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Never mess with an employees PAYCHECK! 

February 1, 2016

We have received emails for weeks about pay structure changes within the DCSO. After sifting through the garbage spewed by Byron Grizzle.. It appears that officers USED to work 84 hours a week and were only paid for 80 hours (see the LARGE lawsuit vs. DCSO.) Warden Hall’s pet nerd Byron Grizzle now appears to claim that officers will in fact finally be paid for working 84 hours.. The catch? The officers hourly rate will go down, therefore your gross pay will stay the same. Warden Hall screws his officers every chance he gets! After years of not receiving a raise, now the officers will be making less per hour? Meanwhile, Rick Gentry is still making 100k to ride around on his 20k $ 4 wheeler and play golf all week! We have received literally 17 emails about this pay structure from disgruntled current employees. It is absolutely disgusting that Warden Hall is so out of touch with his front line employees! What should we expect from a case manager, riding his dad’s politician coat tails who doesn’t wear a uniform? 

To Byron Grizzle, 

You can talk smart and send out a 8 paragraph explanation.. The officers know that this is a ploy to screw them out of money. If you are amitting they were only paid 80 hours for working 84.. Pay them 84 AT THE SAME HOURLY RATE! You claim to be a history buff.. You are aware that every dictatorship eventually comes to an END! The Roman Empire, The Ottoman Empire, Stalin, Hitler.. It always comes to an end. DARON HALL’s time is coming. Maybe you can find a job at Liberty Tax, or at least have more time to paint on your yellow spandex and ride your 10 speed around downtown. 



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One Comment
  1. Fred Sanford permalink

    This sounds like something he would write. It’s just jibberish. Typical upper management jargon. Byron is the prototypical yes man, will sell his soul for his salary.

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