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Lucas Frawley/Judge Moreland on Channel 4 at 6! 

February 2, 2017

Tune in to WSMV channel 4 at 6 and 10 this evening. Jeremy Finley and the I-Team will be reporting on a story that we have been posting on since October. The I-Team is not afraid to expose CORRUPTION and we LOVE IT! 

On a strange note.. Judge Casey Moreland allegedly no call/no SHOWED at work today.. HMM maybe he has the flu? 



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  1. TheREAL...LVGRAY permalink


  2. So I just finished talking to one of the blog owner’s and it turns out a whole lot more of this story is about to come out. LV started a relationship with some mexican chick from Moreland’s trafficing court. Apparently someone involved with the court decided they were going to start seeing the girls in the courtroom because video in the hallway behind closed doors has LV acting inappropriate with her and other females. Allegedly the video is so extensive that it even has LV taking pictures of the girl in the courtroom when no one else was there. One of the guys that run the site says that they have video where LV actually walked across all of the benches in the courtroom towards the back, sat behind the girl and started talking quietly in her ear. These are girls who are victims of sexual violence and it sounds like LV is taking advantage of their incecurities. There is video of certain individuals walking into a room that may be ment for probation officers when LV was there and spending some considerable time in there. unfortunately, they don’t have video in those rooms so I guess LV knew ehat he was doing.
    They’re also gathering blu shirt Stack’s comments on this site at Casey Morelands request. Apparently, he has been so creepie to some new public defender that she is actually thinking about getting a restraining order aginst him.
    Sounds like the whole courthouse is about to go down. Frawley’s fat face is plastered all over the news, Moreland’s yes man LV Gray has apparently been caught on camera doing even worse than Frawley, and another blue shirt is about to get a restraining order put on him that would bar hi from the courthouse.
    IP addresses are still being searched right now but the blog owners are trying to figure out Fox’s involvement in all this too. By all accounts right now he may not be involved but rumor is he has text messages from LV saying h that he is scared that the blog might find something on him. As they always say, stay tuned! WTF is happening in this courtroom?!? Wonder if Casey Moreland shows up for work tomorrow..:)

    • TEVIS permalink

      SHUT UP frawley you little troll, and not the troll as in internet troll, but you really look like a little fat troll! Your girl is taller than you

  3. Shoney's permalink

    I manage the shoneys in woodland street. This couple ate up our entire lunch buffet! Luckily that attractive reporter confronted them and they left. Shitty tippers though

  4. Lucas Frawley permalink

    Hey I got my 5 minutes of fame! Who gives a FUCK! I can hold my head high but all you losers were scared to fight me! You losers were fired but I resigned like a man with dignity. I’m in bed with my dime piece model fiancé while you guys are alone.

    • Desiree permalink

      Thank you to whoever is commenting and acting like Lucas as he is right next to me and didn’t post this comment! I appreciate the compliment tho… cause your absolutely right.. he did resign like a man and is now laying next to a fine piece of ass that he is about to marry (;

      • Reality Check permalink

        I think you meant to say a fat piece of ass

      • David Manning permalink

        What the hell frawley she looked good back in the old pics what happen she looks like a fat possum now I pull better pussy than that and I’m a homeless crack head

    • Einstein permalink

      I tried to count how many chins Lucas and Desiree have but they were only on TV for five minutes

  5. Marcus Bodey permalink

    How in Sam hell was Jermaine Gant and James Wilson arrested for rape by an authority figure, but Frawley wasn’t! DARON HALL IS A RACIST

  6. Welfare Check? permalink

    Isn’t it strange neither Moreland or his butt buddy Bryan Lewis did a welfare check on Leigh terry!? Ironic Lewis paid the next months rent, but didn’t ‘know’ his mistress was in the apartment dead for weeks

  7. Cathy Frawlee permalink

    Lmao!!!! Frawley tried to trick the blog because he thought it was amusing. Didn’t work did it you fat little BITCH

  8. Captain Obvious permalink

    Sgt Chris Hampton also had knowledge of the sexual photo!!!

  9. Captain Obvious permalink

    FOX is feeding this blog and the news information.

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