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Lucas Frawley walks into the courthouse and QUITS!? 

January 9, 2017

We at FiredaronHall told you a while ago that DCSO deputy Lucas Frawley was allegedly in a relationship with Drug Court inmate Desiree Moss. We were advised that allegedly Sgt. Chris Hampton was aware of it, and was attempting to cover it up. It appears that no one can cover for Frawley any longer. We have received tons of alleged evidence to the relationship, including Moss allegedly stating on record that she has been to Frawley’s Smyrna apartment several times (building J). Frawley walked into the Courthouse today and allegedly QUIT and left the building. We wish you and Desiree luck in all your future endeavors! 

Enough shenanigans have transpired in the courthouse! Sexual relationships with inmates, inmates left over night in holding cells, officers attacked and beaten by inmates, officers in pictures sleeping on the job, officers left to take 28 inmates into court alone.. it is time to move CHRIS HAMPTON and send his lazy ass back to the JAILS! 



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  1. Can you believe this shit??? Lol permalink

    Babenzadeh is Lopez girl she is next on the chopping block. She is rumored to have been at one of LT Lehmans wild parties. He’ll he’s either been fucking or trying to fuck them all.

  2. Dcso and their crazy shit permalink

    Don’t forget about all the females that worked at cjc and then mcc that have been dropping like flies. I would never have suspected Lopez.

  3. FuckDCSO permalink

    It’s a good thing he quit cause if not he should be fired and that’s not the only deputy having sexual relations with inmates.. and it’s pathetic.

    At least this girl is smart and is suing DCSO, Frawley personally, and taking criminal charges out on him… hopefully other deputies learn from his mistake and start taking their position of authority more serious… because this is absurd.

    On another note, the female could have chosen a much better looking piece of shit deputy than LUCAS FRAWLEY. He is clearly way too fat and ugly for her.. he doesn’t have a chin for Christ sake. Let’s not mention a short shit that probably could never in his life pull her if it wasn’t for him blackmailing and using his power against her.

  4. Lovechild permalink

    Frawley looks like the love child of Chris Hampton and Mark McClure

  5. Bryon GRIZZLE permalink

    ‘Blacks are grease monkeys’

    Byron GRIZZLE 2010

  6. Bodybuilding .com permalink

    HELLO, would you please remove our t shirt from your fat bloated little body!

    • Lol permalink

      Lol that girl is way too hot for him. Is she crazy? He had to of blackmailed her!!!

      • Prison rape elimination act states that she cannot consent.. she was an Inmate

      • Lol permalink

        If she is a smart girl, she would end the relationship, take every piece of evidence she has, and take the state for every bit of money she can and presses charges on him criminally. That’s so wrong to take advantage of a female like that.. let alone an inmate. What a fat piece of shit. That girl is outta his league.

      • FrawleyThrRapest permalink

        I’ve heard that is exactly what she has done as apparently she had a meeting with her attorney, Michael Colavecchio, today and is going after him any way she can. STAYED TURNED! Hopefully, we will see Frawleys fat ugly ass gets what he deserves and is criminally charged!! What an old pervert!

  7. George Powell permalink

    Every Sgt that has ever worked in courts is a lazy piece of SHIT! Hampton might just be the worst one. He sits in his office watching foot fetish videos online it’s sick!

  8. Frawlly permalink

    can someone help me find my chin?

  9. Hampton your FUCKED permalink

    Frawley had Desiree living with him in Smyrna at OFF old nashville HWY/ Hazelwood Drive. A week ago judge Moreland received a photo of Frawley going down on Desiree. Hampton saw this photo months ago! Hampton told Frawley he couldn’t cover for him anymore and advised him to quit before he got investigated and possibly arrested. frawley should most certainly BE CHARGED WITH RAPE BY AN AUTHORITY FIGURE!!!! Gant did, Cooter did!

  10. Emmy permalink

    Very nice job with your satirical reporting !

  11. Lucas permalink

    Damn! I quit my job to be with Desiree and she dumped me! She’s going back with her Pimp! FML

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