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Did Dylan Hall get arrested in 2014!?

July 2, 2016

HILARIOUS rumor from a former DCSO administrator, which was backed up by a Metro Police officer, claims that around Summer 2014 Warden Hall’s son was arrested in Nashville?? Allegedly, Dylan was underage drinking and buying alcohol for underage friends with a fake ID at CMA fest. Allegedly, he was arrested and booked at CJC for felony impersonation? We must admit, that is not too serious of a charge for a young guy, even though he looks like one of those rich socialite pricks on the Purge. The issue that we have, is that allegedly, the cavalry (Ford/Wilkes) came running and made everything disappear for Dylan, and took really good care of him while at CJC. Obviously, no evidence of the arrest can be found on Nashville CCC web site.. Which is not surprising as Justin Norris’ arrests can’t be found either. Has anyone heard this rumor lol? 

Maybe we will send an official records request to Howard Gentry and to the news stations to find out if this story is true or not? Yeah, I think we will do that. 



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  1. Dee permalink

    Ok i have been reading this blog for some time. If u have allegations you can file a case with the DA’s Office or a federal agency. Notice what happened to Rutherford County Sheriff. No one is above the law. Someone has to be the professional. There may be some new laws coming about sheriff’s. If you do not like what is going on gather your evidence and present it to the proper authorities. The sheriff did not hire a Christian liaison or any other type but a Muslim. So he is trying to get their votes for whatever office he will be running for again. Keep your enemies closer than your friends. Always say less than necessary. Pose as a friend work as a spy. Crush your enemy totally. Know who you are dealing with do not offend the wrong person. Play a sucker to catch a sucker. Transform weakness into power. Keep your hands clean.

  2. what a joke of a sheriff permalink

    Word has it that admin dies not want anyone saving their reports in their email. That sounds just like when they had the LTs go and tell all the officers to NEVER put what time count cleared. Guess what dickheads it didn’t work you still got sued and lost! Now they only want you to have the LIMITED documentation that THEY want you to have incase there is any type of legal action. Way to cover the agencies ass and throw the officers under the bus. This is the only angency that ive seen that the sheriff NEVER stands by his people EVER! every time you see some type of major incident the SHERIFF stands by PUBLICLY his deputies. This sheriff HATES his employees and is retaliating against them because they wouldnt bow down and take his abuse anymore. FUCK DCSO as long as hall is there. Just like daton said before dont stand with the sheriff stand by the AGENCY! ONCE that farce of a sheriff is gone I believe that the agency will be something that officers xan be proud of. Once we get a legitimate sheriff in there a true LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER not a career shitbag politician! How cool would it be to have a sheriff that actually wears a uniform and has been a REAL lawenforcement officer.

    • Common sense permalink

      Clearly they want to edit report’s and ensure there is no evidence to prove it. It’s not rocket science at this point when they say don’t copy your reports you need to copy everything no matter how insignificant it seems.

      • Book Smart permalink

        Maybe, now hear me out, do your job. That way, you wouldn’t be on a blog run by fired employees living with their mom misspelling every other word. This is like a safe space for ignorant PC Bro’s who couldn’t make it and want to whine about being “mistreated”. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t post your real name and what exactly happened to you at DCSO. Why would you hide behind a screen and fake name if you were so mistreated? Or run for Sheriff in 2 years, since no one from your safe space of a blog had the balls to do so last election. Sad!

      • Coming from the guy named ‘book smart’ who has posted from the same IP address pretending to be multiple different people.

      • All Mighty Wordpress permalink

        All Mighty Word Press… Who is this person that is posting from the same Massachusetts IP address pretending to be multiple different people?!?

      • wordpress permalink

        Who is it? 🙂 Share your wisdom all mighty wordpress

      • wordpress permalink

        We all you know who you are, why not just let everyone know who everyone is. You’ve already shared an IP address, go ahead and share all of your knowledge.

  3. fuck admin permalink

    Did admin use their almighty powers to make the documents go away? Its funny how they do whatever the hell they want but if officers do anything they get severely punished.

  4. Mainstream permalink

    Clearly by how Butt Hurt some are about this story, it has to be true.

