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September 14, 2016

You are now single handily responsible for the largest settlement on Metro History 😂😂😂😂! How many lawsuits have you lost? How much money have you cost the taxpayers of Nashville? It’s ok, you’ll be gone soon…


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  1. MASTER permalink


  2. Gentle Commenter permalink

    I’ll be surprised if my comment appears on your blog, but feel free to fact check. It is not satire, just facts.

    1). Neither the sheriff nor the administration were defendants in the lawsuit, and settlements are not paid by taxpayers, Metro, or DCSO. When it is paid, it will be by the insurance company, and the lawyers will laugh all the way to the bank. What the Officers get is a joke compared to the attorneys’

    2) I read some past comments on your site today while the dr kept me waiting, and am surprised you don’t seem to know that the TN Supreme Court ruled a few years ago (2012?) that DCSO IS a law enforcement agency with authority to perform any law enforcement duties that don’t duplicate MNPD, which is how they have come to perform several functions once covered by the police. Educate yourself by reading the Supreme Court decision in the case of Renteria vs Metro. It was in the news.

    3) Contrary to claims here about no authority to arrest, DCSO officers arrest several hundred people each year when a court issues what they call a body attachment. If the sheriff and police chief decide DCSO should make criminal arrests, they have legal authority to enter an agreement to do so.

    4) Anyone who thinks they can publish false, malicious statements and protect themselves by claiming it’s all just ‘satire’ should consult a lawyer. Looking back at some of the posts, I can only assume the victims didn’t think it was worth the bother, as the site appears to be a collection of rants mostly contributed by unhappy, angry people who can’t spell, punctuate, or write a correct sentence. Look at the man in the mirror and you’ll see ugly regardless of your outside appearance.

    5) Targeting someone’s kids/family members says a lot more about you than it does about them.

    Peace be with you, and may you find your way out of ugliness and resentments into a happier life.

    • We appreciate your comment and we do not screen comments.

      You can manipulate the lawsuit however you want.. DCSO employees SUED the Warden and they won 2.1 million dollars PERIOD. Jeanette porter told the truth during a disposition for the lawsuit and was TERMINATED. She sued the Warden and won. Several people who were associated with the lawsuit from the beginning, before it was class action have been terminated. This is disgusting. You get terminated because you tell the truth about the Warden’s pay plan? What about those officers families? How did they feel coming home, not knowing how they were gonna provide for there children.. When all they did was tell the truth?

      You can manipulate the ‘law enforcement’ tag for the DCSO all you want. The Warden has sent nobody through POST certification, nobody has made a criminal arrest, the Warden himself is not POST certified nor does he wear a uniform.

      Dylan Hall appears to have came to OUR blog to comment, belittle and bully other commenters. If you think for one second we care about Warden Hall’s family, your wrong.. We know he does not care about us, you, our family or your family.

      Again, thank you for the comment.. We have 2.5 million views since the blog started and over 10,000 comments 😉

      • Coward Wordpress permalink

        You don’t screen comments? Just another false statement by your pathetic “blog”

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        What you meant to say was when we screen comments, we don’t post the ones we don’t agree with. What kind of blog posts an article and then only lets the comments that they agree with be posted. If the articles were all true and none of them were just whistleblowing conspiracies, why not allow everyone to comment? This blog refers to women as “pieces of trash” and attacks children and other family members of the sheriff but doesn’t have the temperament to post a comment they don’t agree with. HOW. SAD.

    • Real Truth permalink

      Since your so noble, why do you hide your identity? What are you afraid of? Daron is not going to fire you for your post because it is not telling any truth as other employees do.

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        When you comment under your real identity, coward wordpress doesn’t post your comment because it goes against their conspiracy theories.

      • GOOD GOOD.. Let the butthurt flow through you! -Darth Sidious voice

      • As we have said numerous times, this blog is a conglomerate of individuals. Warden Hall has tried everything in his power to find out those associated with the blog. He sent out letters to deputies asking about the blog, he has had IA investigate those suspected of being associated with the blog, he has SUSPENDED people for admitting they read and comment on blog, he has a ‘blog watcher’ in admin, he has spoke about the blog in security and staff meetings even made a statement about it on the Hall Monitor.. Its hilarious 🙂

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        Do you screen comments or not? Coward.

      • MASTER permalink


      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        So.. would that be a yes? As in yes, you’re a coward and yes, you screen comments and don’t post the ones you disagree with?

      • When Warden Hall is out of office, on the first official day.. We will post a group photo. When the Warden sees who is involved he will shit bricks.

