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Disturbing RACIST Facebook rant by LT. Ron Williams!?

September 22, 2016

image.jpegWe are totally disturbed by LT. Ron Williams RACIST Facebook rant! We are a conglomerate of individuals, two of us are African American. We are all in consensus that LT. Ron Williams has absolutely no business managing a diverse group of deputies or inmates of he feels this way. The post speaks for itself! This is the type of racial hate that a neo-nazi spews! Imagine for one second if a ‘European’ Deputy posted the exact same rhetoric about African Americans, Hispanics, Jewish or anyone else. The irony of Williams’ feelings, is that he proudly works for a known RACIST Daron Hall.

Lt. Williams.. How do you feel about Daron Hall banning black women from wearing dreadlocks or from dying their hair? How do you feel about Daron Hall sending ‘get out of jail free’ cards to black neighborhoods? How do you feel about Daron Hall speaking to a known white supremacist group!?  Maybe you should make a stand against that evil, albino, animal who you call Sheriff!? No, instead you proudly put his badge on and help him in screwing over black deputies!?





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  1. #ithinkimhardcauseiwasinthearmy permalink

    Expose SGT Wayne Cooks! And Joseph Hollins. He is never in the office always driving around, even going home for hours on DCSO time. If you tried to call him on the phone he would never answer. The SO Sgt’s demand that they be paid more than they are worth!

  2. T Dawg permalink

    Isn’t it funny that Hatold Taylor is best buddies with Will, yet when the shit hits the fan, he sits back and let’s his buddy get burned at the stake!? Harold Taylor wouldn’t risk anything for his cushy easy paycheck. Walks around in his ‘Bert’s I’m here’ Cedric the entertainer costumes kissing the boots of the racist administration

  3. Deputy Dan permalink

    SGT Watne Cooks is also racist! I have the proof. But that’s ok I’m going to report his ass! And sue for harassment

  4. Go KC Royals permalink

    LT Williams is on admin leave. Jamie Johnson and Ruby Joyner are going around talking to us about it. They basically saying that Williams didn’t mean it, I know they’re setting it up for him to come back. If I said that shit I would be fired!

  5. Gay Porn on McCoy's DCSO computer permalink

    So lieutenant Williams deactivated his FB account. Real stand up guy! He gets called on his racism and he runs and hides

  6. shaking my head permalink

    This has spread like wildfire through all the ranks. Many “european albino” officers are seriously concerned about working for Williams. They also now know why he always seems to favor black officers over white. Its been obvious before but now everyone knows.

  7. Solo permalink

    Well he is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. If he truly feel this way, then he should tell his “Half Albino European” wife that she’s a piece of shit not worth pushing back in and unworthy of him. I don’t think he has the sand for that…nor do I think he has it to repeat this lunacy out in the open. I am curious to see how the DCSO will unpack this.

  8. DARON'S PORNSTACHE permalink

    Ive worked on and off with lt williams for years and he has always been known for saying stupid shit on facebook but at the end of the day hes been a fairly decent dude and a decent LT. Yeah hes a hard ass and by no means the easiest person to get along with but being a white person I could give a shit less about his rant and would preffer more supervisors to be on their shit like he is. Im white and dont give a damn what he puts on fb. Im not saying its smart to put things on social media being in that position but if you look at all the stuff people need to be fired for he would be the least of my worries.
    Btw it pisses me off every time the Jort wearing hamster in hr gets an opportunity to do what he loves the most which is fire/ fuck over people who have put it years of work and toil for the DCSO.

  9. Haha permalink

    This is also the same guy who used to brag in roll call about watching an underage girl in a video with a certain R and b artist.

  10. I came about this illiterate rant through the inevitable degrees of separation. In this case, two. See, my wife used to work with this little Sunbeam for Jesus.
    I have so much more sympathy for the conditions she was subjected to now that this racist has openly come out to declare itself. Unity has always been strength, and that’s probably why I never experienced this kind of pseudo-intellectual gonorrhea in the military.
    It has occurred to me that this particular little domeless wonderboy is feeling a tad left out. Why is everybody giving Daron Hall so much attention? Doesn’t someone as dedicated as poor Ronnie Williams deserve a fire-me blog also?
    In this country, there is no place for this kind of vile childishness. Ron Williams has just publicly stated that he considers a large number of his fellow employees, those he has custody over, and fellow citizens in general to be ‘Animals.’ Jolly well done, Ronnie! You might not get the promotion you feel you deserve after such an erudite masterpiece of literary genius, but I’m sure Mommy’s going to give her little angel a cookie for that.

    Here’s a small piece of advice that might stand you in good stead in the future, Ronnie-me-laddie. ‘Tis better to remain mute and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    • Up down up down left right left right ABAB select start permalink

      Wish I could up vote this comment! Ron Williams is a racist! Europeans are animals? Should have been aborted when their donors shit them out!? This is disgusting! Ron Williams should be fired!

  11. MASTER permalink


  12. DBAP permalink

    Dreadlocks are a metro dress code. Get out of jail free cards were sent to every demographic, I live near belle Meade and got one. He spoke to a group that asked him to come speak, he would speak at your conspiracy theory group too. He’s an elected official, and as one shouldn’t turn down any speaking engagements for constituents. He spoke to them, he didn’t grab a sign and join their group. If you’re calling him albino, for one, you haven’t seen him. Secondly, you sound a little racist in your response. Another hypocritical response from a group of sad individuals who are just itching for something to happen. Look at all the bad happening in this world today (Like in Charlotte) don’t you think it would be a better use of your time to promote good instead of spending your day looking for something to complain about? Don’t be part of the problem, be the solution.

    • Thanks for your post Dylan

      • Nate permalink

        No response to the call to promote good instead of crazy conspiracy theories that contribute to the problem? Act like every post that doesn’t agree with you is The Sheriff’s son. You sir, are doing fantastic work. #IfFactsMatter

      • You are the ONLY person who consistently comes to this blog, using fake names to kiss Warden Hall’s boots.

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        Another lie from Coward WordPress. What a world we live in when facts are now considered “kissing boots”. You created a blog to share your crazy theories, yet you get so upset when anyone comes in and states facts. Why is that? In the 4 years you have been around, you have done nothing but create a diary for you and your friends to write about when your upset. You get even more upset when someone comes in to state facts. I’d be pretty upset too if someone read all my crazy conspiracy theories… Will you run for Sheriff under the name WordPress?? If the first comment was just to kiss boots, tell us where it is wrong.

  13. The truth hurts permalink

    For what it’s worth, I have worked with Lt. Williams, I am white…I never sensed for a moment that he was racist. Aggressive? Yes…but racist? Not at all…
    Just my two cents.

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