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Willie Swafford claims he was HACKED! πŸ˜‚

January 5, 2017


Daron Hall crony William Swafford claims to have been HACKED.. little does he know, we have over a year of racist posts, shares and rants by him.. many of which he followed up in the comments with further remarks. This has got to be the most hilarious excuse we have ever heard! We thought you were REQUIRED to live with high moral character? Just because your hair is a lie.. doesn’t mean you have to be. 


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  1. The truth hurts permalink

    Degartory? Someone must have hacked his spellcheck too…

  2. Marcus Bodie please help me permalink

    I saw where somebody posted about inmate named green was sexually assaulted on a transportation bus coming from court. That long drive from across town can be hazardous but hey the sheriff got what he wanted and laughed in the face of taxpayers.

  3. Administrative dick suckers permalink

    I bet Byron has that gay ass lisp because he’s sucked so much of the sheriff’s dick.

  4. Administrative dick suckers permalink

    That fat piece of shit Byron “the bedwetting nerd” Grizzle sucked so bad at his job that he was removed from his position of head executioner and a job was “created” for that little fat bitch. How convenient. He must have dirt on everybody in admin so they created him a job. I wonder what he did to get demoted? Somebody do some digging. Maybe it’s just out of convenience for Williams lawsuit. They moved that little smartass weasel bitch Baylis in carboys spot so they can say they promote black folks. Hey Byron pull your pants down some buddy it’s not cool to have your belt just under your man boobs.i know you have that big fat fupa. When’s the last time you saw you little dick nerd boy?

  5. Phil 'ben' Dover permalink

    I’m back! It’s me cobra commander. I would like to report that Terence pillow still sells illegal DVD’s

  6. Jere Baxter edgefield permalink

    Swafford you are an idiot

  7. Uncle Tom permalink

    One week you VETO the d boards decision to only suspend LT. Williams, the next week your advising Swafford to claim he got hacked and you’ll make it disappear.. all in a months work for an UNCLE TOM HEAD COON STEPHEN FROM DJANGO HOUSE NEGRO NAMED TONY WILKES!!!! We see you shucking and jiving over by HDC smoking newports with the white folks, being there own personal entertainment like Richard Pryor on the TOY. You should be ashamed of yourself! Don’t worry, I’ve talked to Bishop Walker several times about your cooning. He won’t support you if you ever run for office.

  8. SpikeLee permalink

    Dear Tom Tom, go down to the crossroad and see what it will take to get your soul back. What you did to Ron Williams was straight out if plantation times. I thought Stephen on Django was awful but you my friend really take the cake.

  9. TomThumb permalink

    Hey Byron, is your seat hot? It will be.

  10. TheDonutCaper permalink

    Warden Hall this is to let you know we are still here. Information is fed to us daily. Please understand this is not a person, it is people. A multitude of former employees, fired or otherwise. Your agency is corrupt and we intend to expose you. We will not stop till our mission is complete. Byron, Harold, JJ, Granviese, Kim Perry Bynum Waters etc, Austin and especially Tom Tom we’re coming.

  11. bart the dead squirrel permalink

    HELLO, I was killed in 1986 and placed on Willie Swaffords bald head soon after. Could you please remove me and place me in the ground so my soul can rest. You could use a fishing pole and lower the hook into willies head and remove me. Thank you

    Bart the dead squirrel

  12. Williamson County Shrine Club permalink

    Willie you are fired from the position of camel herder.

  13. Obama permalink

    This is an outrage ! Now the the Russians have hacked poor Willie to cause Daron to lose the election !

  14. To Byron Grizzle permalink

    I know what you did in 2010 fat boy LMFAOOOOO your time is coming soon πŸ˜‰

  15. PrinceHall33 permalink

    Swafford you have been a racist piece of SHIT for the 20 years I’ve known you. You are supposed to live you life in a better way. You are a joke and should be fired! We all know your klansman brother Daron Hall will cover for you

  16. Fred Sanford permalink

    I saw that and fell on the floor! He’s only following instructions though. Ron Williams could have said the same I guess.

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