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Corporal electrocuted at CJC!? 

December 22, 2015

  Allegedly, Corporal Ralph Celentano was electrocuted at CJC due to faulty wiring and standing water on the floor! Rumor is that Celentano  was operating the doors on the second floor and was electrocuted, causing heart stoppage and severe burns on his body. Allegedly, Austin Bodie and Jamie Johnson were aware that water was also leaking into the panel and the wiring was dangerous. Maybe JJ should have skipped hooters or Bodie should take time away from buying a mailbox on eBay to fix this issue? 

We have advised you since day one, in our opinion, Warden Hall DOES NOT CARE ABOUT OFFICERS! The Warden does not have faulty wiring or standing water in the administrative building! The Warden does not wear a unifor, nor would he work in the conditions that he forces his officers to work in. Daron has a full maintenance staff, CJC has maintenance staff.. Maybe if ‘captain’ Dailey would get off his ass and actually work, this poor guy wouldn’t have been shocked! 

We will pray for Corporal Celentano’s health and we hope he is smart enough to contact an attorney ASAP! He should be compensated for his pain and suffering!


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  1. Tim Guy permalink

    That is crazy. I am glad that my friend Corporal Ralph Celentano is still here. Maybe Bart Durham should step in and help out.

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