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Correctional Services Corporal Working, while inmates smoke cigarettes? 

April 21, 2016

We received this photo yesterday from a citizen claiming that a DCSO corporal was allegedly ‘weed eating’ by the Veteran’s bridge while inmates were sitting on a lawnmower smoking cigarette!  We have seen Cpl. Crouch working in that area before, so this could possibly be him in the photo. WHY IN THE HELL would a officer who is running an inmate work crew, turn his back on inmates and do the work for them? I’m sure this looks great to the thousands of citizens who pass by him every day. However, we are sure it’s equally as troubling when citizens pass by ‘two tons of fun’ Mike Raines and Tim Lassiter as they gorge themselves at local buffet’s daily. Or when Mr. gold nugget watch and ring wearing Justin Norris goes to a non-profit ORG and steals furniture from them and is not terminated.. After he was arrested at the Starlite club for stealing a cell phone and claiming to be a police officer? We can only speculate that the rules are different when you father not only sported a sweet skullet for 30 years aS a court officer and your mother ALLEGEDLY did whatever the hell she did with administrators,  we mean with the DCSO for 30 years? 



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  1. Daron is a racist permalink

    That is Crouch, he is always downtown weed eating and Riding a lawnmower while his guys smoke cigarettes. Crouch also called Chesser a NIG*ER when they worked in booking together. He also beat up the skinny African inmate, who was the taxi cab rapist. The entire 5D said he called him a nigge* and that’s what prompted the fight. How was he punished? He was given a cushy job in correctional services lol

  2. Mommy Lynn permalink

    justin baby u jus like mommy. we lie cheat steal to get whtever we want. i always gone to warden to meet with him to get tings wout nobody noin not even ms kim. come see mommy at her office but nock cause I close my door an lock it an take 2 hr naps.

  3. Closer than you think at csc permalink

    Dailey and Norris both keep there jobs by riding mike rains coat tail. no way either one of them are qualified for there job especially Dailey he’s nothing but a co and that’s all he will ever be. Better hope mike never leaves because when he does there gravy Train will be over!

  4. The Bone Collector permalink

    Mike Raines is a slob! He sits in parks and watches women with binoculars. I’d love to see his internet search history.

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