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Ginger Hall the Internet THUG!?

February 8, 2017

Warden Hall’s wife Ginger appears to have taken to Facebook to lash out at THE NEXT Sheriff of Nashville, Jack Byrd III. Ginger appears to have some tough words for Byrd.. calling him a LIAR, and saying that he should worry about the ‘bad things’ he has done to people?! Ironic, because her own husband wrongfully terminated Jack and many more loyal deputies. 

Ginger, sweetie, were you not with Daron’s friend and was Daron not MARRIED when you two began your affair? Your entire relationship was based on ‘bad things!’ Maybe this is you and Daron’s karma? When this is all over, you and Daron can move on peacefully without any backlash from the public. Until then, suck it up buttercup! Your husband is an elected official! Your comments are sheer desperation.. you know the ‘swamp is being drained’ 

This blog is ran by a conglomerate of Individuals who have been wronged by your hubby or his cronies! Some of us have won lawsuits and backpay, and some of us still are employed by your of us sees your hubby several times a week 🙂 SUCK IT UP

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  1. HELLO permalink


    your name was posted on the blog. Per policy you must now complete a SAIR report stating this.

  2. Scotty mull permalink

    My desk still has butt marks on it
    -Casey Moreland

  3. You know you’ve struck gold when the Sheriff’s wife and son try to troll you and you just keep it classy!

  4. Gina permalink

    Ginger talking about right or wrong? So I guess Ginger should show up at DCSO to meet Daron for lunch and find him in the parking lot getting his little pecker sucked on by a little property clerk slut. You know that old reap what you sew thing. She destroyed a family by adultery and she is talking about paying in this life or the next ?

  5. Zuckerberg permalink

    A little FB advice Ginger. Take that picture off your home page and put a picture of yourself 30 years ago. You are not aging well

  6. Miss B Havn permalink

    This is why I love this blog! I have worked in admin and I know the true nature of these people! Keep exposing them! Is it true Tom Tom sent a co worker a penis pic and you guys got the screen shot?

  7. Auburn U permalink

    Google search Auburn protests! I swear there is a pic of Dylan laying on the ground crying and screaming NOT MY PRESIDENT! He is wearing sperry’s, duck head shorts, and an Aeropostale t shirt. He is the quintessential Nike oak rich kid crybaby!

  8. Psycho permalink

    Ginger is creepy, How many times has somebody opposed Daron online and Ginger immediately jumps out of the bushes like a crazy stalker thinking she’s defending him

  9. Busted permalink

    Remember when Daron and Ginger were making comments on this blog like that and ya’ll posted their IP address ? That was freekin hilarious

  10. Isaiah 5:20 permalink

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  11. We know permalink

    The TRUTH will set you free Byron Grizzle

  12. Desiree permalink

    Can we have our 5 minutes back now? Thanks

  13. Will swafford permalink

    She was probably hacked like I was.

  14. TheAdministration. permalink

    Ain’t she spose to be at work? What’s she doing on Facebook? Lady it’s no need in defending him because we’re coming. We still have miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep.

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