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Warden Hall declines meeting with Donald Trump?! 

February 7, 2017

Warden Daron Hall claims that he declined a meeting with Donald Trump, while he was in DC for a Sheriff’s association meeting. Did Daron REALLY decline this meeting? Or was Daron not invited because he is not actually ‘law enforcement?’ Allegedly Daron declined the meeting, because he ‘didn’t like Trumps immigration policies.’ That is ironic because WARDEN Hall himself deported hundreds to thousands of illegal immigrants under his 287G program?! Also, WARDEN Hall himself cost the Nashville taxpayers 490,000$ in a lawsuit for shackling a Mexican immigrant while she gave birth..
Warden Hall spoke to a white supremacist group, banned black hairstyles, sent GET out of jail free cards to black communities, fired a black Lieutenant for ‘racist’ comments, yet did not fire two white employees for similar comments.. including former HR Director Byron Grizzle who received a reprimand for referring to a Black employee as a ‘GREASE MONKEY’ and specifically referenced the ‘grease in her hair.’ (Yes, Byron we saw your disciplinary history and your time is coming) 

What is the truth Warden Hall? Were you really invited to meet with the president? Possibly your racist background was too much for even Donald Trump!? 


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  1. Randy Porter permalink

    He sure didn’t mind immigration when he was receiving federal funding to deport illegal immigrants when he started the ICE program.

    • You’re telling me the ‘illegal’ immigrants were being deported after they committed ‘illegal’ crimes?? What a concept.

  2. pulitzer prize permalink

    Look who wrote the first story per DCSO press release. Non other than Joey Garrison. If you research news stories about Daron over the years you will become very familiar with this name from the Tennessean and the Nashville Scene. He has been a fundraiser for the Democratic party in Nashville for a long time and a personal friend of Daron’s. This is Daron’s go to guy for “fake news” about DCSO. Something fishy is going on and it’s not Carla’s crotch

  3. pepe le pew permalink

    Something doesn’t smell right here. This meeting with the President was not planned it was a spontaneous invitation. At the bottom I will leave a link to the agenda of this meeting. If you follow recent history a Tennessee Sheriff (Robert Arnold) attends a White House meeting just like this last year while under Federal Investigation. The media made a big deal asking why the White House would let him in. Fast forward to today spontaneous invitation to WH for a handful of Sheriffs. Secret Service vets the attendee’s and tell Daron NO ! That’s when they come up with this lame press release. What local politician does not accept a photo op with the President? Then you just come home and tell your constituents you don’t agree. It was clearly reported other Sheriff’s from the Democrat party attended

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