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Dcso Trainer Harry Jines chokes deputy unconscious in training!? 

September 14, 2016

Allegedly, Harry Jines choked DCSO deputy Whitlow UNCONCIOUS in a recent training class. Jines was said to have been leading a training class on how ‘not to choke’ an inmate.. When he decided to slap the choke of death on Officer Whitlow, rendering him UNCONCIOUS! We hear that the choke was more gruesome than the choke Corley Pearson was slapped in by Judge Morelands court officer LMAO! What kind of a moron would accidentally choke another deputy to sleep during training? Look in those eyes ladies and gentleman! That is the look of a true savage. He will ask the female trainees out on dates, and choke out the males!? 

Officer Whitlow, we suggest you call Bart Durham ASAP! 



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  1. Porn on McCoy's computer permalink

    Oh the irony, Harry’s wife use to get choked with fellow officers cocks while she was married to Harry. I heard that he had an inverted penis and couldn’t satisfy her. Now he is choking other officers?

    • Tub permalink

      How many dicks did you choke down this morning? #pride

  2. #DBAP permalink

    Unconscious** Don’t you think if you ran a reputable website you would at least spell check? Sad!

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