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Very professional E-Mail from Ruby Joyner.. 

March 20, 2017

This is Warden Hall’s Sheriff’s Office ladies and gentlemen.. nepotism, cronyism, HARASSMENT of officers, wrongful terminations, lawsuits, racism, lost judgments.. it is time for a change! 

Allegedly Administrator Ruby Joyner placed her daughter at the checkpoint of Harding Place. Her daughter allegedly harasses and is rude with staff as they attempt to come to work. Ruby then sends out  unprofessional emails belittling staff, while praising her daughter.. this is Daron Hall’s agency SMH!


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  1. Thatbitch permalink

    I have two inmates name Horton and Woods. Both inmates are max and are HA/RA/FR and both inmates assault officers both of them have the tablets due to Ruby Joyner showing them favoritism by letting them use the tablet even though they are on disciplinary statues due to assaulting other inmates an officers but Ruby Joyner writes officers up for dumb shit like passing a fucking dcso book. get the fuck out of here with ur ugly ass hoe.

  2. Wow permalink

    Why are these inmates getting iPads???? I believe the family and victims feel real good knowing future convicted felons are sitting up playing games at knight.

  3. REMF permalink

    So Gilbert blows his chest out and everyone at the SO runs and cries for him. He KILLED HIMSELF! That is the biggest piece of SHIT thing someone could do.

  4. Thot permalink

    Did you hear that CAPT Gilbert shot himself yesterday and passed away

  5. Fuck them both permalink

    Fuck this hoe and her ugly daughter.. both harass my ass every time I come in and out! They both gotta goooo!!!! Ugly ass hoes!!

  6. Tennessee Joyner permalink

    Ruby has to protect her daughter, the rest of her family are gang bangers and drug dealers like her bitch ass son

  7. The truth hurts permalink

    I find it interesting how she praises her daughter who has had a few very negative run ins with officers, not based on anything more than personality clashes. I know of one in particular that her daughter had, that got physical, went to D Board, and of all people, RUBY was on the D Board panel of the officer involved. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT NOT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST?????

    • 6'5 410 Ruby Joyner permalink

      Ruby is a female UNCLE TOM! Slap a wig on Stephen from Django and that is Ruby Joyner

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