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HILARIOUS recruitment video from Warden Hall! 

February 3, 2016

Where do we begin? The 1980’s porn music? The fact that Warden Hall claims it is a ‘career in law enforcement?’ Warden you run jails, you do not allow your deputies to do anything in the way of ‘enforcing laws!’ A very good deputy was stabbed in the face with a pen yesterday, was the inmate charged with ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER? NO! Warden stop lying to these poor people who are looking for a good career. 
Warden, this video has been up for 3 weeks, and only has 203 views 😂! This blog averages 1200 views A DAY!  Maybe you should treat your employees right and you wouldn’t have to make these corny  outdated videos. 


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  1. They will be the first to tell you that inmates are humans and that they don’t lie.

  2. Wrong is Wrong permalink

    I luv the white CO standing over the black inmate and say I like to help my inmates better themselves. Do warden not review before he approve this racist video.

  3. Icanhazsharifjobz permalink

    It’s as if Tim and Eric directed this video themselves! (Link posted above)

  4. lame permalink

    This video is hilarious, considering one of the officers is drunk on shift almost every shift (nights). Then turns around and sleeps most of the shift away in his car.

  5. bledding heart for guards permalink

    I cant believe the media hasn’t picked up more on or reported more on all of the officer assaults. Officer gault was stabbed with a pen in the face but a cpl named persari was beaten with a weapon by a inmate in the he holr after he broke the lock on the door. Persari was sent to the hospital. Then you had 3 other female guards assaulted. One had a mix of urine feces sperm and hair remover dumped on her head. 2 others were hit in the face. I feel sorry for the guards that have to deal with this type of abuse and treatment. God bless those that do what others are not willing to do.

    • Johnson permalink

      I heard they are allowing this to happen so that the sheriff can show to the mayor that the jail is dangerous and it needs to be built on Harding place asap

  6. Casey White permalink

    I quit there 3 years ago. I literally have a new life. No more feelings of dread when I wake up in the mornings. The amount of personal favors that happen behind the scenes there are ridiculous. I cannot thank God enough for letting me get out of there. 8 years was far to long there. I sincerely hope current employees read this. Please know you are not trapped there. There is a whole entire world out there. Jump and don’t be afraid. Get out ASAP!

  7. Tipsy CDC 3rd shift officer permalink

    Rodgers loves the benefit of working somewhere that will let him drink bourbon all night, during his shift.

  8. Dear Concerned Citizen permalink

    You must be some candy ass, officer hating, admin supporting, frizzy frank Sykes watching, no backbone having, Operah watching, Hillary voting, Liberal POS…. I just felt it in your comment. Sincerely,

  9. Concerned Citizen permalink

    Might want to fact check. The inmate who stabbed Gault got an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

    • Aggravated assault ON AN OFFICER? Or just aggravated assault? A civilian could assault another civilian and receive the same charge Gault’s attacker received. That same civilian could assault a metro police officer and would be charged with AGG ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER.

      • TheNextSheriff permalink

        It was aggravated assault on officer w/ deadly weapon. He was being dressed out in property as Williamson cointy was here to pick him up. And I’m guessing he didn’t want to go back so he stabbed him.

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