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September 15, 2016

Has the silver spoon, yuppie, purge reject, jail warden prince Dylan Hall been gracing us with his presence?! We recently received a string of hilarious pro-Warden Hall comments from Auburn University. Dylan Hall allegedly attends Auburn University.

Dylan, we know you love your father.. Even though allegedly he threw your mom away like a piece of trash and upgraded with his friend Brian Gardners wife, Ginger. Daddy threw money at you, stuffed you in school at MBA and Auburn. You have lived a privelaged life Dylan. You will never know what it’s like to WORK for a living. You will never work 5A SMU by yourself with 20 murderers while making a meesley 35,000 a year. Stay off the internet and enjoy eating from your silver spoon. Your dad is a low life selfish piece of trash. He has screwed over hundreds of employees and there families, screwed the tax payers out of millions of dollars, and is nothing more than a coward in a cheap suit. This blog will continue to keep posting and continue to grow until the Warden is gone.

Daddy will be unemployed soon, maybe he can finally give you the time and energy that you have always craved, instead of throwing money and school at you 😘


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  1. Austin Bodie has 2 DUI's permalink

    Typical preppy rich kid. Comes on a blog to be a grammar nazi and talk down to low level ‘security’ folk. I bet Daron is shitting a chicken seeing his sons IP address and knowing he got busted posting on the blog LMAO! Please keep the blog going! Every new post, we laugh and talk about it at work. Thank you!

  2. Byrons-in-NAMBLA permalink

    Daron hasn’t never given a fuck about what he’s done to other people’s families….He brought his own family in this shit. If he would have kept his penis in his pants and not been a cheating womanizer this wouldn’t have happened.

  3. Dee permalink

    I agree that if you in political office you work for the people not the other way around. I also believe no one has absolute power as Sheriff Arnold. So as we write and use our first amendment rights lets keep the kids out of the fight unless he or she is arrested with real probable cause. The millions of dollars of our tax dollars the sheriff has caused to be awarded means he was and so is the Tennessean and SEIU for endorsing him. Turn the pressure up now for the next election. What about the 10,000 in cash that was stolen from the safe. Why is the sheriff now advertising on 92q Radio station? Why did he higher a Muslim person to deal with his new prison climate? Get the facts it will make your site more credible. Ask the sheriff how many arrest has he had? Hummmm.

    • Strong Arm of the Law permalink

      I understand it is kind of grimey to bring up someone’s family. But Daron is s public figure, and every DCSO employee is a public servant. Saturday night live does skits on public figures family all the time. Dylan is the one who came here and posted 20 comments from an Auburn computer lol. That’s his fault. How do you think families were affected whenever Daron wrongfully terminates someone?

  4. DJ Khaled permalink

    Dylan, you played yourself LMFAOOOOO

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