    • Make America 'Mainstream' again permalink

      When in doubt, use the Butt Hurt to truthness scale…

      • the truth will burn your ass permalink

        Or official court documentation that is of course unless the “powers that be” made that all just dissapear into the wind like a ghost. Or like parking tickets for the administration lol.

      • Mainstream permalink

        Clearly you are Butt Hurt and judging by that photo of you; your butt hurts frequently

    • Nate permalink

      fucking pussy’s don’t post comments that disagree with their opinion. no wonder you were fired

      • Nate permalink

        That’s crazy how you post one comment, but don’t the other…. You’re a sad excuse for a satire and gossip blog if you screen the comments to shape your opinion… Sad!

      • U keep coming to OUR blog, posting using different peoples names. Which is fine, but we know exactly who you are.

      • Nate permalink

        And we know exactly who you are 🙂

  5. Bryan Gardneer is your daddy punk permalink

    Wow this post about Warden Hall’s rich prick little son has pissed some people off?? Who cares if the little fuck used a fake ID at CMA fest? The thing is that Daron and his butt buddies ran to his aid to let him sit in the office and call Ginger from the Sgt’s phone. Then leave out the front door. Now how do they treat every other inmate? They let Philip Shipley chain a black man to a bar, admittedly beat the fuck out of him, then promote him to Lt. A few months later. Remember when John Ford ran down to CJC because his daughter’s boyfriend beat her ass and was in booking? Did they give him the same Dylan Hall treatment lol? Daron hall created all this, he placed his butt buddies as administrators, they have repeatedly fucked over officer after officer.. And now the rabbit has the gun. Fuck Daron Hall, Fuck John Ford, fuck jamie Johnson, Harold taylor, Ruby Joyner, hell fuck kevin Johnson too!

  6. putemonblast permalink

    Its so funny how the udercover dicksuckers get on here talking about how people that dont work at the sheriffs office are losers. You upper level Management pussies will do ANYTHING for your master. You come on here to try and take slick cheap shots at the good people you harrassed attempted to intimidate and eventually assisted that little fat nerd boy byron grizzle fire. You all are pussies. None of you are man enough to say or do anything when you see us in public out side of work. Yeah you cowards know who you are. I guess it’s best you keep on walking or driving by before you get knocked the fuck out. Hey just think of it this way if you do get hands put on you then you will have a legitimate reason to call metro on an officer and have him charged not like the bullshit retaliation your pulling by sending good hard working officers having use of forces in the line of duty to them. Its obvious that you are slick retaliating against officers because of the lawsuit they won against you hall! Keep retaliating but also keep paying everybody. You keep doing fucked up things to the “peons” but its funny how these same folks are bringing you to your knees and the end of your “career” as a fake ass sheriff. Dicksuckers like mcclure pearson jamie johnson and barry kidd i hope you have something lined up for when your master is run out of office. Hey maybe you should start prostituting yourselves NOW to raise money for the sheriffs campaign because hes about to WASTE alot of money on it. I wonder how much mcclure and jamie johnson could make with those pretty mouths? Hey maybe marsha travis could sell some of those “personal” pics she accidentally showed to a class of cadets on line to get ready Dicksuckers cause your days of harrassing good officers are almost over. Sorry for being so long winded its just that now that im gone ive had alot pent up lol. And as always “fuck you for what you do”

  7. MASTER permalink


  8. B Jack permalink

    Which one is he in the picture so I can let him know what I think when I see him??

    • 'People fired by Daron Hall' permalink

      Why do you losers EMBARASS yourselves here? You couldn’t cut it as a deputy and you think coming here to discredit the agency will help? Go work in a warehouse losers!

      • We post rumors, gossip and satire. It is protected by freedom of speech. We felt there was a market for this blog, and judging by the 2 million views since its inception, I think we were right. For years, Warden Hall operated without any repercussions. Nobody stood up to him, nobody spoke out, the media never covered anything negative he was doing. Since this blog started, EVERYTHING is coming out! People are winning wrongful termination cases, the citizens see the REAL WARDEN HALL! One day you will be screwed over and you come right to us with all your dirt.. Then you will appreciate what we do. When you get told on October 23rd that your terminated and in 8 days your wife and kids will no longer have health coverage.. When you were fired for something so stupid that many have done before you and only got LOC’s.. Then you’ll understand why we do what we do 🙂

      • Water Boy permalink

        @wordpress So…… You’re just providing us with water cooler talk….. Prob what you did at work…… So prob why you got fired……?? @wordpress

      • Well genius.. If we post things as FACT we can be sued for libel.. Claiming it is rumor, satire and gossip relieves us from that.

