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Warden Hall refuses to cooperate with the Mayor?? 

June 2, 2016

Awwww, the Jail Warden doesn’t get his way, now he’s gonna pout about it like a little child!?  Daron continues to blunder his way through his career.. Not only has he cost taxpayers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to MILLIONS in law suits, but now he appears to be refusing to cooperate with the Mayor’s office in regards to his jail relocation. 

Warden Hall, the difference between you and virtually every other elected official in the city is they ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE CITIZENS! You wanted to sneak all the jails to Harding place, the people spoke out and the councilmen shot you down. You now want to sneak all the inmates out to Harding place again, the people are speaking out.. And it appears the Mayor is listening to her citizens. All she wants to do is work with you to do what’s best for the people, NOT WHATEVER YOU WANT! We’re not sure the Mayor is a person you should be causing drama with? Berry got 85,000 votes for Mayor and you only got 20,000 running virtually unopposed. Warden, your image is in the toilet and the Mayor is highly liked. This is only going to further hurt your political career. The people want a strong leader, who will get out, talk to them and explain his opinions.. Not a mean old cry baby rich kid who hides in Green Hills without a uniform on. 



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  1. i aint wit dat shit permalink

    How much did the letter say mistreated officers were going to get in the settlement? Lol. I guess the sheriff KNOWS he fucked up. Yo that mutha fucka looks like a snake oil salesman with the slick backed hair beady eyes and pointy nose. To all you dick suckin ass kissers that get on here defending that embarrassment of an agency and sheriff YOUR DAY IS COMING TOO! When the sheriff is elected OUT of office your ass is gone too. Hope you brushed up on your resume bitches.

  2. Randy Porter permalink

    Same thing happened when CDC, ORC, woman’s facility and community services. That’s when they made that transition team in place, they was suppose to over see the construction of those facilities. The sheriffs office had no control over you built them, in fact the builds was prefabricated and put together like Lincoln logs, they are garbage. And the people on that transition team not to bright. Point being the same people who is in charge of building the new jail have no clue what a jail should be and neither does the sheriff because he won’t go visit. Screw Daron and all his cronies he needs to go. They could care less about the line staff who are in this jails doing the job every day and the ones who do care are to scared to speak out in fear of being fired. And yes I am posting this under my real name I don’t hide behind fake names.

  3. Dee permalink

    The Tennessean and SEIU both endorsed Sheriff Hall. Oh the FOP also. The sheriff would not even properly pay his own deputies and blames metro for how the pay was written. This sheriff should be investigated like the Rutherford County sheriff you would be surprised at what you find. The Sheriff ran against an unknown who the Tennessean said should consider volunteering. Do your homework please no one deserves to be a lifetime political office holder this is why politics are corrupt even here in nashville. Hall is done and has no new ideas. Vote him out in two years.

  4. Karma permalink

    Sounds like Daron is getting a taste of his own medicine. He needs to shut up and let his boss do her job.

    • Truther permalink

      She is not HIS BOSS ! He is the duly elected SHERIFF !

      • He is a jail warden sorry to break the news..

      • Karma permalink

        Daron stated he had complete authority of this project and the Mayor stepped in and took it away. Sounds like a BOSS to me ! In fact i think we should start calling her Megan “THE BOSS” Barry. I love watching her bully Daron

      • Of course Warden Hall was elected.. So a hundred other metro employees. Does that mean every other elected official does not answer to the mayor? Why does Warden Hall have to submit a budget to the Mayor and council? Why does the Warden have to ask for money for projects from the Mayor and Council?

  5. Dick Tracy permalink

    I am not stating this as fact but merely speculation. Could it be that when the Sheriff knew the money for the new jail was going to be approved that he went out and made deals for certain contracts for building the new jail etc. and that bribes/kickbacks have already been paid ; then Maror Berry comes in and sends this project over to the appropriate agency and left Daron owing money/contracts that he can’t pay? After all we know he has no knowledge or concern for safety or security. The reason why we have a long line of seriously injured Officer’s who were needlessly injured over the years and safety is still not a concern. That is the only thing that would logically explain his desperate acts against the Mayor. After all Megan will clearly defer to the Sheriff over security issues. This has to do with the 115 million dollars involved clearly. Cronyism 101 backfire

    • Hmmmm very very good points!

    • George Jefferson permalink

      All around the Sheriff Office, Hall has empowered women. These women he has total control over. He see’s them as inferior and that they should be below him. Well well here come Mayor Barry, a woman with more power than himself and he can’t handle it.He is a comedy and a tragedy all rolled into one.

      • Dee permalink

        And who was that guy Hall spent all that money on to beat in the election? This is who Tennessean said should not lose his job and SEIU endorsed as well. Count the money spent on lawsuits and not paying your own employees. You will be out of office in two years. Save some money or better yet retire as you are done.

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