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Deputy Kreiger Resigns!?

December 8, 2016

The Dcso deputy that allegedly shot up a pimps car has supposedly resigned today. If you have any doubt of the blogs influence, we were contacted by news agencies and we would expect to see this story coming later today! This is the second arrest this week at DCSO LT. Jeremy Jones was arrested for DUI this past weekend.. and allegedly another SGT was arrested for DUI in another county, we are checking on that 😉 

These incidents have made us look at employment at the DCSO. Why are there so many incidents like this involving deputies? Why are there so many 2-3 year veterans who are Sergeants and a Lieutenants? Why is there constant terminations for inmate/staff relations? Why is there constant turnover within the lower ranking deputies? It is because WARDEN HALL AND HIS LACKIES TREAT DEPUTIES LIKE SHIT!!! How many good loyal deputies have been run off by this agency? 100-200-300? Who would want to work for a WARDEN who underpays his staff, mistreats and harasses deputies, promotes based on cronyism, and has absolute narcissistic egotistical insecure administrators.. like Jamie Johnson, Harold Taylor, and others? WARDEN Hall runs off good deputies and has to keep hiring bottom of the barrel people to fill those slots! 

If you are a good, loyal, educated deputy.. get OUT NOW.. or wait it out, because HELP is on the way in 2018!!! 



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  1. How did the “news agencies” contact you? 😉

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