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*UPDATED* SHADY dealings at DCSO warehouse!? 

November 29, 2016

The seller of the generator was contacted, and he confirmed that not only is the generator formerly metro property, but that it is also STILL located at the DCSO WAREHOUSE! The individual selling the generator is allegedly a relative of DCSO CPL and former CCA Lieutenant Jim Yarbrough.. they even share the last name. Yarbrough is a ‘Daron Hall’ guy and rocks a pretty ‘Daron Hall for Sheriff’ sticker on the back of his vehicle. Yarbrough and the Warden allegedly go back to their CCA days.. Is the sale of this generator legal?! Who is profiting from this generator sale that the taxpayers paid for!?  SHADY!!!! 



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  1. O'Lricke danner permalink

    You people are a bunch of lil gir!s who has nothing to do but tell lies and act like a bunch of old hens.This sheriff deduty in question don’t have the generator its still sitting g at the warehouse.U are a bunch of fools.If u check ur in for first then it may be a good website.

  2. Lassiter/Raines = buffet owners NIGHTMARE permalink

    Justin Norris STOLE a bunch of stuff from a non profit and sold it.. nothing happened and nothing will happen here. Warden does what he wants, breaks laws, rules he is THE ALMIGHTY WARDEN!

  3. Mikes new lap band permalink

    That generator came from cca when they added on they had to replace it with a bigger one! Either way it’s metro property

  4. Sgt Farley permalink

    Fill out your SAIR report Jimmy boy lmao

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