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Dcso photographer named new Warrant Officer

May 8, 2016

Warden Daron Hall has once again SPIT in the face of his loyal front line deputies. He has moved his crony DCSO photographer Steve Taylor straight to the warrants division, allegedly jumping a long list of front line deputies. As if the warrants division needed to get any older? Taylor will join the rest of the out of shape senior citizens, boot lickers and former case managers, in the most recognized division in the agency! There are a small number of guys who actually deserve to be in Warrants, but that number is getting smaller by the day! The warrant division used to be the most coveted position.. Officers would make Cpl, Sgt, armed services, SORT with dreams of one day driving that pretty patrol car, pretending to be a actual police officer with those gorgeous white lights. Warden Hall has made a MOCKERY of the division, moving case workers, troubled cronies and now the photographer to the spot. Maybe Taylor has some rental properties that he and Turks can bully while on duty? Maybe it was a move by John Taylor to assist him in cheating on Jaime? Maybe he is going to be McDowell’s spotter as he bench presses 135 all day in the gym?
Congratulations Warden! You have once again disgusted and pissed off your officers! Not like you care!? 



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