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Racist marches in MLK parade? 

January 22, 2016

Monday, Warden Hall rounded up a few of his black employees and strutted his silver helmet in the MLK parade. At first glance one might think that was a very good thing. However, those who KNOW Warden Hall realize it was a weak attempt to save face in front of the black community. A few years ago, Warden Hall so proudly spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens ..

The CCC states that ‘blacks are inferior’ and they oppose black/ white marriage and non white immigration. The Warden spoke so proudly to this group about his ICE immigration program, which deported hundreds/thousands of illegals from Nashville. The CCC states that their meeting with Hall was the largest attendance in 12 years, and he was a hit! 

Around the same time period, Warden Hall changed the dress policy, banning ‘dreadlocks, braids, and hair not of natural color.’ This policy change ONLY effected BLACK officers, many women were faced with cutting their hair off, or quit the agency. Several black women were told they could not ‘dye’ their hair anymore.. Yet we would speculate darn near every white woman also dyes their hair. Only BLACKS were affected! 
 Warden Hall sent out thousands of fake ‘get out of jail free’ cards…  

The Warden claims that they were for his campaign.. However, they were only sent to black low income communities. Several people thought they were ‘real’ and actually attempted to get loved ones out of jail. 

Warden Hall has attempted to hide is alleged racism, by promoting a few blacks to high ranking positions. After the White supremecist group speech fallout, Warden Hall CREATED a position (Chief of Corrections) for Tony ‘Uncle Tom’ Wilkes, whose salary is around 100,000 tax payer dollars. The irony of that job creation, is that the agency was in a budget crisis, officers did not receive raises for years, many were demoted, the # officers running floors were lowered.. Officers were placed in unsafe conditions to save money.. Yet Daron created a 100,000$ position to save face? 

Warden Hall, we do not want you marching in our MLK parade.. We know the REAL YOU! 


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  1. Warrant Officer permalink

    Daron’s daddy Durwood was a known racist. The Apple does not fall too far from the tree! Personally, I think Daron just doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone except himself. He cheated on his wife with Ginger, who was married to his best friend from CCA! What kind of piece of shit does that? I tried to bring Leo Waters in as Sheriff, but Daron had Gayle Ray so fooled, she pushed him. It is time to get this ass hat outta here! We don’t need a Case manager As sheriff! We need an officer!

  2. New Sheriff coming permalink

    Who can I talk to about getting my name out there, as I am really considering running for sheriff

  3. Platt permalink

    Who are theses two sellouts? I believe that one on the far right is Hunter, not sure who the other is. Sold their souls and now have to go down to crossroad to get it back.

  4. Fromwaybackwhen permalink

    Daron has fooled a lot of people. He manages to put up a great fasade that fools most. I can tell you from personal experience that Daron Hall is a racist. He promotes puppets like Tom Tom Tong Wilkes who are causing much more damage to the black community than imaginable. Tony is a criminal and should have been in jail a long time ago.

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