      • Ginger > Daron's ex permalink

        Dylan, go to class you little snot nose punk. Auburn sucks, couldn’t even beat Texas AM SMH

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        I’ve never in my life seen grown adults act in such an immature and cowardly fashion. Your blog has been around for years and you have been saying the same thing since day 1 and nothing has happened. You just bold faced lied in a comment: “We don’t screen comments”. You do screen comments. You post petty conspiracy theories and your 2 or 3 friends come on here to comment. When someone comments facts or something you disagree with, you don’t post them. You’re not a blog, you’re a high school diary that you use to spill your feelings at night. “When Warden Hall is out of office we will post a group picture” It sounds like this site is run by a group of high school girls. If I were you, I wouldn’t want any picture associated with such an ignorant, embarrassing and disrespectful website. Referring to women as “a piece of trash” is not something I would want to be associated with. Maybe if you decide to run for sheriff, you’ll use the name “WordPress” because it’s obvious you’re too much of a coward to do otherwise. Disgusting. Are you going to screen this comment? I’ll hang up and listen.

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        How bad it must be to be a grown adult insulting a college kid at 12:00 in the afternoon and making your name “Ginger > Daron’s ex”. Not just insulting, but using the phrase “snot nose punk”? Hopefully Dylan is attending more class than you did.

      • Cowardly Wordpress permalink

        More Screened comments……

  3. Joyce2BHeard permalink

    I keep hearin that JB3 is running. If he is I hope he smokes Daron’s ass.

  4. Learn To Fucking Read permalink

    “the sheriff’s office is only responsible for about $200,000 to compensate officers who claimed they were held over past their typical shifts. The other $1.9 million is related to the employees’ claims that the Metro pay plan was misinterpreted, according to Jameson’s analysis.”

  5. Tub permalink

    We all wish Kev TEVIS would give us a legitimate argument instead of cursing in anger. (Also that he would learn to spell)

    • Kev TEVIS permalink

      Warden hall was sued, metro settled the lawsuit, it’s the largest lawsuit settlement yet. What is there to argue FUCK MUPPET

      • DBAP permalink

        1. Are you claiming that The Sheriff was sued or that the administration was?
        2. Metro “settled” the lawsuit because metro was involved, i.e. why the article clearly states that The Sheriff’s Office was responsible for around $200,000
        3. Come up with a better insult, learn to spell, learn to read. Sad!

      • Kev TEVIS permalink

        No shit metro was involved. The Jail warden works for metro government. Same was metro paid out all of the wardens wrongful terminations, and other lawsuits. No go run along and play with Rick Gentrys 4 wheeler, Mike Raines belly or karlas roast beef vagina like everyone else

      • DBAP permalink

        You’re an absolute sorry excuse for a human being. You don’t even know how to form a complete thought. Your response to an intellectual argument was to hurl ignorant insults. SAD!
        You did get one thing right, The Sheriff’s Office is a part of the metro government. However, if you would check facts (No one as dumb as you cares about facts, you’re a victim) you would realize that the Sheriff’s Office was responsible for around $200,000 of the total lawsuit. It’s upsetting to watch the product of our education system play out on this website. Learn to fucking read, do some fucking research and stop being a fucking idiot.

      • Kev TEVIS permalink

        So are u getting your check, or did u opt out PUSSY BOY

      • DBAP permalink

        I work for a living, I don’t rely on the government to send me a check while I sit on my couch and jerk off to the view…. Pussy Boy.

      • Kev TEVIS permalink

        – BUTTHURT

  6. Learn to fucking read permalink

    “the sheriff’s office is only responsible for about $200,000 to compensate officers who claimed they were held over past their typical shifts. The other $1.9 million is related to the employees’ claims that the Metro pay plan was misinterpreted, according to Jameson’s analysis.”

    • Kev TEVIS permalink

      Sheriff fucked the officers out of money and now the taxpayers will have to pay the officers back. Your an idiot.

      • KEV permalink

        First of all it’s “You’re”, as in you’re ignorant” and if you would read the article or maybe read the case, it’s obvious how much money the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for. You’re (theres that word again) not a victim.

  7. PC Bromani permalink

    BREAKING NEWS : This is from April…… Catch up. Your security detail job can’t be that busy.

    • Kev TEVIS permalink

      It was in the Tennessean yesterday FUCK MUPPET

      • 'Fuck Muppet' is a weird name to call someone permalink

        Crazy that they got the date wrong by 5 months on the top of the article….

      • Bromani permalink

        Give us some real news…. is JB3 runnin for tha sheriff’s seat???

      • Kev TEVIS permalink

        Byron you fat tub of shit is that you????

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