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Officer BRUTALLY assaulted at CJC! 

March 15, 2016

Word from CJC is that officer Nick Pensari was brutally assaulted. Allegedly, a max inmate popped his door and attacked Pensari with a ‘soap in a sock.’ The beating was so bad that Pensari had to be sent to the hospital. Also, a female deputy was allegedly slapped in the face, while another had bodily fluids thrown on her. CONGRATULATIONS warden Hall! You have lowered the amount of Sergeants and officers on the floors, your administrators/ IA harrass officers to no end and now you have created an unsafe environment to work. Where was Jamie Johnson when the assault took place? Hooters? AA Birch cafeteria? Jerry Newsome gym bench pressing 135? Where wA Austin Bodie? Ordering a mailbox online or reminiscing about getting drunk, wrecking his car while naked years ago? Where was Tom Tom Tony Wilkes? Bee bopping up and down 2nd ave in his Cedric the entertainer 98$ suits, looking for subordinates like Meshawn to hook up with? John Ford sure was in a rush to get into Cjc when his daughter’s boyfriend was in booking for beating her up, other than that, we never see him! Daron, your agency is so ‘top heavy’ it’s sickening! 

Our prayers and thoughts are with all the front line deputies! 
Fire Daron Hall


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