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Warden Hall HIRES Muslim advocate? 

July 22, 2016

Warden Hall has decided to spend more of the taxpayers money to HIRE a ‘Muslim advocate?’ While CJC went from two Sgt’s per floor, per shift to one SGT per two floors per shift, officers were put on 12 hour shifts to save money, officers won a HUGE lawsuit for unpaid wages.. Warden Hall has decided to pay for a Muslim advocate!? Anyone who has worked in the jail before, unlike Hall and Ford, knows of the multiple VOLUNTEERS for various religions who come in for groups and guidance. What is the need to PAY for a religious advocate? Is the Warden now going to pay for Hindu, morman, Jewish, atheist, pagan, Wiccan, LGBT, satanic advocates?  It’s only fair? The Warden already pays a Chaplin, who is supposed to cover all religions. We remember a time when over 40 inmates from CJC claimed to be Jewish and in need of a ‘kosher diet.’ The Warden was sending people to the grocery and serving these guys HUGE portions of fresh foods, while everyone else ate the slop. Officers please be ready for more of these shenanigans with the ‘Muslim advocate’ now on the payroll, only making your job more difficult. Imagine the scenarios.. You call for a shakedown and 4 guys drop to there knees to pray. You search an inmate and the ‘Muslim advocate’ tell him that he doesn’t have to remove his kufi, which could be full of contraband.. This is ridiculous!

If you had any question on how Warden Hall views his officers.. He refers to us as GUARDS in this interview. 


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  1. shes a sellout bitch permalink

    Since when has it become policy for a supervisir to threaten to spray a subordinate and nothing happen? Hmmmm i guess it depends on who you are.

  2. Prophet Mohammed permalink

    Just setting himself up for future litigation.

  3. New Sheriff in Town permalink

    As the new Sheriff, first and foremost I would treat everyone with equality. Staff and Inmates. As the story suggest and many others; this is clearly another act of bigotry by Daron. Just like receiving donations and giving speeches to white supremacists groups or making rules about hair for black only Officers, Also I would uphold DCSO policy and procedures to all employees equally. Not based on how much money they donate to me. I would require all non security positions to work 40 hour weeks with a 30 minute lunch and not be late, just like security personnel. The safety and well being of my Officers would be priority #1, NOT MYSELF AND MY CRONIES. After only 3 months of this morale and confidence would change drastically and this same blog would be doing satirical stories on the great changes taking place. Until I am elected things for Daron are only going to get worse because he is clearly an evil and corrupt man who cannot see the forest from the trees of the lack of his integrity. In hindsight we will see that this blog and those who gave information to it were the hammer that brought down the corrupt Administration of DCSO. What is obvious to all of us that you fail to see is that you getting on here ranting clearly shows that you know this is true and you are clearly afraid because when Daron goes down you and many others are going to face retribution by the new Administration. Thank you for showing your fear we feed off of it.

    • JB2 permalink

      This blog has been around for 4 plus years…. but hey, get em next time. You’ve been saying you’ll be the hammer to bring down the agency since 2012 lolol 🙂

  4. wordpress permalink

    All Mighty WordPress… You should be in charge!! What do we need to do to have you elected??!?! Tell us your plans! We love all of your knowledge of water cooler gossip…. most entertaining thing on the internet since ‘The Onion’! Love your stuff… high quality comedy

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