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Inmates escape from Armed Services at Harding place!

June 22, 2016


Sorry we are a little late with the updates.. 2 inmates ESCAPED from Corley Pearson’s armed services division! The inmates were OBVIOUSLY not restrained properly, slipped their restraints and allegedly ran from Armed Services Deputies Phillips and Cates. Maybe if Corley Pearson and Captain Mark Mcclure would get up off their LAZY ASSES and ensure their division is running smoothly this would not have happened! There is MANY good officers and Sergeants in this division, however their leadership are wastes of a paycheck! The Harding Place facility is surrounded by a greenway, animal control facilities, a huge soccer field, a gym and residential areas. Luckily these escaped inmates did not hurt any civilians!

Meanwhile… Warden Hall wants to move all inmates to Harding place!? Federal inmates, Mass murderers, violent inmates, mentally ill.. Currently these maximum security offenders simply walk across an enclosed bridge to court and federal inmates are a few miles from the courthouse. Warden Hall wants to flood Harding Place and I-24, home of the worst traffic from 6-830 am with DCSO vehicles carrying federal and maximum security inmates 5 mornings a week.






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  2. rediculousness at its finest permalink

    What i heard this morning made my jaw hit the floor! I guess the sheriffs office is now charging officers (oh wait they cant do that since they are not a legitimate law enforcement agency) with assault on inmates that they have to use force on! Im not going to name names because those charged are really good people, officers and actually the kind that are the glue that holds this bogus law enforcement agency together for the city of nashville and the county. Its disheartening to know that these men and women can come to work put their lives,health and livelihood of their families on the line for the hateful disloyal ungreatful leadership that we have and it means nothing. I believe with all my heart that the way that the sheriff is prosecuting (and persecuting) these officers is in retaliation to the lawsuits filed against them. They wont retaliate openly but they sure will do it in a sneajy way to get back at those that are fighting for what is rightly theirs. Dont EVER question the administration of this sheriff (so called sheriff) or you will pay the price that these fine folks are. Mayor Berry if you are reading this PLEASE help us because the officers that work for the sheriffs office WANT to make the city better for the citizens JUST NOT FOR A POLITICAL EGOTISTICAL SELF SERVING JERK LIKE TGE SHERIFF.

    • We heard of the recent news and we are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED! if you look back, we told you guys this was going to happen. Out of respect to the GREAT officers involved, we are gonna refrain posting about the matter at the moment. Just remember.. We have told you since day one.. THE WARDEN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE OTHER THAN HIMSELF AND BUTT BUDDIES!

  3. Karma permalink

    Megan “THE BOSS” Barry needs to force her subordinate; Sheriff Hall to comply with her orders concerning security, by slashing all the waste in his budget. She can take all those high paying non security positions that go to his political donors and cut them out of his budget and force compliance, then creating a security first mentality. This is a win win for Mayor Barry. She gets credit for stopping waste, making Nashville safer and standing up to a bully sexist. She will be a feminist legend at the expense of Daron Hall !

  4. The truth hurts permalink

    It’s not hard to slip your restraints when you weren’t wearing any on your legs.

    • ASD 2nd Shift permalink

      They skip leg irons all the time on the bus. Pearson knows it, Mcclure knows it. Hell, when I used to partner with McClure his sorry ass would bitch and complain whenever I made them wear leg irons. He was truly the laziest piece of trash I ever worked with. Him and Hampton

  5. The truth hurts permalink

    It isn’t hard to slip your restraints when you weren’t wearing any on your legs…

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