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Human Resources director Byron Grizzle RACIST!? 

March 16, 2017

Byron Grizzle is a man cut from Warden Hall’s cloth! Grizzle was the head of records, and the HR director for the Warden’s Office. These statements were made in 2010.. why was Byron placed in a position over HUMAN RESOURCES!? How many minorities has Byron Grizzle had a hand in terminating? Warden Hall recently terminated a decorated black lieutenant for Facebook posts.. yet keeps Byron, Bertram and William Swafford around? Daron Hall and his administrators are low life’s! 


Byron, we have much more.. we will take it slow 🙂 You are a ‘history buff’ you know how this is going to play out 😂😂


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  1. Captain Claw = Robin Williams permalink

    It’s sad that the administrators/supervisors are SUCH PIECES OF SHIT, that you literally take joy in their death.

  2. Bang bang I shot you down permalink

    He didn’t have enough fingers to pull the trigger to shoot himself the logistics would have been to hard for him to figure out.

  3. I just heard Captain Gilbert died

    • The Claw checked into the upper room permalink

      We know he didn’t shoot himself. The bastard couldn’t hit the side of his head if he pressed the gun up to it.

      • He laid with snakes permalink

        Allegedly it was suicide

  4. kidd permalink

    Lt. Kidd is gay!! He was dating one of my gay friends. My friend told me he’s dating someone in dcso and I asked who and he showed me a pic of Kidd Barry… sexting and nudes and everything. It was disgusting. Fuck Kidd!!! How about that dude ruby HOEner and her ugly ass mean ass daughter!! No mother fucker would every wanna put a 💍 On those hoes!!!

  5. Full frontal gayness permalink

    So how does fat aass ds Barry kid get to walk around talking to officers about how he wants to suck dicks and take it in the ass all the time but gets nothing? He like to joke around about it but you know deep down he’s gay as fuck. You know he’s trolling is what he’s doing. Fat faggot motherfucker.

  6. Whatchoo talkin bout Byron permalink

    Who the he’ll is Byron calling fat? That rolly polly motherfucker ain’t seen his little dick since he was 12. Bitch ass pedo looking motherfucker.

  7. Lmfao permalink

    This racist piece of crap has the audacity to fire people when he’s the most racist human being on this planet. He looks like he would jerk off to Lawanda Page due to her height and her beauty and her greasy fake horsehair I don’t know why he pretends that he doesn’t like her is it because he has a fat white wife that he’s trying to protect? Idk!!! Maybe!!!

  8. TheTruthHurts permalink

    By the way, these remarks were apparently about Lawanda Page which is not included in the written reprimand.

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