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November 14, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, settlement checks have officially hit everyone’s mailboxes! We would like to thank the BRAVE officer who originally filed the lawsuit, the BRAVE officers who signed up before it was a class action, and we would like to thank WARDEN HALL! Warden Hall is responsible for the largest settlement in metro  history! Thank you for being the SELFISH, narcissistic, worthless, entitled, piece of trash that you are! 


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  1. DeputyDerpFace permalink

    So, I’d like to just say here I’m rather grateful that Christmas was well funded. I’d like to point out that it really took immense courage on behalf of Murphy and Noel to actually put their name to this lawsuit. Before the lawsuit I wrote down the times that count cleared for a solid month. I did this because more often than not, it was late. Often 14-45 minutes late, time which mysteriously never appeared on our paycheck. Even, get this, when we filled out time adjustment sheets! I was less upset about the money, it was the principle. Our time was of little to no value, it put me in worsening traffic conditions given the time that Nashville traffic goes to an absolute suicide inducing crawl. I did this to file an employee grievance and was told by a supervisor that it was basically a good idea if I want to put a target on my back or a great idea if I planned to quit soon. At the time I surely needed the job and decided I would just accept that the sherrif’s office needs to maintain a certain level of bullshit at all times. I signed up for that lawsuit as soon as I caught wind of it. I had quit so, I had…no fucks necessary to give. I definitely wasn’t brave enough to fight that one alone, admittedly.
    Also, I’d like to point out that no body cared about Fate Thomas stories during in-service…nobody. Heath Kane deserves to be training center BOSS because he’s pretty awesome. Kramer’s management of human resources attitude was, “How can we try to help you, somewhat valued employee, let’s see what we can do within confines of policy.” Following his departure the attitude became, “Oh, I see, well in this situation you can go fuck yourself or quit.” Sometimes I wondered how illiterate people made it to management. I would read the emails thinking, this person clearly cannot read or write! There’s so much more but that’s more involved than I care to get. Even anonymously, because I keep it passive aggressive.
    I’ll never unsmell some of the otherwordly, not always fecally related smells I experienced there. However, the bulk of my experience there, specifically the last year, equates to fecal matter in all the ways. Deuces. I’m going to go buy things on Amazon. Amazon Prime two day shipping for FREEEEEE!!! *Drops mic*

    • Fred Sanford permalink

      Kinda like that Asim Grant, the Los Angeles gangsta who’s girlfriend was also his attorney. She use to come visit daily and practically stay all day long.

  2. Ex-officer permalink

    The $1,600 is a slap in the face. The owed each officer several thousand dollars. They should have not been allowed to settle the case for pennies.

    • Really permalink

      Give it back then you Ungrateful piece of shit! You could have opted out and filed your own lawsuit.

      • Ex officer permalink

        LOL. You are probably a bitch that still works there.

    • Nettertjanyoi permalink

      The ungrateful moron is aaron merritt who couldn’t cut it as an employee and is fat and lazy and now wants a bigger handout despite never having to do a thing other than sign his name and wait.

  3. dcsoclusterfuck permalink

    Morale is down but bank accounts up. Nobody is getting along at the dcso. The shitbag administration knows nothing about whats going on. Nobody is getting along. The racial damage done by lt williams carried over through the ranks. On top of that the sheriff and his cronies continue their retalatory oppression because of the lawsuit. Fuck sheriff hall. Make DCSO great again lol.

  4. Einstein permalink


  5. fuckyoupayme permalink

    Well id like to thank the sheriff for partially making things right after fucking us for years outof our pay lmmfao. Yeah we got pennies on the dollar but guess what? The world knows what a shitbag you are taking food out of good hard working peoples and their families mouths all so youcan brag about “being under budget”. You put your political career above the people who actually do something at the s.o. instead of all those wastes of a paycheck. Fuck you very much sheriff hall. The people have spoken,its on court records and even your little pussy of a son cant get on here and defend his crooked daddy. I think ill pay for christmas and the other half ill donate to jack byrds campaign fund lol. Merry Christmas mother fucker! I thought id repost this here its more appropriate. Btw. I would also like to thank the brave officers that got the ball rolling on the lawsuit. Yall helped many get the courage to start fighting back. Thank youagain.

    • What exactly do you think is on court records? As per usual with this satirical website you run, the original post and your comment are no more true than the aliens in Area 51. Go read the court records, go read the facts. “Sheriff’s Office responsible for largest settlement in metro history” ranks right up there with “Ted Cruz killed JFK”. When you donate to “jack Byrd’s campaign” will it be under the name wordpress? Or will he actually have to be accountable for his words and speak outside of an anonymous comic blog?

