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SHADY dealings at the DCSO warehouse!?!?

November 26, 2016

It appears that the recent CJC demolition, is giving some an opportunity to make some fast cash! This generator was put on Nashville Ebid and allegedly did not sell. It pops up on Craigslist for sale 12,500$ OR will trade for a truck LMAO! The generator is STILL at the warehouse… I just drove by and it is out in the front! 


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  1. FBI permalink

    Can you please report the contact information given in the ad?

  2. Captain Claw permalink

    Here is my guess: the generator did not sell on ebid, so slob #1 Mike Raines or slob #2 ‘Capt’ Daily got a 3rd party to
    Sell it and they’re gonna split the cash.

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