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Warden Hall proves that he is RACIST once again!? 

October 18, 2016

In 2015, white DCSO Sgt Travis Bertram sent several racist emails through DCSO emails to coworkers. We here at FIREDARONHALL broke the story, and (we have no idea how lol) WSMV followed up with a story of their own. Travis Bertram was investigated and given a one day suspension by the Warden.. 

2016, black Lieutenant Ron Williams posted a racist comment under a friends picture. We here at FIREDARONHALL break the story.  Warden Hall’s ‘blog watcher’ gets a copy of the post.. And Allegedly, Ron Williams was TERMINATED! 

We do not support ANY racism.. Whether it’s by a black officer, white officer OR WARDEN HALL! there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Ron Williams being terminated, when Travis Bertram only received a one day suspension! Where was Tony Wilkes!? Where was Ruby Joyner!? Where was Harold ‘T Dawg’ Taylor!? Why did none of the Warden’s ‘token’ black administrators speak up on this atrocity!? I guess they didn’t want to upset the ‘Massa’ Daron Hall! We have told you since day 1 that The Warden was racist, and he continues to prove it! 



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  1. fuckyoupayme permalink

    Well id like to thank the sheriff for partially making things right after fucking us for years outof our pay lmmfao. Yeah we got pennies on the dollar but guess what? The world knows what a shitbag you are taking food out of good hard working peoples and their families mouths all so youcan brag about “being under budget”. You put your political career above the people who actually do something at the s.o. instead of all those wastes of a paycheck. Fuck you very much sheriff hall. The people have spoken,its on court records and even your little pussy of a son cant get on here and defend his crooked daddy. I think ill pay for christmas and the other half ill donate to jack byrds campaign fund lol. Merry Christmas mother fucker!

  2. DidYouKnow permalink

    Did you know that Byron Grizzle is a member of NAMBLA?

  3. straw cops permalink

    Can anyone tell me why maintenance men at the sheriffs office are commissioned and actually carry weapons? Wtf? What do they do or where do they go that makes that necessary? Regular officers are out in the public more in a real uniform and they dont have any form of protection. Hell why does chief ford carry one? Nobody knows who he is. He looks like mr burns from the simpsons in a uniform.

    • Ghost of Randall Hayes permalink

      Because the sheriff deputy badge doesn’t mean SHIT! I thought it did back in 03 when i got mine. Heath Kane filled my head up with bull SHIT! We’re a law enforcement agency. We’re a respected agency. The damn sheriff doesn’t even wear a uniform and our cars have white lights!

  4. c'mon yall permalink

    Hey i think we should all take a collection from our allotments and get the sheriff a uniform. I think hes just trying to save the taxpayers money since hes wasted so much of it on lawsuits lol.

  5. t Dawg permalink

    Harold Taylor was a snitching bitch back at TDOC! I worked at the walls with him. He was a fat tuba playing sissy growing up, wouldn’t bust a grape! I guess it’s genetic because his son plays ‘for the other team!’ They wouldn’t survive a day in SOUTH NASHVILLE

  6. Trumped Up permalink

    I guess Tom Tom and Harold couldn’t save their boy from Massa. They could only stand and watch as he took his whooping knowing damn well they harbor the same feelings Williams expressed. They know that behind closed doors they dispise their white masters but let money and greed drive them to be most servant to them.

    • In the KNOW permalink

      The funniest part is that Tony Wilks gave Williams a big load of bullshit saying that he was gonna ‘help’ him, he was gonna ‘talk’ to Daron. It was all bullshit, Tony didn’t do shit to help Williams. Tony would risk 100,000 a year to b bop around second ave smoking newports and sending dick pics to chics.

  7. Philip Shipley permalink

    I chained a black mans hands behind his back to a wall and punched him in the face 5 times and was promoted to Lt

  8. Thomas Gustine permalink

    I called Chesser a nigger in front of everyone I was given a LOC

  9. Einstein permalink

    I think Sheriff Byrd’s first official act should be to give Big Will; Ricky Gentry’s job

    • Twoke permalink

      You can’t run for office with a criminal record

      • toomanysuckers permalink

        You must be mad because you wont be able to suck so many dicks when byrd takes the wardens job lmao. Im sure if you follow him he will keep you on the dicksuckers list and maybe get you a new job at cca lol.

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