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Racist post by WARDEN Hall crony William Swafford! 

December 30, 2016

Longtime DCSO veteran and Daron Hall crony William Swafford posts a racist picture to his Facebook wall. Swafford is wearing his DCSO uniform (even though nobody knows what exactly he does) in his profile picture and also has his employment listed at Davidson County Sheriff’s office on his profile. Really William? FRIED CHICKEN!? This may be funny when you and Daron around sitting around the lunch table.. however this is unacceptable to post on social media while you clearly are represented at a DCSO employee! Let’s sit back and watch how the WARDEN handles this… a black Lieutenant was fired, and w white Sgt was given a 1 day suspension for racist postings.. 


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  1. Django permalink

    I sent a message to the Black Lives Matter’s Nashville chapter via Facebook. I chronicled the many stories of malicious racism perpetrated by this Metro agency. They were in shock and had no idea. Enough is enough time for this shit to hit the fan. Get ready for a Happy New Year !

  2. Dylan Hall permalink

    Why is this a big deal? It’s just satire right? Isn’t this blog satire? We all know blacks like fried chicken. Get a life losers! The people fired by Daron Hall

  3. Beaver Pelt permalink

    Willie Swafford has a luxurious beaver pelt toupee. It looks wonderful.

  4. Fred Sanford permalink

    Haha! I’ve been watching his post for a while now. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he stuck his neck out there. Well Willie you’re up buddy. Meet me at Popeyes and let’s talk about it. A lot of your social media post are borderline but now you’ve crossed it. Warden Hall all eyes are on you, we’re watching.

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