking inmate towel hanging on a bunk and writing up officers but don’t give a shit when 5 inmates jump one officer.hiw a dressing the fact that the offices radio didn’t work you far piece of shit.

  14. Shut the fuck up permalink

    Who knows if any of this is true she’s been gone for like a year and people are still talking about her move on people… get a life. Kidd is gay!! This only makes this accusations even more stupid he would not hit on babanzadh Because he was too busy trying to fuck the male officers. Fuck!!! Is anything on here true!!! Shut the fuck up and talk about ppl that actually work for dcso and are fucking ppl over everyday!! We work with bunch of back stabbing snitch ass hoes that kiss ass and step all over each other’s toes to get to the top. not mother fuckes that are gone!!!

  15. barry faggit kidd permalink

    That faggit has harrassed so many male officers. They are all afraid to say something due to retalliation. Metro not fake ass DCSO needs to do a full investigation. Its time for this idiot to go or be charged. This agency is so fucked up. A audit needs to be done by a outside agency.

  16. She is a kiss ass do nothing that flirted with everyone. She would walk around like her shit don’t stink. She used her I am a Muslim minority card all the time. She is a proven to lie when ever it suits her. I would not jump on the hate Kidd bandwagon yet. He is strange but I don’t see that being something he would do

  17. Disgusting permalink

    Kidd and Ruby Joyner should hook up because they both have dicks!! πŸ˜‚ fucking back stabbing hoes!!!

  18. Evan Bayless permalink

    Nurse April is a whore. She would fuck anyone.god damn who would fuck Demoss.. that’s disgusting. Dcso is so fucked up!! I heard when u try to complain about problems they pick on you and send you to the board and make you resign and also sign paperwork that you will not apply for unemployment or take them to court for any reason unless u want bad reference. Evan Bayless Ur a bigger dick sucking hoe dude.. u took that fat bitches place and made sure u were a bigger bitch!! I hope ur wife find out that u were fucking that ugly fat hoe Bender and going to lunch with her everyday for a year!!! Fuck dcso!!

  19. Do what we like permalink

    This makes me think. Why did they do Algood the way they did but when Demoss got caught fucking around with nurse April nothing happened? This agency is so biased.

    • ghost of captain Claw permalink

      Are we talking about the same DeMoss who was cheating on his wife with a subordinate crystal Adams? His wife came up to CWC and confronted the officer. They just moved DeMoss to HDC and called it a day

  20. Hahahah permalink

    She was only a cover-up. When I was working at CDM I witnessed him harassing male officers more than anything. Davidson county sheriffs office is so fucked up The whole agency needs to go down. so many good people with good intentions and integrity and great job ethics get fired for dumb stuff but I know for a fact there are female officers right now having sex with inmates and they still work for dcso.

  21. Barry Barry quite contrary permalink

    Im going to call this from the beginning. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO BARRY KID NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME OF THIS IS! Ford and hall are notorious for making massive mistakes but REFUSE to admit when they fuck up. They will make bad decisions that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars but because of their pride and hard headedness refuse to make things right. Every body knows of all the examples of this. I’m guessing Barry has more suction power than ginger lol. Oh well. The more Barry does the more ammo we have for our sexual harassment lawsuit lol damn this thing could possibly go class action lol.

  22. Barry is a joke permalink

    You see this is what happens when your a piece of shit. Barry you can go as hard as you want on us were never going to stop. Your nitpicking of videos you watch while we work don’t mean shit. You know why your a failure as a chief. You are a fucking snake. You smile on our face,play around with us ,joke around with all the gay dick grabbing games but then you try to fuck over the ones that take care of you so you can justify being a chief. Your eval for cdm with the ACA audit was shitty because of how you treat people. You are a product of this agency and it’s crooked ways. You want loyalty but REFUSE to give it back. You will suck a dick to move up the chain but you know it wasn’t your work that got you there. You must have had a lot of practice from meeting all those men from gay websites. By the way you need to update the picture of “ill barry” I think that pic is about 200lbs of fat short of what he is now. He now looks like the michelin man. Why he would tbink barbenzadeh would want to look for his little duck is beyond me. I say me but I really mean us. We are a strong group Barry and just like you are watching us WERE WATCHING YOU!

  23. Barry Kidds search history permalink


  24. Closet Case permalink

    Kidd we all know you are a twink In a bear body trapped in a straight man persona

  25. Pam Buttler permalink

    Hello Barry,

    Attatched is the cheat sheet for how to handle this posting.

    Fill out a SAIR report

  26. Butt Crusher McCoy permalink

    Kidd is getting on AK Carroll level With that phat ass and hips. You boys must be taking estrogen. I love it! ‘Mmmmmm

  27. DICK pics!!!!! permalink

    Tony Wilkes we have the dick pics you sent and all the text messages to Bender. 99% of the stuff we got will come out at election time lmao

  28. CDC 2003 permalink

    Barry Kidd let someone escape on his watch at CDC 15 years ago

  29. Gise permalink

    Kidd used to always flirt with Gise and tell him he reminded him of gay porn stats Carl Hardwick and Titpig

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