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Warrants History *POP QUIZ*

August 22, 2016

Bob Corker stopped by the police range to shoot guns with a few DCSO warrants officers.. The question is, which one of these officers in the video allegedly forgot a SHOTGUN at the TDOC DeBerry shooting range a few years back? The weapon was allegedly retrieved by TDOC inmates and luckily was turned in to TDOC authorities. DCSO was then ever allowed back at the TDOC range again.. 


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  1. What you need to know permalink

    Posted on the hall monitor: “The Tennessean, via public records request, has asked for a monthly report of all DCSO discipline along with a brief description of the incident which caused the discipline. This type of report is also provided to the Tennessean by the police department. Please be aware those who are disciplined, for whatever reason, could become the focus of a newspaper story.”

  2. Michealgoostreesghost permalink

    How dare you speak negatively of the most tacticool guys on the streets of Nashville. Rusty will find you!!

    • Dave permalink

      The same 5 IP address’s commented on this post. That’s adorable.

  3. Karla Weikel West Davis Crocker Ford Hall permalink

    as the communications director I must report that John Taylor has cheated on Jaime numerous times

  4. Satterlee's dead deer permalink

    At least he didn’t pawn his shotgun and make a fake police report like Prater did. 95% of warrants is fat tubs of lard who kiss ass like Tommy Bogle.

  5. Captain Claw permalink

    Scott Hurley took the fall for it because he’s a fucking awesome stand up guy, but it wasn’t his weapon.

  6. Captain Claw permalink

    Joe Gaines left the shotgun

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