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Warden Hall changes tune on alleged invite to meet with President Trump?!

February 10, 2017

News broke earlier in the week that Warden Daron Hall had declined a personal invite to meet with President Donald Trump. In a Tennessee article Warden Hall stated: 

I became concerned the meeting was going to be supportive of issues such as (the) immigration order and others and made the decision not to’ 

This statement paints the picture of Daron Hall, the liberal super hero standing up to the big bully Donald Trump. The Warden has received tons of backlash since the Tennessean article, from conservatives and liberals alike. This morning, Daron went on Ralph Bristol’s conservative radio show on 99.7 to discuss the alleged White House snub.

Warden Hall did his best Michael Jackson moonwalk impersonation, claiming that he is neither for or against Donald Trumps policies and that he will abide by any federal or state laws. Hall also stated that the meeting was for 10 Sheriffs who actively campaigned for Trump, and he didn’t DECLINE the invite.. he merely wanted to give others the opportunity. 

Warden Hall is a USED CAR SALESMAN! He will say whatever he thinks his crowd wants to hear! 



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  1. Dildo Baggins permalink

    Well now that everyone knows who the “whistleblower” is this shit ain’t even fun no more

  2. Matt fox permalink

    Way to go Frawley you dill bag

  3. Dee permalink

    Someone should add up the cost Sheriff Hall has cost tax payers. The law suits, stolen 10,000 that was returned by Mrs. ROOKER, and the cost of the contract with CCA and who approved this since the funds come from tax payers funds. The mayor owns tax payers a response on the CCA contract.

  4. Dee permalink

    This is so funny as Mr. Hall supported 287g and sent 10,000 immigrants in Davidson County packing. Now we are to trust this person. I will not vote for him next time. I will vote for anyone but him. Also why did the sheriff sign a long term contract with CCA. Well he was scared he might lose the election and was lining up a job just in case. Thanks for your service time for someone else. Sounds like Daron is doing the things that guy that ran against him mentioned. What was that dudes name.

    • Common Sense permalink

      Someone should be investigating to see if the Sheriff or his wife or any other family member owns stock in CCA or who CCA makes political contributions to.

  5. The Purple one permalink

    What people don’t understand is that if don’t concur with blog and you think its all crap but yet you come here to comment and read what’s on here then the blog is winning.

  6. put on a damn uniform you're a disgrace to the badge! permalink

    PUSSY Daron starts the radio interview by telling Bristol that he’s at hospice with his mother n law. Looking for sympathy! NOBODY GIVES A FUCK! You didn’t give a fuck about every officer you wrongfully terminated’s family! FUCK U and ur mother in law PUSSY

    • This comment is why no one takes this blog seriously.

      • Common Sense permalink

        That is the perfect definition of satire genius

  7. thumbs up permalink

    Keep up the good work “Fire Daron Hall” based on the actions of Dylan and Ginger you are definitely getting to the truth. Surely you have seen a major increase in traffic since the blogs name was featured in the Channel 4 I team reports. I am making a request that when you don’t have a new story maybe you should do a countdown of the top 10 stories on this sight over the years for your new audience. Just a suggestion ! Keep turning the screws

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