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Inmate workers DRUNK!? 

September 22, 2016

Hilarious story from the ‘buffet destroyer’ Mike Raine’s correctional services division. Allegedly McAdams, Bracey and Crouch took a group of inmates to the Shriner’s to work.. Somehow the inmates were allowed to steal alcohol and get DRUNK while on duty!?  What were McAdams, Bracey and Crouch doing during this time? We know Crouch has been seen weed eating around the veterans bridge, while his inmates sat in the truck.. Maybe the CO’s were doing the work while the inmates drank?? Come on Mike, leave the local buffet’s alone and manage you crews! We also heard Raine’s likes to watch girls with binoculars at the park? Get it together guys.. 



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  1. Real Truth permalink

    I thought the purpose of these peoples job is to “supervise inmate workers”

  2. COWARD permalink

    Coward WordPress…. Tell us why you screened another comment??? The comment made your article look like a total joke. Why do you continue not to post comments that disagree with your made up stories??

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