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Warden Hall wants to decriminalize marijuana in Nashville?!

September 2, 2016

Hilarious story by News Channel 5’s Nick Beres! We have known for years that News 5 loves the Warden, because he donates a few hours a month to talk on some alternative channel that nobody watches. Beres stated in the article:
Sheriff Hall has been the first law enforcement officer in the county to support the move to decriminalize marijuana. Metro Police said there are concerns over language in the measure and have not taken sides

LOL! Mr. Beres, you do realize that Daron Hall is NOT a law enforcement officer right? How many arrests has the DCSO made in the past 50 years? Daron Hall is a JAIL WARDEN and his opinion on Marijuana is just as important as any citizen on the streets opinion. 


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  1. Tevis permalink

    Havis, of course u think Daron was ‘fair’ everyone knew about you tricking off with crackheads and let it slide. I was there 15 years and I only seen Daron in roll call, that’s it. I don’t think Daron is scared, he just doesn’t give two rats asses about the officers.

    • Hey! Joe is a good guy and entitled to his opinion. He may have never been done wrong, that doesn’t mean many others haven’t. We do know you TEVIS were responsible for the harassment of many officers 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Sgt. Farley permalink

    How about the fact that several female officers… 4 or 5 i think… have been fired in the last couple of weeks for sex / bringing shit in with/to inmates. Why isnt that in the news? Does this hurt or reinforce the DCSO’s hiring procedures? You tell me.

  3. Krispykreme permalink

    In doing that it would lower inmate population thus giving him reason to get rid of more hardworking officers.

    • DBAP permalink

      What an ignorant hot take. There are too many ignorants in here, deport them all!

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