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Warden Hall’s lack of communication leads to conflict with the Mayor!?

May 23, 2016
Warden Hall is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! In the past few years Hall has cost the taxpayers millions in lawsuits from wrongfully terminated officers, mistreated inmates, and underpaid officers. Warden Hall has now started drama with newly elected Mayor Megan Berry. Warden Hall seems to think that he can take 113,000,000 tax payer dollars from the city, and do whatever the hell he pleases with the money! It is tax payer dollars! OF COURSE, the taxpayers and Mayor’s office has input as to what you do with the money!? Lack of communication is the crux of Warden Hall’s problems, since day 1. Hall does NOT wear a uniform, Hall does NOT visit the jails or interact with deputies, other than his crony’s, Hall skips community meetings and does not interact with the taxpayers.. WHAT THE HELL DOES WARDEN HALL DO!? The very few positive things the Warden has done for Nashville, are covered up in the big pile of negative crap that he continues to bring DCSO employees and taxpayers. For example, Warden Hall wants to shut down Ezell Park soccer fields.. Where tens of thousands of kids play.. Of course he doesn’t care, his kids are living the high life at MBA! 

WARDEN, get over yourself.. You are a jail warden, not a Sheriff. You are a failure and an embarrassment to the city and real Sheriff’s across the country! We need a Sheriff who will wear a uniform and make a difference in the community! 

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  1. yourturntobendover permalink

    He does everybody wrong. How about how him and byron grizzle set up officer friend. Friend was working security at a church in a bad part of town. There were kids that showed up and started throwing rocks and disrespecting officer friend and the church. Friend denied the kids from entering into the church. One kid ran at friend ran into him and fell down. Tbe kid went home and told his parents friend hit him. A mob came back and assaulted friend. They beat him severely enough to be charged with agg assault and kidnapping (because they wouldnt let friend get away). Afterwards the family made such a ruckus that friend was charged also even though he didnt do anything. That piece of shit grizzle and cronys called friend into admin to tell hom to resign or else. Friend was scared and was coersed into resigning. As soon as ge stepped outside of admin metro officers immediately took him into custody. How many of the sheriffs cronys were in similar situations and got “the helping hand of the sheriff”. Instead a lowly officer was tbrown under the bus with no courtesy or consideration that he was not guilty or even charged at that point. Well until the grizzle sting operation went off AFTER friend left admin. What a bunch of backstabbing cowards.

  2. Purple Reign permalink

    Hall has no respect for her. He’s hating because if it wasn’t for this blog he might be in that seat. Too late sucka!!

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