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DCSO SORT/IA officers provided with cheat sheets and ADVISED to cheat on FEDERAL FEMA training by admin! 

May 11, 2017

WOW! Very professional WARDEN HALL! Advising your SORT officers to CHEAT on a federal training course!? How could Commander Rusty Owens allow this to happen!? 



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  1. Thomas the Pawn Hunter permalink

    The new test cheat sheet is for a AJA certified jail officer certificate. Wardon Hall feeds all his unqualified puppets ansaers to any and all test. This agency has a very high turnover rate. Nobody in leadership roll, payroll or hr have any type of degree. He keeps all the smart ones in the back. It is sickening what he is doing to Thomas Hunter. You would think uncle Tom Wilks would be gether info to take this idiot Daron Hall out.

  2. The truth hurts permalink

    Wow, that’s sad when you have to cheat just to learn how to hand out bottles of water to Metro as they actually handle a situation…

  3. permalink

    Since 2012 the SORT team has been off limits.. we have not posted anything about the SORT team. In the past few years, several GOOD GOOD officers have been kicked off of the team at the orders of the head coward in charge John Ford.. meanwhile the SORT team has turned into a haven for abusive supervisors, like Lt. Cassie Thomas. Well, the GLOVES ARE OFF!! We have pictures, videos, reports of many shady dealings by the SORT team.. put your seat belts on 🙂

  4. Commander Arthur Owens permalink

    I will do the right thing guys. This email has already been forwarded to president TRUMP, FEMA director, every admin at FEMA, Mayor Barry and every news station.

  5. Turks' bad hip permalink

    Why hasn’t there been a post about Turks threatening his rental property tenants while on duty? He was specially assigned to REMF Ford, got in trouble and then sent back to warrants

    • Big Tommy permalink

      Hello Rusty,

      The people want to know how do you make so much annually on overtime? Are you not a salaried employee? How can you just grab a few warrants butt buddies and show up to events to ‘work’ then get over time?

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