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WARDEN HALL’s first visit to a jail in years?! LOL

August 15, 2016
Hilarious video of Warden Hall walking through CJC. I personally have been a deputy since 2003, never ever not one time have a saw Daron Hall on one of the floors. Maybe Daron felt a little bold once all the inmates were moved out and decided to grace the remaining rats and roaches with his presence? Has any other officers actually seen Daron on a floor? Warden Hall is the ‘bigfoot’ of the DCSO.. You hear stories about him, see pictures, but you never actually see him!? 


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  1. Joe Havis permalink

    Never thought I would defend the Sheriff on this sight but here goes. I worked with the department for twenty and Sheriff Hall has made numerous appearances at CJC even when their was an incident happening. Just because you haven’t seen him on the floors doesn’t mean he is scared. If you don’t like him that is fine if you don’t like his polices that’s fine but be fair I can say in the end he is a fair man. Some of the people he puts in charge well that is another story.

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