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DCSO courthouse deputy sleeping with female in drug court!?!?

October 12, 2016

Judge Casey Moreland runs a program called drug court.. It consists of males and females who have been arrested and in need of drug treatment. These individuals live in halfway houses and are under direct supervision of drug court staff, the Judge and Sheriff Deputies in court. In the past few weeks we have heard rumor that a DCSO deputy Lucas Frawley, has been carrying a sexual relationship with a female names Desiree Moss. Judge Moreland has allegedly ASKED Frawley if the rumors are true!? Allegedly, Sgt. Chris Hampton is aware of the rumored relationship, and is assisting Frawley in covering it up! If true, this female is in no position to consent to a relationship with someone in a position of authority over her! We have received message that there is audio/ video evidence that confirms the relationship… STAY TUNED!!! 

This would not be the first case of misconduct in Drug Court.. In 2012 program director William Scott Ross was arrested for official misconduct, for providing information to leaders of a marijuana distribution group. 



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  1. Thependingnews permalink

    Just fyi, this girl is also an escort, that has frequented backpage.

    • Jailee permalink

      How about you MYOB!!!!! And GROW THE FUCK UP. IF u think shes on these pages what are you doing on these pages preverted old bastard…..

  2. Give Frawley a CVSA permalink

    We need Frawley down in IA

    In a empty room

    Chelle Ray walk in with her FUPA and camel toe popping out

    Administer a CVSA


  3. randall Davis' talking parrot permalink

    Lmao! Hampton is a lying piece of SHIT!!! I know he is squirming right now.. You know that feeling you have at the pit of your stomach when everything is crashing down around you? Knowing that your in deep shit? That is karma for LYING and stabbing a friend in the back you piece of shit.

  4. MASTER permalink


  5. DBAP permalink

    STAY TUNED!!! Lolol we’ve been hearing this for years and you never provide any more details or FACTS to your conspiracies. I think I saw the sheriff flying a UFO last week and interviewing Sasquatch. Keep up the comedy

    • Thanks for being a LOYAL member of FIREDARONHALL 😛

      • Wordpress 4 Sheriff permalink

        I’m also a loyal member of ‘the onion’. I enjoy satirical humor. Same reason people watch documentaries on UFO’s…. Some people believe conspiracies, others live in the real world and focus on facts. Keep us updated! Can’t wait for the next article.. Something like “Sheriff killed Kennedy”.

  6. George Powell permalink

    It is time to break up that BROMANCE of Hampton, McClure and Pearson!!! These 3 fat lazy slobs have had more problems, covered up more shit, lied and stabbed more loyal officers in the back! Put these 3 fat son of a bitches IN THE JAIL!!!!

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