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Warden Hall ‘too good’ for the people of Southeast Nashville!? 

May 5, 2016

A large community meeting was held last night at the artist formerly known as Hickory Hollow Mall. Members of the city council, citizens of south Nashville held this meeting to discuss the Jail Warden’s plans for expansion of the Harding Place complex (even though it was voted against.) the Warden was supposed to be there answering questions.. Instead.. Warden sent Larry, Curly and Mo! 


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  1. therealtruth permalink

    He dont care! He will do what the hell he wants! If the plans fail(just like everything else hes done) even though hes advised that it will fail or its not something the commity wants he will chalk it up without appology! He does that shit all the time to all the officers and lower level management (the ones that actually do the hands on work and know what is needed). All those egotistical assholes do what they want regardless of the impending outcome because those retards didnt come up with the idea! They have a suggestion section on the hall monitor (how egotistical is that name. THERE SHOULD BE A REAL SHERIFF HALL MONITOR!). Just scrap it ford you assholes never listen anyway. Its there just to appease the lowly peasant officers!

  2. J.Byrd permalink

    CJC Update: Mayor Barry Sends Letter to Sheriff Hall

  3. Hallmonitor permalink

    I think he’s just scared to square off against Jack Byrd.

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