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Channel 4 I-Team’s coverage of Lucas Frawley.. 

February 3, 2017

Lucas Frawley was a Sheriff Deputy, assigned to manage inmates at the court house. Frawley began a sexual relationship with an inmate.. we told you about this in OCTOBER. We told you that Judge Moreland knew about the relationship.. which he confirmed. We told you about the sexual photos, which Moreland conformed! We also told you that allegedly Sgt Chris Hampton also KNEW about the relationship! Moss herself, admitted that Frawley took her into custody 4 times! Chris Hampton needs to be MOVED FROM the court house ASAP! This is one of many many atrocities that have occurred under his management. Yesterday, another ASD deputy was allegedly sent back to the jail for falling asleep on duty.. Chris Hampton has been asleep for YEARS! Send Chris Hampton back to the jail! 



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  1. TheAdministration. permalink

    I guess the Judge can’t judge Frawley cause they are in the same boat.

  2. Stack permalink

    Could the blog please email me and not post this comment? Frawley used to have sex with Desiree in his car by the railroad tracks after court. I videoed them going in and out of the car I want to send them in.

  3. Stack permalink

    I’ve sat back through this bullshit and kept quiet long enough! Judge Moreland is a good guy and maybe he made some mistakes but he’s a good guy. Frawley screwed an inmate and everyone knew about it. Hampton knew about it and so did everyone else. Scotty muller made those fake arrest documents for frawley to try and set up the blow owner but they are obviously too smart for him.

    • The Real Matt Fox permalink

      All the comments previously were not me! Stack your a racist FUCKER remember you posted about Obama eating fried chicken and watermelon! Donnie Dixon pretends to be a real cop and all you blue shirt guards started all this shit. Frawley and Hampton did nothing wrong! Moreland has been out here corrupt for years. That’s why he’s on suicide watch at the nut house as we speak!

    • Tyshawn Jones permalink

      Don’t bring Scotty into any of this. He did nothing, was part of nothing and had knowledge of nothing.

  4. The new sheriff permalink

    CAsey Moreland steps aside

  5. TheAdministration. permalink

    That must be some good…….

  6. Terry Linehan permalink

    I saw Frawley pulling out of Bargain Hunt in Smyrna in a little red Corolla with the windows down bumping black n yellow black n yellow

  7. TEVIS permalink

    Hey Hampton, how have you been buddy? You and Mark sure loved it when me and Kevin got busted down. Now it’s your turn lol.

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