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DCSO deputy arrested for shooting at Pimp and Prostitute?!

December 8, 2016

Brent Kreider, DCSO deputy who works at the ‘new’ CJC was arrested yesterday. Kreider admitted to police that he contacted a prostitute on backpage, and agreed to have sex with her for 150$. Kreider then fell for the oldest trick in the book, and gave the prostitute the $ first.. of course she ran off, hopped in the car with her Pimp and drive off! Kreider did what any reasonable OFF duty Sheriff deputy would do.. he chased them down and emptied a clip into their car! Keep is classy DCSO! 

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  1. Robert's DUI permalink

    Apparently shooting at someone and THEN getting arrested is where the DCSO draws the line. Of course putting countless people at risk while driving under the influence is perfectly okay. When is someone going to talk about the 6 female officers fired from Mcc for sexual relationships with inmates?

    • We heard about Paul Roberts alleged DUI.. could you send us and information on it?

      • Justasnakeinthegrass permalink

        Did you hear or alt Jermey Jones DUI? Look it up!

      • We did.. we also heard VERY good things about Jones from his officers. He was allegedly a good guy and we wish him the best. It will probably work out better in the long run for him outside of the DCSO. Austin Bodie, Tony Wilkes and Kevin Cox all got arrested without being terminated or forced to resign. Justin Norris, Tanya Chesser and other officers were also arrested and kept their jobs. Unfortunately, the Warden picks and chooses who he punishes instead of treating everyone the same

  2. The truth hurts permalink

    You’d be mad too if you finally got your “settlement” check and spent it on a ho and she ran with your money. You already got robbed on the overtime you were never paid and now you can’t even buy some lovin…It’s hard out here for a Cpl…
    I hope he still has enough to put some money on his books, he’s gonna need it.
    But hey, good news is, he’s a Cpl. so he knows how he’ll be in the new facility…the one that the inmates can apparently open the cell doors on their own A-G-A-I-N. So he’ll never have to be concerned with being locked down…for long…

    • Justasnakeinthegrass permalink

      He is a newer officer, he received no settlement money. He has to stop paying for those Ho’s.

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