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*MESSAGE* to Warden Hall

January 5, 2016

 We recently received an email from a former deputy who wanted us to post a message to Warden Hall on their behalf. We are aware that Warden Hall and his lackies constantly read this blog, so we agree that this would be a great format for the message… 

I would like to personally thank Daron Hall, John Ford, Chris Hampton, Mark McClure and Corley Pearson for being the lying scandalous pieces of sh** that they are and running me out of the agency. I was there 7 years, moved to Corporal, Sergeant, SORT team, I have a bachelor’s degree and like Jack Byrd after me, I was a model deputy with no disciplinary history. All of those accolades went out the window, once I joined the Mike Murphy lawsuit and I was railroaded. I’m sure Daron was so happy to get rid of me, however you done me a huge favor! I work 40 hours a week, 7-3 driving a truck around town with no stress. I made 38,000 a year when I left and now I make 68,000. To all the low level deputies, management does not care about you! You can make a lot of money and relieve yourself of the stress by leaving the ‘agency!’  Daron Hall and John Ford are cowards, the DCSO is not a law enforcement agency , you will never be compensated for all the work you do. GET OUT NOW! 



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  1. CHELLE RAY's GUNT permalink

    You made as much as Rusty Owens a 30 year employee and SORT leader lol. You would be tied for #18th highest paid DCSO Employee out of what 4-500? You made over 20,000 more that every Warrant officer LMAO! FUCK DCSO AND DARON HALL!

  2. DcsNO!! permalink

    We’re do I sign up for that sweet ass job?

  3. CJC deputy permalink

    Thank you for sharing this story. I came out of the ‘academy’ in 2014, I work at CJC. As many before me, I had a great experience in the academy. Heath Kane is a great guy, and he portrayed an image that I would be working for a top notch law enforcement agency. As soon as I hit the jail, i knew it was a different story. The supervisors and administration are truly out of touch with the officers. They expect one person to do the work of 2-3 and it puts us in unsafe situations. Meanwhile, they watch us on camera and wrote us up every chance they get. It truly made my 2015 to see Cassie Thomas on here. She is truly a terrible person. This blog is talked about daily with the officers and we love it. Hopefully a new sheriff will come in soon, because I will be looking for another job.

  4. Payitforward permalink

    Give’em hell boys! Give those bastards what they deserve! We need a new Sheriff ASAP!

  5. J Martin permalink

    I’m sure the message is from Big Nate. I work in the courthouse and Chris Hampton sent him into court with 28 inmates alone. There is supposed to be at least 2 more officers. The inmate who he got a hold of, was not even on the docket. He was in the basement going crazy, and Hampton sent him up to the court room. This was a set up from the jump.

  6. MASTER permalink

    You seen this shot?! That coon ass uncle ruckus Uncle Tom tony Wilkes makes 110 thosand a year for what? He don’t do shit but shuck and jive up and down second avenue and tell all the peeps at mt Zion that he the next sherrif! Chel ray makes 90 thosand for being a rat butch bitch with a fupa

  7. Darren James permalink

    Congrats to this man! Unless you want to lick boots for 30 years, you will never make 67k at the dcso

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