      • whatchagonnado permalink

        Whats on court records is the fact that your piece of shit daddy was witholding money from sheriffs office employees dumb ass. HE (warden hall) is in charge of the sheriff’s office is he not? Did the officers not get a check because of the lawsuit? Because HALL was wrong in not paying properly the metro government had to reimburse EMPLOYEES OF THE SHERIFFS OFFICE. Pussy boy dont act like he didnt do anything wrong and please dont come on here and act tough. Ill stop so you dont have your daddys cronies try and track my ip adress and send the sort team to get me. Its easy to be brave and talk shit when you have the power behind you. Like youve already been told once your snake oil salesman looking daddy is out of office we will take a group photo and you can come speak to us personally pussy boy!

      • Dylan permalink

        Listen here you illiterate, uneducated, scum bag, my father doesn’t even know what this satirical website is! It’s a bunch of TSU, educated losers who could not cut it in a respected agency. The SHERIFF did not cut you losers any checks, metro did!

      • tosmartforyourowngood permalink

        Well obviously my TSU education is working for me but your auburn isnt working for you. Are you stupid or something? Yes i get that the checks came from METRO we all get it HOWEVER its because YOUR FATHER withheld money from officers that was rightly theirs just so he could brag he was under budget. I guess racism runs deep in your family. That slick ass TSU comment clearly shows tjat. If my daddy made a living fucking over people maybe i could have afforded to go to auburn instead you racist piece of shit privileged pussy boy.

    • Dylan permalink

      I’ve posted this on here before but it got screened (although they claim not to do that). My email is and I would be welcome to discuss with you the many false statements in your comment, in which you anonymously call me a “pussy”. I disagree with much of your comment but I don’t blaim you for the ignorant misrepresentation of facts, I blame this comedic excuse of a blog. If somehow they don’t screen my comment, I hope you do reach out, and I hope you do so without hiding behind an anonymous email.

      • MASTER permalink


      • Dylan permalink

        I hope that people see your comment, and if they don’t already, understand what kind of people run and use this “blog”. This site is no more than a diary for all of your conspiracy theories. So, when I offer you a way to reach me personally and you instead decide to anonymously comment misspelled insults back to me, you truly provide the comedy this “blog” claims to offer. Grow up.

      • Dylan, nobody cares what you have to say. You don’t work at the DCSO, you have veneer worked there, you are biased due to being the Warden’s son. It’s comical that you come here to defend him, but that’s it. Face it, you dad is a POS.

      • Dylan permalink

        Once again, how pathetic that you continue to post here anonymously when I gave you my personal email. Nothing I have said represents DCSO, and nothing I said suggests that I work there. I simply responded to a comment that mentioned my name. From your previous diary entrees here, you seem to know quite a bit about me not to care what I think.

      • Why would anyone in the world desire to contact you?

      • It is cute that YOU were the one posting anonymously here on OUR blog .. NOW since we busted your Auburn IP, you want to come out with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. We get it, daddy threw money at you, stuck you up in MBA.. you are privileged. You will never know what it feels like to work from the ground up in an agency.

      • Dylan permalink

        For the record, you’ve now contacted me twice, posted two diary post about me and mention me in multiple comments.

        You took the time out of your day to write two (lengthy) post about a 22 year old college kid, and you’re asking me who would want to contact me? You got on your diary and anonymously called me a “pussy”. So, instead of anonymously commenting back, like a child, I offered you a way to express your frustration towards me in a more personal manner. What did you do? Got right back on here and commented anonymously. Now that is comical 🙂

      • We are a blog for the people. Nothing to talk about in private. So since we have a dialogue going.. were you arrested for under age drinking?

      • Dylan permalink

        What you meant to say is that there is nothing to talk about when you’re name isn’t anonymous.

      • U came to our blog.. our spider web, you chose to fly in it. You can go back to studying at any time

      • Does Daddy know your commenting here? He has demoted and terminated officers for merely commenting here.

      • Dylan permalink

        If that’s true, why hide your name? Granted, I wouldn’t want my name attached to all of these conspiracy theories either, but like you said, that’s your web. You’re so proud, but yet you coward behind a screename? Embarrassing.

      • Dylan, the day the Warden leaves office, we will post a team photo for 24 hours… then delete the blog forever. Until then, focus on school and trying not to be a IDIOT like your dad when you grow up.

      • Spell permalink

        The guy calls himself a kid when he is in his twenties so he can act like he’s bullied. Careful Dylan, blaim is not a word and you call others out for spelling.

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