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New Training officer Chris Allen demoted for sexual contact/advances towards cadets!?!?

April 30, 2016



Chris Allen was the 2015 DCSO officer of the year, and was promoted to the esteemed position of trainer at the DCSO ‘jail guard academy.’  Many were shocked and disgusted by Allen’s promotion, considering his short 3 year tenure with the DCSO. As many are aware, Warden Hall, allegedly, does not promote the most ‘qualified’ for a position, rather the one who has volunteered, donated money, or is a relative of a DCSO crony. We recently received allegations that Chris Allen was kicked out of the training division for having sex with a cadet, and allegedly stalking  others on social media! While we find it hilarious to see Warden Hall with egg on his face for promoting the best ‘boot licker’ instead of the most ‘qualified’ ..

We have to point out the irony that Chris Allen, a black male, is kicked out of training.. However Harry Jines, a white male is unscathed after allegations of him courting and having sex with cadets!? 
Warden Hall, Chris Allen was only following the path that YOU and your cronies have laid out.. Remember, allegedly, when you were married and cheated on your wife with your best friend’s wife while at CCA? You ended up marrying the mistress, Ginger and got her a cushy job with metro HR? How many times has John Taylor cheated on Jaimie with DCSO subordinates? How many fellow employees has Karla West Weikel Crocker slept with and dated? Your Chief of Corrections Tony Wilkes (Uncle Tom, Stephen from Django, Uncle Ruckus) allegedly has been sending his penis pics to subordinates (we have the pics BTW) and sleeping with the CDF Mail lady Meshawn? We all know the rumors of the biggest coward of them all, John Ford and his alleged affair with Joan Frangos? We could go on and on with the WHITE cronies who have had jail guard love while working for you..

Warden Hall your time is coming… Enjoy a few more years of stealing paychecks from the tax payers. 



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  1. DcsNO permalink

    I remember that fat sack of soggy potatoes, his body litterly looked like he was wearing a sumo suit, he also had brown ass teeth, and spent hours talking about his self diluted greatness.

    Also, who TF would want to have sex with this doughy sweaty human melted candle

  2. DcsNO permalink

    I remember that fat sack of soggy potatoes, his body litterly looked like he was wearing a sumo suit, he also had brown ass teeth, and spent hours talking about his self diluted greatness

  3. Fred Sanford permalink

    Here’s a real”horn tootin”, egg head right here. He swears his sh*t don’t stink. When I worked with this fool he talked the talk but basically was a lazy ass dude. Thought he was above being an officer. I remember the sarge pimping him out to other post cause he didn’t want to hear that horn tootin sh*t. This doesn’t surprise me though. Dummy.

  4. admit you were wrong permalink

    How bout transportation and courts hoing back to 8 hrs after the “covert” meeting lol

      • admit you were wrong permalink

        The timing of the meeting was messed up. They called us in just to telll us this bs. They just keep messing with our lives. Its rediculous how some of us that have seniority will be stuck with shitty off days again. Just like flora fann used to say “love my job love my sheriff”.

  5. dontbethatguy permalink

    Dont be that guy!!! Lol

  6. ThomasConrad permalink

    This guy is a total moron. He should have never made it out of the jail. He is about as fit to be a trainer as Cassie Thomas is to be a LT.

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