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April 5, 2017

Warden Hall you sneaky bastard! 

Warden Hall has made a conscious effort to post A LOT of pictures with African-Americans of late. Hall has handpicked a few ‘token’ blacks to use as pawns in his propaganda game. Pictured above is a ‘meeting’ in which a handful of African-Americans appear to have been taken to the ‘SUNKEN PLACE’ from Jordan Peele’s thriller GET OUT! 

Please remember everyone.. warden Hall spoke to a KNOWN white supremacist group! Warden Hall banned dreadlocks, and the coloring of hair by black women! Warden Hall sent ‘get out of jail free’ cards to mock the black community! Warden Hall TERMINATED a black Lieutenant for alleged ‘racial’ posts to a private forum, yet did not terminate Byron Grizzle and Travis Bertram for racial antics! Sgt. Philip Shipley chained a black inmate to a wall and admittedly punched him 5 times.. Shipley was not demoted or terminated.. he was PROMOTED to Lieutenant! 

Tony Wilkes, Jamie Johnson Ruby Joyner and Harold ‘T-Dawg’ Taylor are the head ‘Uncle Tom’s’ for Warden Hall! Taylor (pictured above) was close friends with the black Lieutenant who was recently terminated.. Taylor STABBED his friend in the back and supported his termination! Do not trust any of these individuals! They are loyal to their easy pay checks, and that is it! 



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  1. Darlene Pawn Mcclung permalink

    This is one of the most sickening things Daron Hall has done. Hes ising black people like puppets. I cant believe they allow themselves to be used like this. All this is, is a political move to save his racist ass in the eyes of the community. He has placed several colored people around him and pays them big bucks to believe whatever he tells them. He brain washed all of them during the lawsuit,.

  2. Old English 800 permalink

    This is a straight”massa” move right here but that money got Mr Hunter blind.I understand you got a family to feed but keep your dignity.

  3. Shine from the great Titanic permalink

    Harold looks like he’s recreating that scene from the movie Glory. My lawd lawd lawd um hmmmm….

  4. Gay dudes wear pink not tough guys permalink

    Daron is an idiot. It shows by some of the administrators he promotes. He promoted a deviant with a ton of sexual proclivities. Yeah kidd I’m talking about you. You were a pig playing your gay ass games although you were not playing you were trolling to see if we would bite. We didn’t bite on your games but YOU are going to get bit now.

  5. One who will not fall asleep permalink

    Repent! time is short and your evil practice is the hole you are about to fall into.

  6. Marcus Garvey permalink

    Thank you for this post! It needed to be said! Harold Taylor is a piece of shit for How he did big will! Been to the mans house, hung out with his family, then stabbed him in the back! Harold is one illiterate son of a bitch! Karma will get his ass! That’s why his son is gay

  7. Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

    Don’t forget about ace Coon Harold Turks! He treats black officers like shit and sucks up to the masters!

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