      • Genius water boy permalink

        Are you claiming it as fact or fiction… You tell us. There is a clear difference. Don’t be a coward and try to hide behind “gossip and satire” though that is all you are. Is it a fact, or are you just posting bullshit to get you off at night?

      • The water cooler man permalink

        @wordpress “” wtf is this!?! Lolol

      • Karla Weikel West Crocker Gentry Davis permalink

        Well genius, that looks like your IP address

      • Karla permalink

        Posting a commenters IP address? Sounds like “rumors, gossip and satire.” You can’t even run a blog right. Good luck now.

      • Norman Readus permalink

        SOMEONE call the WAAAAAAMBULANCE for this loser lmaoooo! I see u use Sprint!?

      • Wambulance Police Department permalink

        So… We’re gonna go with fact? This is a factual website? No?

      • The question has been asked and answered. Read the disclaimer on the ‘about’ section.

      • Norman Readus permalink

        Obviously this fuck muppet had not read through 4 years of this blog. There is pictures, emails, reports, documents.. Etc. They clearly state why the don’t claim anything as ‘fact.’

      • It was a simple question @wordpress permalink

        They don’t claim anything as fact because they were fired for their school girl water gossip and came here to do it. It’s cute. A little sad….. Cute though. You’re tip toeing a close line “fuck muppet” between wanting to claim fact and just being a little bitch complaining about bullshit rumors

      • We appreciate your support and viewing of the blog. We do not screen comments, the filter checks for bad language and that’s it. We allow any comments, positive or negative. We are a conglomerate of individuals and most are STILL employed with the DCSO. Jack Byrd, Jeanette Porter, Clarissa Cross and many more have been WRONGFULLY TERMINATED, winning judgements or settlements in lawsuits. Deputies just won a multi million dollar lawsuit for unpaid wages from Warden Hall. We are tired of mistreatment from the Warden and his cronies and it is time for him to GO! We have touched on the Fact/Rumor/Satire multiple times and if you want to beat that dead horse, be our guest. The cold hard truth is that we will continue to post and continue to allow comments wether the Warden likes it or not 🙂

        Please feel free to start your own blog, condemning us, kissing the Warden’s ass or whatever you want to blog about. This is MURICA’

      • Boston, Mass permalink

        I know what u did 2 summers ago

    • Genius permalink

      @wordpress…. So… What you’re saying is.. Nothing you’ve said is true? Just petty water cooler gossip? That happens at every organization….. Meaning you’re no more than a sorry loser employee (ex employee) mad at the boss because you aren’t doing well at your job. You’re just a water cooler gossiper. That’s cute.

      • Norman Readus permalink

        The post clearly states they heard it from a former admin and a metro officer, then asks for more info, then states they are gonna request the info from the clerks office. You may be worried as to the extent daddy hid your dirty deeds lmao

  9. Dylan permalink

    The rumor is true,. Daddy got my charges dropped

  10. Jack B permalink

    Did he kill JFK too?

  11. Jack Byrd's Momma permalink

    How sorry do you have to be to go after someone’s child. You have a problem with the man, that’s fine. But to go after his children like that, you have to be the scum of the earth. Amazing you have nothing better to do on a July 4th weekend, enjoy your life, or lack there of.

    • Forrest Whitaker permalink

      Shut up u dick sucking ass kissing bitch. Daron Hall’s son is a pussy ass little BITCH just like his daddy

    • Happy 4th lmaoooo Dylan, your dad is a piece of shit

    • fuck you shitbag permalink

      How sorry is it when the sheriff and his cronies go after and retaliate against officers? Do you not think the shit they do affects the officers family? Their children? Their spouses? Shut the fuck up bitch and go get Dylan another beer. Maybe master Hall will give you a promotion dicksucker!

    • Deputy Phelps permalink

      Your the fuck muppet on here reading and commenting. If you don’t like take your sorry ass 34k a year self to donelson community center and volunteer with Rick Gentry. If u suck his dick he may let you drive his cool 4 wheeler.

      • Jack permalink

        This man knows his stuff. Lolololol

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